Week In Review: The Corona Chronicles Part 40

Christmas week! There were just two days of school and then home for the holidays. Although Christmas for everyone felt a bit different this year, we were still doing everything we could to feel festive and celebrate. Plenty of time for running, but frosty weather had an impact as it made for slippery surfaces a lot of the time. Still, I got a fair few miles in and enjoyed the chance to run in the daylight.

Monday – 3.5 miles + Hatha yoga via Zoom
Tuesday – 3.5 miles + living room workout + home yoga
Wednesday – 4.5 miles +living room workout + home yoga
Thursday – 4.1 miles
Friday – festive (not)parkrun open sandwich
Saturday – (not)parkrun open sandwich
Sunday – 5.5 miles

As the week began, the shorts were still in action and my Monday recovery run was a good leg loosener. Better, though, was my evening yoga session. It was the last one before Christmas (although there will be a couple of “drop in” sessions in the next couple of weeks before the new year block begins) as everyone was in the Christmas spirit. I opted for candy cane leggings and my reindeer hoody. I honestly thought I would have to remove it as I felt pretty warm as class began, but as we lay in savasana to begin with, I cooled down and it was fine.

I awoke on Tuesday to a dramatic change in the weather. The temperature had dropped and it was pretty slippery so I opted for a slow run into town and back as I thought those roads would be the safest underfoot. It also gave me a chance to focus on finding a couple of the latest scavenger hunt items as I knew I would spot them in town. The slow pace made for a shorter run, but that’s no big deal since this was going to be a cutback week anyway.

Tuesday was the last day of work and it was pyjama/dress down day. I didn’t fancy wearing my pyjamas to work so instead opted to show my affinity for elf culture with my Elf-inspired leggings and Elf sweatshirt (plus my Elf T-shirt underneath!). I was happy!

Right before heading off I also opened up the most perfectly-timed Christmas card ever!

It being the last day of term meant there weren’t many kids in and it was mainly an easy day of quizzes. We also got some detail on the plans for the start of term since the Scottish Government announcement on Saturday changed things. That helped to straighten things out in my head a bit, so once the bell rang at the end of the day (and I had taken down my classroom Christmas decorations) I was out the door at a reasonable time for once. I had a workout to do from my advent calendar then headed off for some yoga before sitting down to have dinner and watch an episode of The Valhalla Murders. I had thought we might watch a second episode, but I felt really sleepy so opted for the rock ‘n’ roll start to my holidays of an early night!

Apparently I needed that as I slept for about 10 hours! When I woke up Steve made me a cup of tea so I was able to stay in bed to read for a bit then headed off to run. It was still slippery outside, meaning taking it easy again, so I just enjoyed the chance to look at some of the Christmas decorations people have up that can’t always be seen so well in the dark.

Post-run I decided to make the first day of my holidays a bit indulgent so ran myself a bath and settled down to watch A Christmas Prince while I lay amongst the bubbles. I first watched this movie last year when my sister told me about it so had been looking forward to seeing it again. And after my bath I figured I might as well keep going to watched the other two Christmas Prince movies right after. A day spent mostly on the sofa definitely made me feel much much better!

The Thursday was Christmas Eve and even with us having a quiet Christmas at home, there were still things to do so I couldn’t be quite so lazy as the day before! I still read in bed for a bit then had a similar run to the previous day – the conditions were about the same so I picked a different route and enjoyed checking out more Christmas decorations, It made me feel so festive.

I arrived home to a well-timed delivery: the latest in the series of Princess-themed medals I’m collecting (appropriately for the season, one inspired by Frozen) and another Christmas jumper for my collection.

It was also the final day of my fitness advent calendar so I completed my medal. I’ve really enjoyed this over the last two years so will definitely plan to do it again in 2021. You earn the base medal, ribbon, an assortment of charms to hang from it and a couple of badges. Last year the medal was based around a Christmas wreath and this year it was a fireplace. So nice.

Once I was showered and changed I made a pot of French Onion soup for our Christmas Day dinner (it tastes soooooo good when made the day before as the flavours really deepen) and a batch of the peanut butter fudge that Steve likes. Then with that done I took in a little staple Christmas tv: The Snowman followed by Father Christmas. I tend to ignore how old they are now since they were released within my lifetime 😮.

I took a break at that point to head out on a delivery mission. I had presents to drop off to my parents and sister, plus collect their ones for us (by which I mainly mean gifts for the kitties!). Sadly I couldn’t chat to my parents for long as I had to stand at least 2m back from the front door and it was pretty chilly to be standing around in the driveway! Dad told me to go home, warm up and watch telly so I did as I was told and settled down at home with a cup of tea and watched The Snowman and the Snowdog. It’s much newer than the films from the morning but soooo cute! Then I followed that by watching The Disney Holiday Family Singalong on Disney+ for a little festive Disney magic.

