Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 66

Let’s start by addressing the obvious: I am VERY behind with these posts! In all honesty, writing blog posts has been the last thing on my mind as we have been experiencing some honest-to-goodness hot weather here in Scotland so I have been largely on my back garden sun lounger, devouring books like there’s no tomorrow. I will get up to date before the end of the summer, but given the changeable nature of the the weather during the Scottish summer, there’s no way I’m wasting sunshine by staying inside glued to my computer. I’m sure you understand.

And now to the post. This was the last week of term, meaning there were just 4 school days to make it through and then a much-anticipated rest. I couldn’t wait!

Monday – 3.2 miles + Hatha yoga via Zoom
Tuesday – 4.1 miles + garden workout + home yoga
Wednesday – 5 miles + home yoga
Thursday – 4.5 miles + home yoga
Friday – 4 miles + home yoga
Saturday – (not)parkrun + SUP yoga
Sunday – 10k

I knew that at this point I was as tired as I would ever be in the school year, and coming off the back of a 40 mile week it seemed the ideal time to cut back the miles and effort level to have a recovery week. That would give me a chance to feel better rested and run more strongly during the holidays. I actually felt pretty good on my run, given the bigger mileage the week before, but perhaps that was because I knew I was giving myself a bit of a break this week and there was no pressure of any kind on what I did. As for the work day, by this point it was all about that final flurry to complete and mark work before the end of term – funny how the pupils never have quite the same level of urgency as me when it comes to these things! To be honest, the biggest “hurdle” in the day was Smokey deciding I should just stay at home and thinking that lying on the clothes I laid out would do the trick. Good job they were also grey haha!

It still felt good to have my yoga class (still via Zoom) in the evening and then Steve and I got underway with a new boxset: The Beast Must Die which is exclusively on BritBox.

On the Tuesday morning I set off on a bit of a mission to find the last items for the weekly scavenger hunt (I was successful!). It was a beautiful day and I was pleased that this meant I could have a workout in the garden when I got home from work. You would think in the final week of term I might be leaving earlier, but somehow I was there just as late as usual, partly because of a meeting of the professional reading book group I joined.

Since we were in the garden, the TRX was in action. It’s one of my favourite bits of kit as you can really target specific muscles, but it is also great for an all-over workout.

I then went off to do some yoga ahead of dinner and a Scotland match (versus Croatia), but the less said about the football, the better!

Wednesday was my chosen day for the now weekly Together Run from Tina Muir. As ever, there was a moment when we were told to take a photo, this time of both our view and a selfie. As you can see from the early morning sky, it was shaping up to be another beautiful day:

It was a bit of a trying day at work, with everyone clearly in need of a break by this point, but I felt better after a walk with Steve and some yoga. In the evening we watched a bit more of The Beast Must Die then tuned in to some of the football.

And then, oh joy of joys, it was the last day of term. I had a lovely run then got ready and headed off to work. The area I work in had a full day (many other areas have a half day) but there was a palpable feeling of having made it!

The day began with another lesson with the therapy dog in attendance. Up to this point she had remained on her lead, but to progress her training it was important that she try a lesson where she was allowed to roam the room freely. The pupil she was accompanying had asked if we could try it in this last lesson, and the rest of the class was keen, so the dog was free! After a cursory circuit of the room she decided that a nap was far preferable haha!

Although I ended up with a full day of classes, it was manageable by this point as attendance is always lower on the last day. A real highlight was an al fresco lunch with my colleagues since the sun was shining. If only we could have done something about those pesky seagulls!

When I finally collapsed in the door at the end of the day I had a cup of tea, did some yoga then relaxed with a couple of vlogs before dinner. After some tv I decided to read a little and promptly fell asleep in my chair. I’ve done so well with avoiding doing this throughout the term, but clearly my body got the message that I could finally stop, so did precisely that! I was well and truly done after a school year even more trying than the one before.

With the holidays actually beginning on a Friday I knew this was going to feel like the best part of the break and made sure to luxuriate in it a bit. I slept later and read in bed with a cup of tea before heading out for my run. Funnily enough I noticed much more spring in my step than of late after a better sleep and the removal of the mental pressures of the year. I even had time to nip out on some errands before lunch!

A fun delivery was the medal from the virtual race I had done the Sunday before. I HAD to have this one since it’s themed to my absolute favourite book: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

In the afternoon I headed up to mum and dad’s as my sister and I needed to get together. We had plans in mind for a couple of nights away later in the summer so needed a chance to sit down together and get it booked. I know things could very easily change again, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed we are able to go.

The evening was still very much as my normal habit: yoga, dinner and some tv before bed. The most important thing was that I could spend the day at my own pace rather than being tied to a timetable and bells marking my movement from one thing to the next. It always feels so liberating!

I actually had to get up early on the Saturday as I had SUP yoga at 9am and wanted to fit in my run beforehand (I knew I wouldn’t want to run later on, especially since I would want something to eat when I got back). I made the decision to limit my run to 5k to log my (not)parkrun, and that fitted fine with my cutback week anyway. I nipped around fairly quickly then got down to the outdoor centre for the SUP yoga session.

It was great to be on the water and a lovely way to get the summer holidays underway.

When I arrived home we had our usual Saturday bacon rolls and watched the first episode of Long Way Up on Apple tv+. I remember watching Ewan McGregor (a local boy!) and Charley Boorman in their previous adventures a number of years ago and mum had been recommending this so we decided to watch it. I will add my voice to the recommendation if you have access to it. I then settled in to a restful afternoon, starting with finishing my book.

This one was really powerful, dealing with a variety of issues including racism and privilege. A definite recommendation from me.

After that I did my weekly Disney quiz on Youtube and watched a couple of episodes of The Crown before heading off for a bath. In the evening I finished off a book I had been looking at for some professional reading, as well as tuning into some football. It may have had an early start, but it was a lovely day.

On the Sunday I returned to form with some reading in bed before my run. I kept it to 10k to round off my recovery week and, as noted on the Friday, was already feeling so much better with the combination of an easier week running-wise and a couple of more restful days.

Post-run we headed off to get our food shopping, with a detour on the way home to pick up a couple of sun loungers for the back garden. The weather at this point wasn’t quite was I was looking for to use them (although that didn’t stop us spending the remainder of the afternoon reading in the garden!) but I was certain there would have to be at least a few good days and wanted to be ready.

I also had a fun delivery. I had taken part in another book exchange in a Facebook group and my surprise package arrived. With the summer stretching in front of me, I was looking forward to having more time to read and added these straight to my pile.

After dinner I headed off for another bath (where I set my laptop up to watch the latest episode of Loki) before bed. While I was doing that Steve ironed some clothes and I came out of the bath to find that Smokey was keeping them safe 😹

Of course the absolute best thing was it being Sunday night and I had no need to set an alarm for the following morning. Bliss!

Did you follow much of the Euro football tournament?
Are you taking any trips away this summer?

2 thoughts on “Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 66

  1. Well done for making it to the end of term- this has been another crazy year so enjoy all your time reading books and recharging.
    I loved watching the football- in recent years I’ve gone off it a bit having grown up going to football fairly regularly with my family, but I really enjoyed the excitement of looking forward to the matches and the feeling of the country coming together (until the final and all the awful stuff after that). It was fun having 3 of the home nations in there too as it meant lots of matches to be interested in.
    We’re coming up to the highlands in August- really looking forward to some beautiful scenery.

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