Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 68

This was the second full week of the holidays and I had most definitely engaged holiday mode! It used to take me a bit longer to settle into being away from work and not having lots going on, moving at a million miles an hour all the time, but this time I found it very easy to get into a more relaxed headspace. As you can see, the streak continued (with slightly altered distances), yoga continued and I managed to fit in a couple of workouts:

Monday – 4 miles + living room workout + Hatha yoga via Zoom
Tuesday – 5.5 miles + home yoga
Wednesday – 4 miles + home yoga
Thursday – 5 miles + living room workout + home yoga
Friday – 4 miles + home yoga
Saturday – (not)parkrun + SUP yoga
Sunday – 10 miles

The week began with some fairly miserable weather. It was disappointing not to have sunshine, but I didn’t mind having an easy day. I began by finishing up my book. I picked this one as my July choice for “reading the months of the year” and although I’ve not previously read anything by this author, I enjoyed it and will probably try some others at some point.

The indulgence of a cooked breakfast the day before meant I felt a little sluggish for my run, but Monday is always a recovery run so it didn’t really matter. I was getting started with my scavenger hunt and with no pressure to do anything else, even a rainy run felt really good.

Since I was confined to quarters by the rain, I took the chance to tidy up some bits and pieces around the house then had a relaxing afternoon watching Cobra Kai – so much so, that I got “Netflix shamed” with the still watching? message. Oops!

To counteract that, I had a workout in the living room before doing some yoga, then later in the evening Steve and I headed out for a quick walk to get some fresh air. We ended up being followed by a particularly infamous cat from our area – he’s some boy who gets up to all sorts! Apologies for the blurry picture – I was taking it quickly as I walked.

I had hoped for improved weather on the Tuesday but sadly it wasn’t to be. I read in bed for a bit then headed out to run. I had chosen the latest Together Run podcast from Running for Real and was also in the mood to switch up my route a bit so I headed off with a rough idea of where I might go, but to be honest I was just seeing where my feet took me. I ended up running by the harbour and it was not at its most “fragrant” on this occasion!

Post-run I did a little tidying up and at one point realised I couldn’t find Smokey. It happens from time to time as one or other of the kitties finds a new hiding spot (there’s no way for them to get out of the house) and I eventually tracked him down:

For clarity, this shoe box is behind a chair in a spare room and is still occupied by a pair of shoes, but he was determined to try and squeeze in. Cats are so weird sometimes 😹

After lunch I had a Very Important Appointment: my second Covid vaccine.

It was so good to know that I was fully vaccinated (or would be a few days later) and even better that it was sooner than expected after the gap between doses was reduced from 12 weeks to 8. Compared to the first dose, i had almost no side effects. I did feel tired that night (at a level I just would not have noticed during term time but was aware of it because I was off and therefore better rested) and deliberately kept my running pace easy for the next couple of days to make sure and not overtax my body. Other than that, just the standard sore arm at the vaccination site for a couple of days. Nothing unusual there since that’s the same as I get when I have a flu jab.

Steve was going into town to get a coffee and I decided to join him. I had the car since I had a couple of errands planned as well, so I got parked and went to meet him.

I still prefer takeaway to sitting in, but seconds after taking this the heavens opened and we experienced the sort of rain I would normally expect in Florida at this time of year. If you’ve ever visited the Sunshine State in the summer, you know exactly what I mean. We took shelter under the doorway of the shop you can see in the background and waited it out until things eased. Eventually, we decided it was time to make a break for it. Steve had his bike and I was on foot (without an umbrella – doh!) and I hadn’t gone far before the rain returned at full force. I was quite a sight by the time I got back to the car!

I decided to abandon my errands until another day and just got home to change.

The rest of the day was pretty chilled. I didn’t want a workout while my arm was sore, so stuck to a little light yoga and an evening in front of the tv. Smokey was pretty interested in watching the football!

Having had my vaccine I made sure to take things pretty easy on the Wednesday: I read for a bit in bed then had a short run at an easy pace. Similar to my first dose, I don’t think my body would have responded well to any more effort but that was fine. I then made it a tv day. First, I caught up on a couple of episodes of Loki (which I really enjoyed) then finished the second series of Cobra Kai (which had quite the dramatic ending!).After that I read for a bit but that actually made me feel sleepy (perhaps a further effect of the vaccine; perhaps my continued recovery from the school year) so I had a short nap and felt much better afterwards. No workout again as my arm was still sore, but I did do some yoga and had a relaxing evening watching football again. I suspect that quiet, easy day was just what I needed – and apparently the kitties needed it too. I found Smokey getting up close and personal with my Minnie Mouse cushion and it looks like she’s whispering in his ear!

