Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 55

The second week of the holidays meant a further opportunity to relax, whilst also enjoying the time running in the mornings. Technically this should have been a cutback week in my mileage, but I was feeling good and wanted to take advantage of the space I had to run a little longer on the weekdays, so stuck to a similar pattern to the week before. The miles will naturally reduce a little anyway when I’m back at work next week. Here are the details of my week:

Monday – 4 miles + living room workout + home yoga
Tuesday – 5 miles + living room workout + home yoga
Wednesday – 10k + living room workout + home yoga
Thursday – 5 miles + living room workout + home yoga
Friday – 4 miles + living room workout + home yoga
Saturday – (not)parkrun sandwich
Sunday – 10 miles

Oh my goodness! After some quite pleasant weather last week (as in shorts and T-shirt to run in pleasant) the temperature PLUMMETED for Easter Monday. Even on the Sunday the temperature was ok and I just couldn’t understand how the forecast could have it dropping so low, but even as I was getting ready to run my weather app was still insisting on an actual temperature around freezing with a “feels like” below freezing. I was FORCED back into my leggings (yup, as cold as that) and was glad I wore them as even though the sun was shining, the air was bitter in the way you only get when there’s snow around (many places did have snow, but we got away with a few flakes while I was out running) and the wind was just as icy.

On the plus side, I had a great distraction from the icy cold air as the scavenger hunt, a weekly activity I was really enjoying last year, was back! I often still smile when I notice something that was on a previous hunt list so was pleased to be setting off in search of a new list of items. One of them was a swan so this gave me a great reason to return to the park I ran through a couple of weeks ago when I ticked off “run in the park” on my March running bingo card. It’s so pretty in there and I wanted a bit more time to explore, so this was perfect.

But before that chilly run I was cosy in bed with a cup of tea to finish up my latest book. This is one I DEFINITELY recommend if you haven’t picked it up yet – so heartwarming, like the parkrun spirit in a book. Oh, and one of our RDs gets a mention for his penchant for delivering the briefing in verse!

The book also completed my 2021 challenge sheet, so here’s a roundup of the books I read for that:

The rest of the day was much less exciting. I began with a really thorough dusting and tidying mission, then relaxed with some vlogs for a bit to update the blog.

I was conscious that despite being on holiday, I only managed one workout last week so wanted to fit in more this week. Steve announced that the workout would be “press up surprise”, the surprise being that it was a super set where I exhausted my arms with the resistance band before going right into a set of press ups to failure. It’s the kind of workout that’s really humbling as “failure” comes around quite quickly towards the end!

My yoga teacher is having a couple of weeks off so it was a new Yoga with Adriene video for my yoga session then dinner while we watched the latest episode of Line of Duty.

Tuesday was still cold so I enjoyed spending some cosy time reading in bed to start the day. It was cold enough to keep me in leggings for a second day and the air was just as bitter as the day before. I even had some further snowflakes (which continue to puzzle me as the sun was shining at the time).

My project for the day was to vacuum. Not just any old vacuuming, the kind you only do when you’re on holiday and do things like properly move furniture around and use the tools to get into all the nooks and crannies. It took AGES but was totally worth doing.

The rest of the day I chilled out with my book (and Smokey, he’s going to be really upset when I go back to work next week!) until it was workout time. Thankfully my arms got a break as it was a lower body workout, but I suspected I might feel that one the next day! I followed that up with a yoga video then I was ready to settle down for the evening, which included finishing up the book I had been reading. I’ve really been enjoying this series, but I’ve now read all that there are so far so I’ll guess I’ll have to wait a bit for the next instalment.

Wednesday was still chilly (we actually had to have the heating back on overnight) so still in my leggings for my run (and I’m sure there were a few more snowflakes while I was out). On the plus side, I ran by the Easter tree again and noticed that some of the eggs were “rocking’ the dots” so that made me happy – a Minnie Mouse egg!

I had another book on the go and actually ended up devoting the bulk of the day to reading it. It’s a YA book, but often these are really good and having previously enjoyed the Twisted Tales series, I was keen to try this one after seeing positive reviews. I really enjoyed it so am looking forward to there being more in the series.

I did, however, take a break to go on a little outing. Steve announced he was going to take a walk into town for a coffee (we usually have a variety of codes for a free coffee) and asked if I wanted to go too. That doesn’t sound like a big deal, however I haven’t been to any of the coffee places since before we went into Lockdown last March. I know they’ve been open for takeaway, but I’ve had no reason to go into town so just haven’t bothered claiming any of my coffees. It actually felt like quite a big step, even though the setup is so simple and safe.

Once home I returned to my book then it was time for a second “press up surprise” workout – this time with the more difficult resistance band. My poor arms! I can tell you my yoga video felt quite challenging afterwards and I was cursing Adriene when we had to move into downward dog!

It was super windy on Thursday morning but it was a much better temperature for me to be able to get back into my shorts again. I love my leggings, but by this point in the year I like to be firmly in my shorts! Once home I decided to straighten my hair (I’ve not been using the hairdryer or straightners throughout the past year) because I was due at the hairdresser the following day (hurrah!) so wanted to get a better picture of how much it has grown throughout the pandemic since it has been cut far less (and had a couple of long stretches of around 5 months between cuts when we’ve been in lockdown):

L-R March 2020 a couple of weeks after my last haircut before lockdown; July 2020 ahead of my first post-lockdown haircut; April 2021 ahead of my first haircut in 5 months thanks to the second national lockdown in Scotland.

It was so interesting to see the side by side comparisons since you don’t really notice hair growth day-to-day as it’s so gradual.

