Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 33

A fresh week in the school term and after a restful weekend I was feeling much better (and hopeful that this would extend to my running through the week as well!). As ever, my main aim was to continue to fit a couple of workouts and plenty of yoga into my evenings (given that my working days are tending to be quite long right now) on the basis that since I run first thing, that kind of takes care of itself. Here’s how it went:

Monday – 3.5 miles + Hatha yoga via Zoom
Tuesday – 4.5 miles + living room workout + home yoga
Wednesday – 5 miles + home yoga
Thursday – 4.5 miles + home yoga
Friday – 4 miles + living room workout + home yoga
Saturday – (not)parkrun sandwich = 6.2 miles
Sunday – 8 miles

I was feeling pretty good on Monday morning – definitely much better than the bulk of the mornings last week! – but still took it easy and stuck to the “recovery run” pattern. There had been some strong winds over the weekend and it wasn’t much calmer so just being out and getting some Monday morning endorphins was plenty!

It was, as is now the norm, a really busy day and when I arrived home I really only had time to stop for about half an hour before it was time for yoga. I’m so glad I have that class to help my mind slow down at the end of a Monday, and not having to leave the house to go to it is really suiting me right now.

Having checked the forecast when I set out my kit in the evening, I wasn’t at all surprised to be greeted with pretty rotten conditions on Tuesday morning. It was cold (a “feels like” temperature close to freezing compared to the actual temperature), blowing a gale and raining. Did I run? Of course I did. Gloves, gilet and my hair stuffed under my hat had me good to go! The rain actually eased off while I was out but despite feeling good, the first and last miles felt slower thanks to running uphill into a headwind. Typical! My hands felt cold when I was finished, but the rest of me was ok and the hot shower I headed into was one of those amazing ones you only get when you’ve been out in the cold.

We had a meeting at the end of the day (we’re not allowed in person meetings right now so we were all in our classrooms for a video call – so strange when we were all in the same corridor!) so that combined with a few bits and pieces I had to complete kept me busy. Once home, Steve took me through a workout with the resistance band and then I did a calming yoga session before dinner. We spent the rest of our evening finishing Life on tv. Another series I really enjoyed.

And as it turned out, the weather was much more pleasant on Wednesday morning. I mean, there’s no avoiding the darkness right now, but at least the wind had died down and the temperature felt milder.

At work I was quite productive with some non-teaching time first thing but the rest of the day was the usual whirlwind of classes and things to remember. I stayed later to do a bit of development work so was pleased to hit my yoga mat for a short time before dinner and this week’s Bake Off (yes, we did have a sweet treat as Steve had made apple crumble with some apples a client had given him but I failed to photograph it).

Unfortunately, the wind was back on Thursday morning (but it was still dry and fairly mild). It was one of those days when it felt like I was putting in more effort than the pace I was recording (why is it always uphill into a headwind???) but other than that I felt good.

My Thursday timetable is packed and I was kept pretty busy all day, but I was looking forward to my evening. When I (eventually) got home after stopping off for petrol, I did a little yoga and ate dinner then our entertainment choice was the first two episodes of the new season of This Is Us. I LOVE that show! We only got around to watching the previous season in the first weeks of lockdown earlier this year so it didn’t feel too long of a wait, however this one is the first time we’ve watched it while confined to a weekly episode release as opposed to bingeing it. Still, I’m looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds in the coming weeks.

Oh, and another exciting thing on Thursday was the arrival of my new Christmas leggings. When I spotted these I HAD to have them since they are clearly inspired by one of my absolute favourite Christmas movies! So weird to think that this time last year I was looking forward to seeing it on stage and this year I’ll be lucky to go anywhere more exciting than a supermarket!

I was feeling fairly tired on Friday morning and it was tough to get out of bed in the darkness, but I knew my run would sort me out. It felt a little chilly (I actually think it might have been getting colder as I was out) but it was still and the sky was clear – I couldn’t resist stopping off to take a couple of pictures when I spotted this scene (yes, I was in the middle of the road but it was super early so there was no traffic!).

