Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 35

The first week of teaching under tier 3 restrictions meant one or two changes for us, most notably around masks as we now have to wear a mask while teaching senior pupils (who also have to now wear a mask in class). I actually decided just to wear my mask pretty much all the time and as the week went on I found I was starting to forget that I had it on! Outside of that, little else really changed fo me – I’m not meeting up with anyone or going to any places other than work so it was just another week of running, yoga and squeezing in a couple of workouts:

Monday – 3.5 miles + Hatha yoga via Zoom
Tuesday – 4.5 miles + living room workout + home yoga
Wednesday – 5 miles + home yoga
Thursday – 4.5 miles + home yoga
Friday – 4 miles + living room workout + home yoga
Saturday – (not)parkrun sandwich
Sunday – 12 miles

Monday’s run was fairly unremarkable: easy pace, short distance and a chance to make a start on the latest scavenger hunt. It was, however, as vital as ever to keep me sane through the busy school days and right now that’s the main thing I’m looking for in a run.

When I finally arrived home (after another of those video meetings held from our own classrooms!) I got myself organised for my yoga class. Next week there won’t be a class so I’ll have to make sure to still do a little yoga myself as it’s so welcome at the end of a Monday. It won’t be the same without a live teacher, but good old Yoga with Adriene will more than fill the gap. Sooty joined in this week and definitely got a good stretch – this was how I found her at the end of class:

I quickly discovered on Tuesday morning that it was reeeeeally windy again. Of course all the uphill sections of my route were into a headwind and there was no tailwind to be found anywhere – and I ran a loop! Still, definitely got plenty of fresh air and the temperature was really mild so it was shorts and T-shirt. In November!

Steve had an evening client so I got him to tell me the exercises I should do with my resistance band and had a solo workout when I got home (while catching up with It Takes Two – turns out upper body exercises are a bit less challenging when there are sparkles and sequins to watch!). Then while the dinner was in the oven I did a little yoga.

A touch less windy on Wednesday (although not what you’d call “still” conditions”) but it actually felt even milder so even though I hadn’t been keen to get out of my bed, I felt better and better as my run went on and would have happily run for longer had I not had the small matter of a working day to get on with!

It was actually quite a productive day, and despite staying late-ish I still had time to do some yoga, eat my dinner and watch BOTH the latest This Is Us AND It Takes Two. Bonus! We had originally planned to watch the semi-final of Bake Off, but without a sweet treat to accompany it we decided to postpone until Thursday evening instead. Priorities and all that haha!

Thursday was actually a really good day. I am part of “My Secret Friend” at work – something new a colleague started to bring a little bit of joy into our lives (very welcome in 2020!). The idea is to carry out 3 random acts of kindness for your secret friend over the course of the year and it looks like a few people have been finding gifts waiting for them when they arrive in the morning. On Thursday, I found a little package on my desk which contained this:

DEFINITELY a secret friend who knows something about me and it fitted in beautifully at home!

That really put me in a good mood ahead of my busiest teaching day of the week. It had been tough to get out of bed, but taking a run down to the river and around the bridges really helped, especially seeing this view:

And finding a thoughtful present really made me smile. The day actually whizzed by then I had to leave almost straight away at the end of the day to make it back for an appointment and run a few errands, during the course of which I got this:

It’s been a long time since I’ve burned any candles since I’m always afraid of kitties knocking them over or burning themselves, but I thought one like this in a deep jar would be pretty safe. With so much time at home (when I’m not at work that is) and dark nights, a candle seems like a cosy, Hygge treat. I think this may become a more frequent occurrence. I’m not sure this one smelt like apple pie to me, more like “Christmas”, but I still like it.

In the evening it was time for us to watch the Bake Off semi-final after postponing the day before. Steve had picked up some tiramisu so we had something nice and sweet to go alongside it. With the final looming next week, we will need to be organised with something nice to enjoy while we watch.

Friday was another good day, The weather had turned chilly at the end of the week so it was a sudden change from shorts to leggings for my Thursday and Friday runs. I stuck to a simple out-and-back on Friday morning then headed into work where I found ANOTHER gift on my desk! Not a Secret Friend thing this time, a little more bittersweet as this was from a friend whose last day it was. Since a leaving do is out of the question right now, she had delivered miniatures to some staff with the instruction to raise a glass at 8pm – which we all did on Facebook. A lovely way to mark this transition for her, but I am sad that someone I have worked with since starting in the school is now moving on.

The rest of the day was fine. Friday is my lightest teaching day and I had already done all the cover I am eligible for, so I had a bit of space to do some admin and was able to leave fairly sharp at the end of the day. I really need to make more effort to leave a little earlier on a Friday since I’m often in late throughout the week now.

When I arrived home Steve was still away with a client, so I had a cup of tea and watched a vlog until he arrived and it was time for a workout. He had bought a new resistance band but it looks WAY tougher than mine so I think I’ll leave that one to him for now! It was lovely to then unwind with some yoga before dinner. We’re still progressing with the Marvel MCU and it was the turn of The Avengers: Age of Ultron. I think I’ll pause my Marvel mission soon and switch to Christmas movies for a bit, but I’ve been enjoying the films so far.