After a restful day I was ready to be a bit more productive on the Thursday. First, I finished up my book. I do like a thriller and I liked the narrative style of this one as you know from the start that a body has been found but the narrators and time points shift so it’s only right at the end that you know which character has been killed, who by and why (and almost every character has motive/opportunity).

I kept the pace easy for my run as not only was I conscious of my recent vaccine, it was also quite humid and that makes running feel much tougher. I stopped to look at some decorated stones I haven’t looked at in a while and noticed one I don’t remember seeing before which made me smile:

After lunch I took care of those errands I had abandoned after my soaking on the Tuesday, and since I had a voucher for a free coffee to use up, I nipped into town to grab a drink. I actually decided to try one of their more frozen-style drinks and it was really good. This was the salted caramel and pistachio frappe creme and will likely be my drink of the summer!

Meanwhile, Smokey worked on his audition for the “cats and books calendar” (a real calendar – I got the 2021 version in a secret Santa gift!).

My arm was feeling much better so I had a workout with the resistance band and some press ups before doing my usual yoga session. Then it was an evening of tv and a bit more reading.

The Friday morning was still humid but I noticed that I felt MUCH better on my run so there must have been a minor effect of the vaccine at play in the previous couple of days. I then spent some time sorting out a few odds and ends around the house while catching up on some podcasts.

After lunch I got on with something a little different. Since last year I have been keen to go back to some of our old photos from family holidays to Florida. We’re talking about trips in the 90s (which I still think was fairly recently haha!), so before digital photography. I had a few pictures from the basic film cameras I had (often blurry/covered with my thumb or in serious need of some zooming in to make sense!) but I knew that my parents had loads of photos. My sister also wanted to go through and digitise all my parents’ photo albums (to keep the images safe and backed up) so I went to spend the afternoon with her and help form a kind of production line as it involved removing photos from albums, keeping them in order while we scanned them and then returning them to the right spot. Working together we got loads done and it was such fun looking back at photos I haven’t looked at in ages and remembering the moments.

I arrived home in time for dinner. We had fancied having steak for a change and Steve made chips to go with it – delicious!

I was up early again on the Saturday to fit in a quick (not)parkrun before a SUP yoga session. It was kind of soggy so I was glad not to be running any more than 5k. I actually kept my cap on for the SUP session. I had a wetsuit so wasn’t bothered about getting wet, but I knew I would appreciate keeping the rain off my face. As it turned out, we were lucky and it stayed dry for our session.

Sadly the weather didn’t improve so I was inside for the afternoon. I worked on a playlist I wanted to change, did the weekly Disney quiz I like on YouTube then watched Arthur Christmas so I could listen to the Christmas movie podcast episode discussing it. I actually hadn’t seen it before and really enjoyed it.

After that I needed some air so took a walk before heading off for a bath. Meanwhile Steve worked on dinner, He always makes pizza on a Saturday night and back when he was a pizza chef one of his favourites was a bolognese pizza. He doesn’t often make it now but for some reason we had both thought of it and fancied having one. It was yummy!

For my Sunday run I was keen to go somewhere a bit different. Steve had shown me photos of some new murals on the supports of the bridge taking the A9 over the river. I knew I could see them by running out the riverside path, so decided to run an out-and-back course (unusual for me as I usually prefer a loop). I shared some of the murals on social media, but there are 16 in total and getting all of them involved crossing over the footbridge so I would be able to see them all:

My favourites are the ones of birds and animals. So impressive up close so I’m glad I decided to head out that way, especially since it was super humid and running by the river felt very warm.

Of course we had to head out to get our food shopping, but the rest of the day was nice and relaxed so I finished up another book. This one dealt with some quite disturbing subjects, but was balanced with some beautiful descriptions of scenery.

And for a final check-in with how the kitties spent their time, I found them cuddled up together (despite it being pretty warm). It was like a two-headed cat!

Then just like that, another week drew to a close. An exciting one since I now had both doses of the vaccine and while I will continue to be cautious, it’s good to know I have more protection against the virus.

If you’ve had the vaccine, how did your body react?
Have you explored anywhere new recently?

2 thoughts on “Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 68

  1. Those murals are amazing, especially the kingfisher and goldfinches ones.
    Glad that the second vaccine wasn’t too bad- I felt the same that after my first one I felt quite bad, but the second one was a bit like a “normal” flu jab and I took it easy but felt fine- even my arm was less sore.
    I know what you mean about the storms in Florida- we have been caught in crazy ones in the past!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The murals are stunning.
      I saw that you were ok after your second jab. I know they’re not 100% but I still feel better knowing I’ve had both doses and will maybe be a little more open to (cautiously) doing things away from the house.
      Sheltering from that rain reminded me of similar experiences trying to dodge a downpour at one of those really open outlet malls in Florida – it was crazy!


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