We had bought some party food for dinner so we got that organised and settled down to watch the recording of Elf: The Musical which was shown on tv a few years ago. I kept the recording so we can keep watching it and it was so strange to think that last year we saw this at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow on its arena tour. An event like that just seems so unthinkable now.

It was a cosy, festive evening and I was really content.

There was no hurry to do anything on Christmas morning, so apart from getting up to feed the kitties we took things at a leisurely pace. For me, reading in bed for a bit is really nice so I stuck with that then Steve and I got dressed in our festive finery (including our special Christmas Day hats) to head out for a run. Christmas Day is one of the rare occasions when we run together and the plan was a run into town and back to finish off the weekly scavenger hunt (there were a couple of items left which I knew I would find in town but had been avoiding going there when it would likely be busy) and I wanted to record a (not)parkrun as part of it. Unsurprisingly, our outfits attracted some attention but it’s fun to have people give a friendly peep of their horn and wave from their cars as they go by. Christmas spirit!

And we managed a little Christmas Day “family portrait” when we got back:

Steve headed off for a shower and I started to get out some of the things we needed for our breakfast. I couldn’t resist a little picture with two of the four main Elf food groups: candy cane and syrup 🤣

Once I was showered we cracked open the festive Bucks Fizz (the clementine and cranberry one we like) and I switched on the recording of the Candlelight Processional from Epcot that was first shown last year. Unlike my parents, I’ve never seen this live, but it’s so festive and it’s a shame this event was one of the casualties of 2020.

It was the prefect accompaniment to our breakfast of pancakes, maple bacon and maple syrup. Yum!

But by this time the kitties were keen to get started on unwrapping presents (presumably realising that almost everything was actually for them – so spoiled!).

I mean just look at this haul No wonder they were over-excited all day and didn’t take a nap!

For the second year in a row I was very good to myself and treated myself to a new Loungefly bag for Christmas. I had to join an email list to get notified when it was available and it was less than 10 days before Christmas that I got my notification. Fortunately, when I went back to the website I got a pop-up saying I would get a code for free express delivery (worth £5.99) if I signed up to their mailing list, so that meant my order came super quickly. And what design did I go for? Why Elf of course! So excited!

But my favourite gift was from my sister who had taken one of my 2019 Run Disney medal photos and done some computer wizardry to create a watercolour print. I love it!

After all that excitement we played with the kitties and their new toys for a bit then I chilled out with my book for a while before dinner. We had once again opted for steak with homemade chips, peppercorn sauce and sprouts (because if it’s Christmas and you don’t have sprouts, did it even happen?). Dessert was Steve’s homemade tiramisu.

I also discovered that you can get an AR Baby Yoda in your house using the Google app (a bit like the AR animals and dinosaurs that were available in the first part of the March lockdown – they were really entertaining so I couldn’t resist having The Child in my living room!).

We rounded off our day with fireworks as Disney had re-released their 2019 recording of the Christmas fireworks and it was a really nice way to end Christmas Day.

Saturday was Boxing Day so another largely relaxing day. For the second day in a row I recorded a (not)parkrun but there was no Saturday parkrun quiz so we watched a game show we had recorded a few day earlier whilst enjoying our bacon rolls. My afternoon movie was one I hadn’t seen in a few years: Scrooged. I’m not sure I enjoyed it as much as I have in the past, so maybe it hasn’t stood the test of time as well as some other Christmas movies.

Yes, those are the kitties standing ok, sitting) guard while I watched 😹

Then in my bath I decided to watch a movie again and chose Christmas Inheritance. You name the cheese Christmas romance trope and it was in there. I still enjoyed it though.

Steve and I finished the day by watching One Night in Hamleys’, where 3 comedians spent the night in the famous toy store and were given some challenges to complete,. It looked like fun and would definitely have been my dream as a child!

Sunday definitely felt like a normal Sunday. I did need to cut my run back because it was icy again so I felt more like I was skating than running and I didn’t want to have a fall. We also had the food shopping to do later on, but I was pleased to find that the shops were lovely and quiet again. We had another quiz show to watch in the afternoon then it was time for my bath (without the need for work the next day – bliss!) where I watched yet another cheesy Christmas romance: The Princess Switch. It was fun, although I think I may now be addicted to these movies. Netflix Christmas Universe, you got me!!

And with that Christmas week came to an end. It may not have been a “normal” Christmas, but it was still fun and I really appreciated the chance to relax.

How was your Christmas?
Do you like to go for a Christmas Day run?

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