Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 34

The third week of term meant I was feeling fairly settled into my routine, but there were a couple of curve balls this week to keep me on my toes. As a result, only one workout, but my day was still bookended with running and yoga so I’m pleased about that as these are the things I feel I’m relying on most to keep me feeling positive and find moments to unwind.

Monday – 3.5 miles + Hatha yoga via Zoom
Tuesday – 4.5 miles + home yoga
Wednesday – 5 miles + home yoga
Thursday – 4.2 miles + living room workout + home yoga
Friday – 4 miles + home yoga
Saturday – (not)parkrun sandwich
Sunday – 10 miles

Monday began with a run (of course) before a pretty hectic day of teaching during every lesson followed by some socially distanced discussion at the end of the day. Like with recent weeks, I really wasn’t home for long before it was time for my yoga class on Zoom (a welcome chance to unwind) then Steve and I started to watch Roadkill which has been showing on BBC. I was pretty tired by this point and couldn’t quite believe it was only Monday!

On the plus side, I came home to quite the “bling haul” with my finisher pack from the virtual Vitality London 10,000m and a couple of the princess-themed medals from the set I have been collecting:

I must have carried some tiredness into Tuesday as although I felt fine on my run, after a couple of non teaching periods working at my desk, I felt super tired to the point that it was making me feel a bit “off”. By the time I got home I was almost of a mind to go to my bed rather than eat dinner (a true sign of how exhausted I was!) but instead Steve sent me off to do some yoga (I chose a really chilled out, relaxing sequence) then I pretty much went to bed right after dinner. In bed by 9pm on a school night and with no awareness of Steve coming to bed? Completely worn out!

But that early night made a huge difference as I was feeling great on Wednesday morning. Good thing too since I had to be sure to get straight out of bed and out for my run – no time to hang around since I was to drop off my car to have a service and MOT and this was going to mean cutting it fine for getting to work (fortunately I didn’t have a class first lesson so had a little bit of wriggle room here). Normally I get this done during the October holidays or, failing that, a Saturday morning, but despite calling the garage in SEPTEMBER neither of these were possible so to make things work I had to get a courtesy car. I’ve had this before, but this time it did make me a bit nervous to have a vehicle driven by others (although the garage assured me the cars are fully sanitised in between).

Sadly, the diagnostics at the garage popped up an issue requiring some work (by some miracle, still under warranty!) but it was going to take a couple more days. Luckily, I was able to keep the courtesy car so my first job was to figure out how to put some fuel in (why are all the petrol caps on all the cars all operated in a different way???). Once home it was a quick yoga session, dinner and the quarter final of Bake Off before bed. We were a little unprepared so had some flaked truffles for our sweet treat this week – a free gift I had been saving for a chocolate emergency!

On Thursday I felt like mixing things up a bit and taking a different route for my run. Rather than my usual residential areas, I headed into town and along by the river. Steve has been posting pictures of the old bridge all lit up and I wanted to see it for myself. I’m so glad I did as it looked beautiful.

Another full teaching day (last teaching day of the week) and some work after school, but I was able to fit in a quick living room workout using the resistance band before my yoga, then Steve wanted to watch the Scotland football match so I caught up on It Takes Two on my iPad while he did.

There was another delivery for me just after I arrived home too. After loving my Haunted Mansion Minnie Mouse so much, I also ordered the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad themed one from the month before (these plushes been part of a monthly limited edition collection). BTM is another of my favourite rides and I decided I wanted this plush for my collection. And while I was about it, I took advantage of a special offer and also picked up the festive Mickey and Minnie plushes to start my Christmas decorating.

True to form, the kitties couldn’t resist checking them out (they love to cosy in beside teddies and plushes) and I caught this picture where it looks like Sooty is giving Mickey a kiss on the nose to say hello 😻

Friday was an inservice (inset) day at work so no pupils. Normally this would be a day of meetings/training/development work but right now we aren’t allowed to have any face to face meetings or large gatherings, so anything involving collaboration was going to be via video call. So with that in mind, we were told we could work from home as the default position (but with the school building available for those who preferred it). I definitely preferred to cut out my commute and work from home, so that meant a slightly later start to my day (still dark for my run though!) and the extra bit of sleep was most welcome.

