Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 51

After what feels like forever – and certainly a VERY steep learning curve – this was the final week of online teaching before a partial return to school (and switch to blended learning) for the final two weeks of term. Looking back I can’t believe how far I’ve come in adapting my teaching practice to suit a different medium, but I was pleased to get back into the classroom and see my pupils for real. In the meantime, this week was a great opportunity to enjoy getting up a little later and running after sunrise while it was still possible – that will have to change when I’ve got a commute to work again!

Monday – 3.5 miles + Hatha yoga via Zoom
Tuesday – 4.5 miles + living room workout + home yoga
Wednesday – 4 miles + living room workout + home yoga
Thursday – 4 miles + living room workout + home yoga
Friday – 4 miles + living room workout + home yoga
Saturday – (not)parkrun sandwich
Sunday – 8 miles

My strategy of ticking off the easiest boxes on my Tough Girl Tribe bingo card first may yet come back to bite me in the backside, but it certainly makes life easier during term time when I just don’t have the headspace for planning things! Monday is always a recovery run so not much room for anything different here, but I had kept “road run” for just such an occasion and ticked that one off today.

In the afternoon we had a surprise visit from my sister who had obviously been into her work. It looks like they had discovered lots of ice cream tubs (she works in the concert hall and theatre) which were now past their best before dates so although perfectly edible, could not be sold. This made for a fun few days of having ice cream for dessert, although we did treat ourselves to an afternoon ice cream right after she left!

When work was finished for the day I had a little time to myself then my yoga class on Zoom. I got myself all set up then turned to my yoga space to find that “Yoga Smokey” had plonked himself EXACTLY where I needed to be! I actually had to spend the first few minutes in savasana fitting around him before he moved, but he actually hung around for the majority of the class.

Post-yoga we needed something new to watch so tried the first episode of Lupin on Netflix. I quite enjoyed it, even if it did make me a bit “homesick” for Paris, but Steve wasn’t so keen as he was disappointed it was dubbed rather than in French with subtitles. He thought it made it too Americanised. I’ll still watch the rest of it but probably save it for school holidays.

Tuesday’s bingo box was also easy – run selfie. I mean, I take a selfie after EVERY run (because otherwise it doesn’t count, right?). I was actually feeling really sluggish still and it took me until later on when a reminder popped up on my phone to realise that this was due to normal hormonal fluctuations. The older I get the more I seem to notice this, but my sense of time seems to be all over the place thanks to lockdown so I hadn’t clocked quite where I was in my cycle. Knowing the reason I feel “off” doesn’t make my run feel any easier but at least I understand why it doesn’t feel the best and that actually makes a huge difference.

The rest of the day was fairly unremarkable – even Smokey had had enough!

But as ever it was good to be finished with the screen and having a workout so I could move a bit more. Still a focus on hip flexors alongside my usual core/upper body work since that’s where my needs lie right now. It feels tough but then afterwards I feel I’ve earned a relaxing evening and on this particular evening we started watching the 4 part drama Bloodlands. Pretty gripping.

For my Wednesday run I wanted to tick off “find a new route” on my bingo card. At this point, finding something completely new but also local is a pretty tough call but although the streets I ran on were certainly not new to me, the route I traced around them certainly was so that counted for me. I was still feeling a bit “off” so it was another easy paced day simply enjoying something a little different.

After my CPD session later that day I got a batch of chilli prepped for the slow cooker then it was time for my workout. It was hip flexors this time and a pretty tough one, but I know I have lost strength there through lockdown and sitting lots so totally worthwhile. After my yoga and dinner we got settled down for another episode of Bloodlands. A fairly standard day in lockdown.

My choice from the bingo card for Thursday was to run laps. My take on that was to run laps around the block outside the house before setting off for the rest of my run. A fairly simple one to do, even if I did look a bit odd going round and round! I was feeling much less sluggish so this was a good one.

The work day was fairly average, but I think the kitties were beginning to realise that the end of working from home was coming so I had both of them hanging around for a while:

Then later in the day got “trapped” by Smokey (he fell asleep and I didn’t have the heart to move him) so I got a bit of personal admin done when I finished working.

Hip flexors again for my workout, followed by some yoga to wind down into the evening, One thing I watched that night was an episode of Masterchef which I don’t usually watch, but a former pupil of mine was a contestant so I HAD to see how she got on. So happy when she progressed to the quarter finals (but sadly that was a far as she made it. Still pretty impressive stuff and her food looked amazing!).

I kept things simple on my Friday run and picked “hug a tree” from my bingo card. There’s a perfect tree just down the road but I waited until I was heading back home again to take my picture.

It was a bit of an odd day as it was the final day of online teaching so I had to do a bit of prep for the following week since we would be moving to blended learning for the final part of term. My plans for my younger year groups had to shift a bit from what I had intended as I had to make sure it was something they would be able to do fairly independently while I worked with some of them in small groups throughout the week (the seniors were at a point where they were working on coursework so would be ok to get on with it). A strange thought having got used to the live lessons.

For a little excitement, I received 2 more of the medals from the princess set. Nearly there now!

After work I finished up my book. This is one I really enjoyed – something a bit different.

Steve and I headed out for a walk ahead of one final workout for the week and a short yoga session. Friday has been movie night for a while now, specifically Marvel night and it was time to complete the Infinity Saga. I loved this movie but was sad to reach the end of something I had been building up to over many weeks.

Saturday began with some sad news. I had been aware of rumours that Disneyland Paris would not reopen as planned at the the start of April (and it’s not the first time the plans have changed since they closed again back in the autumn) so it wasn’t a huge surprise given the situation on mainland Europe right now as far is Covid is concerned, but it was still sad to see. The world always feels that bit more magical when I know Disney parks are open.

My run did cheer me up though. My bingo pick this time was “unplugged run” and since I divide my Saturday run into 3 parts – warm up, (not)parkrun, cool down – I ran my 2 mile warm up unplugged then caught up with the latest With Me Now for my (not)parkrun (I like to listen to parkrun podcasts while I run my Saturday (not)parkrun to keep me feeling connected to it). This particular Saturday was one year from the last time we had a live parkrun so I was remembering what it was like on that occasion and how anxious I was feeling in general around that time. I know that in many ways things don’t feel too different right now, but I have to hope that we’ll be parkrunning again soon.

The rest of the day was fairly standard, but included a quick doorstep visit from my mum to drop off more leftover chicken for the kitties. They are so spoiled but I think she fears them forgetting her (unlikely).

To finish the week my Sunday run was a chance to cross off “nature run” on my bingo card. I headed out to run through the woodland park since I love it there and there’s plenty of nature including a stream, bird boxes and loads of different paths through the trees.

It was Mother’s Day so later in the afternoon we stopped by my parents’ doorstep to drop off a card and gift for mum then headed home for some yummy chocolate hot cross buns whilst watching celebrity Bake Off.

I felt a bit strange as I knew I would be heading into work the following day. I understood the structure of the day and felt comfortable with that, but after a full term of working from home I was worrying about little things – what time did I have to get up? How did I actually get ready for a day when I would be visible “in real life” all day? What time did I need to leave? I got my things organised, including laying out some clothes to try and save a bit of time since I knew I would be a bit bewildered in the morning, had my bath and headed to bed. A whole new teaching adventure was waiting…

Where is your favourite place for a nature run?
Have you watched many Marvel movies?

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