I had an exciting delivery in the form of some theme park-inspired wax melts. My sister discovered these and sent me a referral code so I thought I would give them a go. The little note enclosed with them is such a lovely touch.

Further Thursday excitement came courtesy of Steve who had been baking again. We had been watching Celebrity Britain’s Best Home Cook and there was an episode where Ed Balls (yes, former MP Ed Balls) made this fantastic sponge cake. Steve found the recipe and had a go for himself (I mean, if it was good enough to impress Mary Berry!). It was great – a really light sponge – so I think he will be making this again.

I also watched an afternoon movie for the first time during this holiday. It may have been the Easter holidays, but I watched a Christmas movie (The Grinch) since it was due to be discussed on the podcast I have been listening to and I spotted it wasn’t going to be available on Netflix much longer. It’s not a story I have ever been particularly into, but it was a pleasant enough retelling of it.

My Thursday workout was lower body again – mostly variations of squats/lunges with some stair sprints to add another layer of difficulty. It actually made me feel really hot so I was glad my yoga session afterwards was quite gentle and relaxing.

The forecast for Friday hadn’t been too encouraging temperature-wise and I had thought I might be back in leggings for my run, but as it turned out it was marginally better and just mild enough for shorts (although I think we were right on the cusp as the first half of the run felt quite chilly in the strong wind!).

I needed to have an early lunch so I could eat before my hair appointment and ate whilst reading the end of my book. I was curious to read this one after enjoying the series on Netflix and while there were certainly some differences (which I liked because then I didn’t know precisely how it would all unfold), overall it was pretty close to the book. I enjoyed it so will probably read more from the series now.

Of course the biggest excitement was getting my hair done. I actually didn’t want much taken off the length, but I was DESPERATE to get some fresh colour in it since it was getting washed out and patchy (as well as the roots growing in). I was starting to feel like a stripy cat!

When I arrived home I had a cup of tea then headed out for a walk since I felt like I hadn’t moved enough all day. It’s nice to get out in the evening now that there is so much more daylight. Once home it was time for my workout and Steve decided to mix things up with an ab workout. It was good to give my arms and legs a rest, but I suspected this one would make itself known the following morning (and thank goodness it was a chilled yoga session on the calendar again!).

Our Friday night movie was the third Karate Kid movie to complete the original trilogy. I know I have seen it before but really didn’t remember that one so well as the first two. I mentioned this in a text to my sister and she agreed that it was never a favourite when we were growing up, thus rarely watched. Still, it served as a useful reminder ahead of my planned watching of Cobra Kai!

It was another cold night but after some time reading in bed first thing, the temperature had climbed enough for me to wear my shorts again. It was also a great time to wear one of the two new pairs of running shoes that I had ordered. I like to rotate several pairs so I always have something different to put on and mix things up, and now that I’m putting the miles in every day I think that’s even more important. This pair was already reduced then I saved a further 50% thanks to my Vitality Fitness Rewards benefit, so they were a real bargain. The bright colour might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I love them!

Post-run I was thrilled to find a new episode of This Is Us to watch after which I did my usual weekly Disney quiz on YouTube (this one was marking one year of quizzes – madness!) then settled down for a couple of episode of The Crown, all the more poignant following the announcement of the Duke of Edinburgh’s death.

I wrapped up my afternoon with a bath where I watched The Santa Clause (it’s been a loooooong time since I’ve seen that one!), during which Smokey wandered in to sit at the side of the bath and I ended up with a rather funny picture of him just from the angle I took it.

In the evening we watched an episode of Intruder, a four-part drama which had been on during the week. Definitely more to things than meets the eye.

While we were watching tv we noticed that the snow, light flurries of which had been falling on and off throughout the evening, was actually starting to lie a little.

It was still there in the morning (and frozen to the car windscreens) so despite the sunshine we both opted for leggings for our Sunday runs. I had originally intended to wear my second new pair of trainers, but decided to save those since I planned to head out the the woodland park and wasn’t sure what it would be like underfoot – no point getting new trainers all muddy on their first wear!

The sun stayed out for the run, but things were much more changeable later in the day with more brief snow flurries then, in the late afternoon, we got HUGE hailstones. They were bigger than cat litter, kind of like those polystyrene things you get in packaging or beanbags. The thumping of them actually scared the cats who were both happily dozing, but they soon settled down again.

Of course with term beginning the following day it was time to get back to the regular lateral flow Covid tests (oh joy!) so I took care of that early in the afternoon and logged my negative result. I suspect I’m not really going to enjoy the term ahead what with lots of assessment for senior pupils and the regular tests.

Finally we watched a second episode of Intruder over dinner then I headed off to get organised for the return to school and have a relaxing bath to help me get a good sleep. Fingers crossed things go smoothly – it’s been a long time since we’ve been fully in school!

What crazy weather have you had lately?
What’s the longest time you’ve gone between haircuts?

7 thoughts on “Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 55

  1. Sounds like a great week. That cake sounds delicious. We got hail a couple of weeks ago. It was 75°F (24°C) today and the weather person is calling for potential frost on Thursday morning. Roller coaster temperatures are hard to handle.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Those shoes are fab- such a cheerful colour! We’ve had similar weather too- Easter Monday was sunny but cold, and then snowing later on, and a little hail later in the week too= not quite as much as you guys though!
    I’m coming up to 16 months since a haircut now! Not sure when I’ll brave it…
    I hope everything went well with all the kids being back in.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hasn’t the weather just been so weird? This past week here it’s been down to freezing and below (I’ve had to scrape my windscreen!) first thing then really mild later on. It’s making it really hard to know what to wear, especially when I have my windows open all day at work.


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