I began Saturday, as per usual, with a bit of reading in bed while I had a cup of tea. I could hear that it was pretty windy outside so when I did head off for my (not)parkrun sandwich I had no intention of attempting a quick time. Instead, I focused on a harder effort for the (not)parkrun portion and didn’t worry about the overall time. Frankly it was just nice to be back in my shorts and running in the daylight! I also spotted this which really made me smile:

Somehow I arrived back before Steve so was all organised ready for him coming in. He made the bacon rolls and we got on with the weekly parkrun quiz (another good week for us – 11/15!) then I had to head straight out as I had an appointment to get my hair done. The hairdresser still feels like a safe place for me as there are so few people in at one time, temperatures are taken, hand sanitiser available and screens to separate clients when needed. This means I can relax and while I was there I finished up my book. I think I got this one on Amazon Prime First Reads and really enjoyed it.

I had considered nipping into a couple of shops afterwards and Steve had texted me to say the town was fairly quiet when he went to meet his brother, so I walked around to the High Street. But when I got there it was PACKED (we’re not in the tier of restrictions which means shops, etc have to close) and the shop I had wanted to go to had a queue. It might have been different if I needed to go in, but I was just fancying a browse and the crowds were a big fat nope for me, so I quickly turned around and headed back to my car to go home. It would be nice to look at a few Christmas things in the shops, but in the grand scheme of things it’s not that important and staying healthy is.

The rest of Saturday was pretty much my normal routine – I did a Disney quiz on YouTube, sorted out some bits and pieces (including some online Christmas shopping  – I’m on a mission to get it all done!), had a bath then watched Strictly. What did we think of Jamie?!! I also had company in the form of Sooty. Most unusual since she likes to retain an air of independence, but recently she’s been getting much more affectionate, giving me nose bumps/head butts and now this. I wonder if she’s missing me when I’m at work?

A similar start to Sunday (after an early rise for kitty-feeding duties!) with my tea and a book in bed, then I got organised to run. It was cool, but not cold enough for leggings and the sun was shining! I decided on a 12 mile route and had a really nice time. I think my favourite part was running though the woodland park I like so much. I always meet dog walkers, families and people out for a walk and everyone always smiles and says good morning. We don’t get much interaction with others right now, so I enjoy those brief moments of human contact and hopefully the people I meet enjoy the greeting too.

After all the usual Sunday chores we settled down for Extra Slice followed by the latest episode of The Mandalorian (was Baby Yoda eating macarons?).  Smokey’s nose was out of joint on Saturday when Sooty was on my lap so he made sure to stake his claim this time! Mind you, Sooty wasn’t far away as she settled herself on the back of the chair behind me. Cat Lady training continues to progress well 😹

I finished my week with the Strictly results followed by a bath, setting me up for another work week.

What made you happy this week?
What’s your main priority in your running just now?

7 thoughts on “Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 35

  1. I so love reading your posts! I’ve been reading/following along for awhile, but this is my first time commenting. Anyway, I only recently discovered Yoga with Adriene myself and am looking forward to checking out her videos. Most of my workouts involve running with some calisthenics/bodyweight training a couple of times a week thrown in to balance it all out. Running is the only exercise I really love to do — have been a runner for about 25 years now! — so if I could only do that, I would, but alas, aging means needing to add strength training and stretching to keep all the joints and muscles aligned and strong.

    My main priority in running is to just keep on running. Thankfully, I live in a rural area that’s most well known for its mountain biking, not running, and with winter now fully on us I can go for miles without encountering another soul. That means no masking required for me, thankfully! I’ve signed up for a few virtual races and am about to sign up for a virtual challenge so that I can stay motivated and also support running initiatives when so much has been canceled.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you for your kind comments – I’m glad you enjoy reading my posts.

      Adriene is fantastic and her yoga videos are a great addition to training.

      Sounds like you are doing really well with getting out to exercise right now. Good luck with all your virtual challenges – I’d love to hear how you get on.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the picture of Sooty after yoga. Too cute! Also love the tire snowman. How creative is that? It sounds like you had a great week, for the most part. Sorry about your friend moving. It’s hard when you can’t have a proper going away for her.

    What made me happy this week? The beautiful November weather and getting to spend some time with my 15 month old grand niece.

    What’s my priority in running? Right now, it is just to get in as many easy runs as I feel I can, while staying healthy, until I can have my surgery.

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  3. I love a scented candle! You should look on Etsy because there is a candle company who do Disney ones, and the Pandora one smells just like the ride/ land- it’s amazing. They do a Little Mermaid one and a Soarin’ one too (Tweedle Dee Candle co). I love a scented candle at this time of year- definitely much-needed hygge!
    That leaving do it very creative- it’s so hard for things like that at the moment, but at least you can still find ways to celebrate.

    Liked by 2 people

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