Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 67

Carrying on with my blog catchup, this was the first full week of my summer holidays and I made sure to use it as a chance to really recover from the demands of the year. That said, I also took advantage of the opportunity to stretch my midweek run distances a tiny bit since I was under no pressure to be anywhere. I do enjoy just heading out the door and running around knowing it doesn’t really matter how long I am! No workouts this week, but plenty of yoga.

Monday – 4.1 miles + Hatha yoga via Zoom
Tuesday – 5 miles + home yoga
Wednesday – 6 miles + home yoga
Thursday – form drills + home yoga
Friday – 4 miles + home yoga
Saturday – (not)parkrun sandwich
Sunday – 8 miles

It being the first Monday of the holidays (no alarm!) I made sure to have a fairly easy day to ensure my mind and body were getting the message to slow down and relax. First I finished up my book in bed. Absolutely loved this one and its heartwarming story:

My run included the weekly scavenger hunt and I really enjoyed having the time and space to simply run around going to places I thought I might find items, without worrying about being home late. I just felt so much better (and freer!) and took a side trip to see this view:

For much of the rest of the day I pottered around, finished watching The Crown (hurry up and get the next series ready!), started another book and had a walk with Steve before my evening yoga class. So good to hit the mat without that lingering tiredness from a busy work day. Smokey also enjoyed the chance to relax and snooze on my lap – in his happy place!

I began Tuesday reading a bit of my book before heading off for my run. Again I wanted to do something a little different so spent some time in the gardens by the river enjoying some of the scenery. I have run by here often during the school term but not had time to stop and take it all in.
















I also spotted this. Not sure if it should make me laugh or be slightly concerned I’m about to be chases by dinos 😂

Once I was ready I took a walk into town to meet Steve and pick up a takeaway coffee (not ready to sit in yet!). We went to sit somewhere different I had been keen to see. This old church building has been closed for over 30 years and had become derelict. It needed work to make it safe and the result maintains the exterior of the listed building whilst opening up a lovely space for outdoor performances/art installations or simply a nice place to sit and chat (or have a coffee!). We enjoyed our coffees there and it was great to see a number of people passing through to check it out as it had only opened up recently.
















After lunch I spent the afternoon reading in the garden and finished up another book. This one is a classic “summer holiday read” being a fast-paced thriller. The sort of thing best suited to a sun lounger somewhere warm, but for 2021 the back garden will do!

Meanwhile, the kitties were no doubt starting to feel a little warm so went off to nap in peace. I found Smokey like this 😹

The Wednesday weather was also looking good so after a gentle start (reading my book in bed) and a run that felt pretty darn good after a few restful days, I did a little tidying up around the house then installed myself on my sun lounger for the afternoon to read and nap. It was so nice that when it came to yoga time I got myself all set up in the garden (ignore the “wilderness” behind me, this is the area we’re going to dig up to put in some decking so Steve hasn’t been cutting the grass there!).

For my Thursday run I decided it was time to re-introduce some form drills to my routine. I had kind of known for a while that I was in need of this as I felt like I was shuffling around a bit, but it was the last thing I wanted to do as the school year drew to a close. To get started, Steve suggested 4x500m drills with 40 seconds recovery, so after reminding myself of how to set this up on my watch, I headed out.

It was sunny and it actually felt good to be doing some drills again as part of my run. But with my main activity for the day done, it was time to get my sun cream on and hit the sun lounger to finish up another book in the sunshine. This one was pretty powerful and I definitely recommend it.

It was nice enough for me to set myself up in the garden again for my yoga (still experimenting with the best positioning for my mat).

We had been spending our evenings continuing to watch episodes of Long Way Up and this was no exception, however this was also the day that fireworks returned to the US Disney parks and I finished my day by watching a recording of the cast preview of the fireworks in the Magic Kingdom in Florida. Fairly unsurprisingly, it made me emotional watching the reaction of those present. Disney tears again for me!

When it came to my Friday run, something weird happened with my watch. For some reason, it decided to add a random quarter mile so when it bleeped for my first mile, I had only run about 3/4 of a mile. After that each mile was accurate, but it did make it look like I had been remarkably speedy at the start!

I spent the rest of the morning pottering around the house listening to podcasts and reading vlogs, then it was another afternoon spent reading in the garden. I did, however, go for a walk later on as I felt like I needed to stretch my legs a bit and I included a path I haven’t been on recently. I had forgotten this structure that I assume has something to do with the burn (small stream for my non-Scottish readers) that runs through here.

It was nice enough for yoga in the garden then, although at this point I had a sneaking suspicion the good weather was about to change. At least I got a solid few days of enjoying being out in the sun.

Our day ended with another evening of watching the football, then off to bed.

On the Saturday I was back to my usual (not)parkrun sandwich and it was a pretty humid morning. Sadly the humidity was not accompanied by sunshine so it was an indoors kind of day doing a Disney quiz on YouTube, getting started on series 2 of Cobra Kai (love it!) and finishing up yet another book. Another good read set in a small town in the post-war years and heavily influenced by the author’s childhood reading.

For the Sunday morning we had something a little different planned, Of course, we were still going for a run (so humid I needed my shower to help me dry off!), but rather than our usual soup for lunch, we wanted to give a nod to what we might have done had we been able to travel to the US this summer. Why? Because this was a special day for my American friends:

Ok, Independence Day. I even wore an appropriately themed top for my run:

Had we been able to have our “normal” trip, we would likely have gone somewhere like Ihop for a cooked breakfast, so we decided to make our own (with a Scottish twist – black pudding and baked beans, plus the sausages from the butcher were Irn Bru and chilli flavoured. Sounds weird but they were really good!).

It was VERY filling and having “only” run 8 miles I couldn’t finish mine, but I’m glad we took the chance to have something that we don’t usually have.

To be honest, feeling really full meant that neither of us wanted to do much else. We got our food shopping done then spent the afternoon in a fairly lazy fashion watching tv, reading and having a nap. Sometimes it’s just what the body needs.

And with that, the first week of my holidays drew to a close. I may not have done much of note, but taking the chance to recharge was the best thing I could do for my mind and body at this point, and I was grateful that the sun came out for some of those days since I really do think that helps me to recharge.

Do you include speedwork and/or hill sessions in your weekly routine?
Do you often have a cooked breakfast?

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