I had a morning of video meetings but enjoyed a lunch break where I actually got to walk away from my desk (we’re eating lunch in our own classrooms right now as, like with meetings, gathering for breaks is not allowed). I try really hard to do something different at lunchtime like read a book, but I often end up taking care of a couple of little work things so it was nice to take a proper break and watch a couple of vlogs while I ate. Good thing it was lunchtime as Sooty was EXHAUSTED from trying to appear in all the meetings haha!

I had a development task to complete in the afternoon (this time sans kitties as they had given up – part-timers!)

Then when the work day was done I headed out to collect my car since the garage had let me know it was ready. Again, I was certain it was all sanitised but still kept my mask on until I was home (to avoid touching my face), wiped the interior down and made sure to wash my hands thoroughly. Can’t be too careful!

I was conscious my day of working from home was less active than being at school (although in general an inservice day is a bit more sedentary anyway) so Steve and I went out for a little walk before I did a yoga session. After dinner, our Friday Night is Marvel Night selection was Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  Baby Groot was so adorable (although not quite as adorable as Baby Yoda!). Apparently the script for the 3rd movie is finished so I’ll be looking forward to that some time in the future.

My favourite weekend treat is to start with a little time in bed drinking a cup of tea and reading my book. I give myself around an hour of reading then get ready to head out for my run. It was, of course, (not)parkrunday so for me a 2 mile warm up, faster 5k and 1 mile cool down. Strangely, I quite like the faster section as it’s good to push the pace a bit more in a way that would feel like a much greater effort through the work week when I’m out so early.

As ever, post-run it was a bacon roll and the weekly parkrun quiz. We’ve been doing fairly well lately so were pleased with another 10/15. I’m even doing ok with all the maths questions, perhaps the most I’ve used maths in years – who knew it would actually come in useful!

When Steve headed out to meet his brother, I settled in for the afternoon. First I did my weekly Disney quiz on YouTube, then I finished up a pile of marking before a little Disney+. I watched Under the Sea: A Descendants Short since I had enjoyed the three films, then for the “main feature” I chose The Secret Society of Second Born Royals. It was quite good fun: think Avengers but with teenage royalty.

Sadly there was also a bit of work to do, which was rewarded with a bath followed by Strictly – some AMAZING routines this week (Bill Bailey!!). We rounded the day off with the latest episode of This Is Us. So frustrating not having all of them available to binge (as we have with the first 4 seasons) but at least it will make the series last a bit longer.

Sunday also began with some reading in bed. I had a book I wanted to finish and was just about there when I decided I really needed to get up and get my day started. It was dry but had clearly been raining and the forecast suggested more rain to come so I made sure I was prepared. As it turned out, I was almost finished my 10 miles before the rain came on and I didn’t get a soaking after all! While I was out I spotted this which seems to be new (and will probably be painted over shortly). Very effective as the red parts are all poppies.

Steve was on a much longer run (and had set off a little after me for once) so I had enough time to shower and still finish up my book (Case Histories by Kate Atkinson – I enjoyed it) before he returned.

Later in the afternoon (once we’d ventured out in the rain for the food shopping) we settled down to watch Extra Slice (with our now-traditional Sunday hot cross buns) followed by the latest chapter of The Mandalorian. Not so much Baby Yoda in this episode, but still good.

Then it was a quick bit of work stuff for me, dinner, the Strictly result and finally my Sunday bath. I’m not sure I would cope with the week now if I didn’t get my bath haha!

And that was my week. My area (and the area I work in) has moved up a tier level in restrictions so there will be a couple of changes for me in the week ahead, but hopefully as straightforward a week as is possible right now.

Have you bought anything for the festive season yet?
With changing restrictions in various places, how are you doing with your running and exercise?

4 thoughts on “Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 34

  1. That little mermaid medal is so pretty 🙂
    Er, have I bought anything festive? Quite a few bits! I’ve ordered a make your own wreath kit- they deliver the fir and moss and all sorts of decorations so I’m looking forward to doing something crafty.
    It’s so confusing with all the lockdown things now- we are allowed to meet one other person for exercise, so after work I am meeting up with someone from my running club so I’m not on my own in the dark (much nicer) and hopefully running with my dad on Thursday.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I can’t wait to get the full set of these medals – they are all lovely!
      I think lots of people are going early on the decorations this year and I totally understand why. I’m not far off just going ahead and getting ours up too haha!
      The rules in different areas are so confusing. I do understand why it’s that way, but am so glad I’m not “doing” anything since that means I don’t have to try and figure it out!

      Liked by 1 person

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