Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 69

As you can see from my pictures, this was the week when the summer weather began to put in a proper appearance and I embarked on what can only be described as a “back garden holiday”. That basically meant that most days began with a run then by the afternoon I was firmly planted on my sun lounger in the back garden, ploughing through books and napping. I learned that I have long been mistaken in my belief that my tendency to snooze on my sun lounger when I would go to Florida (in what I now term “the olden days”)  was due to the time difference. Turns out it’s just good old-fashioned teacher exhaustion! I guess my body needs the chance to recharge in the sun. Maybe I’m solar powered… 🤔

Only a couple of workouts this week, but I loved running in the mornings when I could already tell it was going to be warm, and I particularly loved taking my yoga mat into the garden in the early evening for my home practice. Here’s how it looked overall:

Monday – 4 miles + Hatha yoga via Zoom
Tuesday – 5 miles + home yoga
Wednesday – 6 miles + garden workout + home yoga
Thursday – form drills + home yoga
Friday – 4 miles + garden workout + home yoga
Saturday – (not)parkrun sandwich
Sunday – 10 miles

The Monday began fairly overcast, but it was humid for my run which, as is now my habit, mainly consisted of scavenger hunting. Post-run I did have to nip out on a couple of errands so took the chance to pick up a free coffee with my Vitality points and I took it down to the river to enjoy.

Luckily the afternoon was a bit brighter (or, more specifically, bright enough) so I sat outside and basically read an entire book. This is a YA novel and while it appears to spoil the ending in the title, is a really enjoyable (and emotional!) read. I can highly recommend it.









I had my Hatha yoga class in the evening which just added to the relaxation, then a fairly early night ahead of a change to routine on Tuesday.

That change was a super early alarm call. Steve had a flight voucher from a cancelled trip last year that he wanted to use, so he decided to go to London for the day to see his nephew. He’s currently car-less as he’s waiting for his new one to be ready, so I drove him to the airport and was back home before it was time for the kitties to have their breakfast!

I decided to have a cup of tea then take advantage of the early start to get out for my run super sharp. I was glad I made that decision as even pre-8am I could feel how warm the air was and was excited for a nice day reading in the garden.

I actually had another coffee voucher to use, so took a walk into town and even though it was still fairly early in the day, it felt much later to me after my early start so I chose the salted caramel and pistachio frappe crème again to kickstart my back garden holiday.

I was ROASTING when I got home and even though it was only about 10:30am, I got changed and set myself up to spend the rest of the day on my sun lounger. Basically, I was there for the bulk of the day (mainly napping) until a big cloud came over late afternoon when I went inside to tidy up a bit.

No chance of a workout without Steve, but I still did some yoga, had my dinner and watched a bit of tv until it was time to head back to the airport to pick him up again. He basically got the first flight down and last flight back, which gave him plenty of time to enjoy catching up with his nephew and some walking around parts of London he likes. He hadn’t eaten much since lunch so we treated ourselves to some chips on the way home then both of us were in need of an early night after such an early start!

The Wednesday was much more civilised, with some reading in bed before another humid run. This was the day I picked for my Together Run. As a reminder, this is a weekly episode of the Running for Real podcast which is a kind of community run, rather than an interview. I really love the format of it and find myself naturally responding to cues and participating in any segments such as strides that are included. It has become commonplace for there to be an instruction to take a photo at a given point so we can share our scenery and feel a bit more like we are all together. Such a great idea.









I actually needed to nip into town again and Steve was meeting a client so we got a coffee together afterwards and took it up to the seating area where the old dilapidated church used to be.

Then it was back home to my lounger to soak up some sun and finish another book. I’ve read some mixed reviews of this one but personally I really enjoyed this one and found the main cast of characters hilarious!

Later we took the TRX into the garden for a workout, then I collected my yoga mat for some outdoor yoga. Basically a day almost entirely outdoors until it was time to go in for dinner. Since eating outside wasn’t really convenient at this point, we made sure to head out for a walk again later on as we were just too warm inside and wanted to be outside. Getting some air before bed was ideal.