One of my colleagues had a birthday over the weekend and we had found a workaround to celebrate it since we can’t share food (or indeed gather together to eat) right now: individual cakes wrapped up in paper. The baker was kind enough to remember Steve so I had two pieces of cake to bring home and enjoy after dinner.









Even better, each piece was wrapped up with a piece of string so the kitties enjoyed playing with those!

Since it was Friday (and I’d had a really productive day with an assortment of admin tasks) I made the madcap and outlandish decision to leave work a little before 4pm (we finish a little before 3pm on a Friday and I didn’t have a class for the last lesson of the day). It was so nice to drive home with a little daylight and when I got back Steve was actually out so I made a cup of tea and watched a couple of episodes of It Takes Two that I hadn’t yet watched. When Steve returned there was time for a quick workout with the resistance band then I did a really nice wind down yoga video. I was so relaxed (and that nice “spaced out” way afterwards!) ready to settle down for dinner and our Friday Night Is Marvel Night routine. Next up in the MCU = Guardians of the Galaxy. Steve had never seen this before but I had watched it on a flight once. It was definitely better to see it on a bigger screen and made soooo much more sense within the timeline – there were plot details that I didn’t get before but did this time around.

My Saturday morning treat is to sleep a little longer (not exactly late, I have to get up to feed the kitties then snooze until about 7am) then enjoy a cup of tea in bed and read for a bit. Now more than ever I appreciate this time since weekdays are so hectic.

Next up is always my run. As ever it was a 2 mile warm up, faster (not)parkrun (I actually ran my 2nd fastest time so I was pleased with that) and the last mile home as a cool down. The weather was much cooler so it was time to dig out a pair of leggings rather than shorts (although the shorts are definitely not away for the winter!). When I arrived home, somebody was watching out for me (impatiently!) 😹

This week’s parkrun quiz felt tricky and there were a lot of guessed answers in there, but we must have been guessing well since we ended up with 11/15 – a very respectable score! I also had a look at my stats for the day and realised my run had brought me to 1500 miles for the year – 500 beyond my original goal 😀

Saturday afternoons are a chance for me to relax while I have the house to myself for a bit (Steve meets his brother for a socially distanced coffee on Saturdays). I began with a Disney quiz on YouTube, watched Friday’s It Takes Two then settled down for an afternoon movie. I picked Descendants 3 to complete the trilogy. I’ve really enjoyed these movies.

Then after my bath the evening was, of course, devoted to Strictly and it was movie week so I was excited to see the routines. I really enjoyed it but was confused as to why the contestant who was supposed to be Elsa from Frozen 2 looked more like Rapunzel 🤔

I had another restful start to my Sunday with a bit more reading in bed with my tea (Steve got up to feed the kitties so I didn’t have to move) then set off on my run. Since I had taken the distance back down to 10k last weekend, I decided on 8 miles which was perfect to take me out to the woodland park and back (whilst finishing off the weekly scavenger hunt!). It was a bit milder so the shorts came back out again, but I was so glad I had decided to wear my cap as it started POURING while I was on my way home and I ran the last mile and a half or so in the bucketing rain. I actually wasn’t too bothered but when I arrived home the kitties met me at the door and were NOT pleased at the rain dripping off my hat onto their heads!

Cleaned up, fed and shopping done, we settled down to watch Bake Off Extra Slice then I watched the latest episode of The Mandalorian. I’ll say right now that I’m going to end up getting a Baby Yoda plush as I just can’t cope with how cute he is!

Then there were a few bits and pieces to sort our before dinner and the Strictly result, before rounding off the week with a bath. Phew!

What changes are you making to your running kit as the season changes?
What are you watching on tv right now?

6 thoughts on “Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 33

  1. That cake idea is lovely- we are a bit stuck for ideas like that at school at the moment, especially as we can only meet (distanced ) with other adults from our bubble, but as we have slots for the staff room and only 4 people in there at any one time it doesn’t ever feel very social.
    Well it was freezing cold last week but this week has been so mild its been back to t-shirts and capris!

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