On the Thursday it was another form drills session, despite how warm it was! This was my second set of form drills at this point. My intention had been to do this once a week whilst off work, but I skipped them the previous week since it was so close to when I had my vaccine. With that in mind, I just added one rep to the set I had done two weeks before. The heat certainly added a challenge, but that just made it all the more satisfying to complete the set and feel strong.

My sister had asked me to help her a bit more with the photo digitising project, so not wanting to miss out on good weather I opted to go up in the morning and head home at lunchtime. That meant I could have my lunch in the garden then spend the afternoon on my sun lounger again (told you I was basically having a back garden holiday!). Not a cloud in the sky and I polished off another book – definitely a holiday/beach read and the sort of thing best enjoyed on a sun lounger somewhere warm. On this occasion, the back garden was good enough!

Like the previous day, this one culminated in garden yoga, dinner back inside then a walk with Steve before bed. Funny how we so easily drop into habits and routines!

The Friday was once again warm (I was loving it!) so I began with a rather toasty run before basically having another outside day. I had my coffee in the garden, ate my lunch in the garden, did my evening yoga in the garden, and between all of that divided my time between reading another book and napping. My book of the day was this one which I ordered after enjoying The Guest List the week before. At first I wasn’t sure if I would like it as much since it took a similar approach in the narrative style, but once again I was gripped in trying to figure out which of the characters met their end and which of the others was responsible. Another good one for a “holiday” type read.

Since it was so nice, we headed back into the garden after dinner to enjoy our Friday evening beer as the sun set. So nice.

The Saturday, of course, meant a (not)parkrun. It was pretty toasty but I still wanted to sandwich my (not)parkrun between a warm up and cool down so I could clock 10k for the day.

Since it was so nice we probably had our most outdoorsy day yet. Pretty much as soon as I was changed from my run I was back in the garden for my bacon roll, and I was out there for the rest of the day including lunch and dinner (which involved the use of a tray so we could stay outside and eat!).

For those keeping track, I finished my FIFTH book of the week!! I started reading this series in the late 90s, but fell behind some time ago so this marked the start of my new project to catch up and get up to date with the adventures of Dr Scarpetta. It felt really good to reconnect with familiar characters. The sort of book you could probably read as a standalone, but which works far better if you’ve read the preceding ones.

Having enjoyed our dinner al fresco, we rounded off our day with a glass of wine in the garden until the light began to disappear. So perfect.

And finally it was Sunday. The sun was taking a bit of a break for the day but it was still warm despite the clouds. Having enjoyed my run along the riverside to see the murals the previous Sunday, I decided to repeat the route. Pleasingly I ended up running a bit faster since it was much less humid and I enjoyed following the river for a bit again.

Since the sun was in hiding, we were inside for the rest of the day (after getting our food shopping) so we took the chance to finish up the tv programme we had been watching (Lie With Me – it was very good) while Smokey curled up on my lap. I think he was miffed that I had been outside so much and away from him! Then when I had my evening bath I watched the series finale of Loki. Wow! I’ve seen some people online say they enjoyed it more than WandaVision and I can totally see why. I think WandaVision might just edge it for me still since I loved the themed episodes, but I’m already looking forward to the second series of Loki which has now been confirmed.

So there you go. A week that mostly consisted of running, reading and generally being outside enjoying the sunshine. I had my fingers firmly crossed that the sun would return.

How do you feel about running in warm weather?
Do you enjoy relaxing in the sun or would you rather be active?

4 thoughts on “Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 69

  1. I really enjoyed The Thursday Murder Club too- I would be chuckling to myself as I read it- I just found the characters really funny and am very much looking forward to the next one.
    I think being out early is the best way when it’s hot- then you can spend the rest of the day relaxing and keeping cool.

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