Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 32

The start of a new term. Who knows what new challenges lie ahead in the next couple of months and this week was certainly full of ups and downs. It actually started quite well but there were some pretty tough moments and being back in the work routine was rather tiring. I didn’t feel great on my runs as a result of feeling tired, but this was a conveniently-timed cutback week and I was keeping the distance and effort lower so it wasn’t too bad. I was also pleased to still fit in a couple of workouts and plenty of yoga:

Monday – 3.5 miles + Hatha yoga via Zoom
Tuesday – 4.5 miles + living room workout + home yoga
Wednesday – 5 miles
Thursday – 4.5 miles + home yoga
Friday – 4 miles + living room workout + home yoga
Saturday – 5 miles
Sunday – 10k

With the clocks changing I decided it was time to start using my Lumie light to help me wake up on these dark mornings. It actually felt much easier to get out of bed when my alarm went off on Monday, although perhaps being fresh for the new term helped! That said, my body still noticed the difference in being out earlier so I did feel slower. I always forget that the earlier I run, the slower I move until my body gets used to it again!

The first day back was ok. It was a non-stop whirlwind of classes and remembering things, but still ok. Probably the best thing to happen was I received a lovely note from a pupil I taught a few years ago. He has on occasion popped in to see me and update me on what he is doing, but can’t right now so sent a note instead. It was so nice to know that I made enough of a difference in someone’s life that they would still think of me right now and want to send an “old-fashioned” message, rather than some digital communication.

I also got home to find a medal waiting for me. This is the second one in the princess-themed collection I want to complete.

I had some errands on the way home so wasn’t in the door long before my yoga class. It was probably my first chance to stop all day! Then after the class Steve and I watched the last episode of Shetland. I think I miss it already!

However I think all the energy of Monday took its toll and while I felt fine when I woke up on Tuesday morning, I had one of those runs where my legs just wouldn’t move. They weren’t sore, I didn’t feel particularly sluggish, there just wasn’t any oomph! I guess it happens sometimes, but on this occasion I think it was just the start of an “off” day for me as work was a bit stressful and when I left at the end of the day I was feeling rather fed up. An upper body workout with the resistance band and my body weight certainly gave me a different focus, and following that with a relaxing yoga sequence made me feel much better. I was then able to relax a bit as we watched the first couple of episodes of Life. Have you seen it?

I did feel much better after a good sleep, but still took it easy on myself for my Wednesday run – this is a cutback/recovery week after all! I enjoyed an easy-paced 5 miles and with a super long and busy day ahead, it was the start that I needed.

Wednesday should have been the first of our parents’ evenings for the year but since we can’t do those right now, we were using the time for some development work instead. This meant being in school for almost as long as I would be meeting parents, although I have to say I had a task which was just the kind of thing I enjoy so it was fairly pleasant. More excitingly, I arrived home to a Disney delivery: some new ears (I couldn’t resist these – Wishes Come True Blue, with 25% of the cost going to the Make-A-Wish foundation. A worthwhile cause) and a Minnie plush. She is part of a monthly attraction-themed collection and at the start of the year I had planned to get the ears each month. Then 2020 happened and I couldn’t get hold of the ears so didn’t bother with any other part of the collection (usually a plush, mug, pins, some kind of Loungefly bag)…until now. I LOVE the Haunted Mansion so decided to treat myself to this plush – she’s so cute! Arriving home to a parcel, having Steve put a cup of tea in my hand and be served my dinner made for the start of a pleasant evening.









By Thursday I was quite enjoying the easy pace as a way to let my body adapt to the routine of being back at work again. It’s always such a shock to be back in the intensity of school life so it’s probably fortunate that my cutback week coincided with the first week of term. I was also really starting to notice lots of carved pumpkins outside houses ready for the weekend.

Sadly we also got the official confirmation that with the new national lockdown measures in France, Disneyland Paris has to close again. As with everything else this year, I totally understand why, but even in times when I can’t be in Disney, I like knowing that it’s there and the possibility of going is available. Sadly it’s not looking like I’ll be getting back there any time soon 😭.

Steve and I actually headed off on the same route on Friday morning, with me leaving first which meant he not only passed me, but with it being an out-and-back he then ran by me again. I was noticing there was a bit of a headwind, but at least the weather felt fairly mild so I was able to wear a short-sleeved top again.

Friday is my lightest teaching day so I actually had quite a productive day, ticking a few things off my list before heading home. Once back I had a similar workout to the one on Tuesday (using my resistance band and body weight exercises) before heading upstairs to do some restorative yoga while Steve organised dinner. This week’s instalment of the Marvel MCU was Captain America: The Winter Soldier and as a movie I hadn’t previously seen, I quite enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the beer I had whilst watching – definitely felt like I had earned it!

We had been expecting terrible weather on Saturday morning, but although dull and windy, the rain was actually holding off when we woke up. I read for a bit in bed (a real luxury when it’s term time) then got dressed in my Hallowe’en leggings to head off for my run. I still wanted to do a (not)parkrun, but built it around an easy-paced exploration of some of the nearby housing areas where I knew there were lots of fun Jack o’lanterns and Hallowe’en decorations. I had a great time checking them all out.

Once home it was time for our now-traditional bacon roll and weekly parkrun quiz. Another 10/15 which was pleasing as I wasn’t feeling confident about some of the answers. I followed that up with a Hallowe’een-themed Disney quiz which was good fun (and one of my better scores) before settling down for an afternoon movie. I can never decide which season I’m supposed to watch this in – Hallowe’en or Christmas – so decided the 31st of October was as good a time as any. I know I’ve watched this before but it must have been years ago as I had only the vaguest recollection of the plot. Like with many other movies I have been revisiting, it was good to have a refresher.

But after the movie I had to do some work before enjoying a relaxing bath and en evening watching Strictly. I actually realised during Strictly that I was exhausted so as soon as it finished I was off to my bed! How rock ‘n’ roll!

As it turned out, that was a great decision as when I woke up (ok, when Smokey woke me to get his breakfast!) I felt so much better. I lay in bed and read for a bit then got ready for my run. It being a cutback week (and with the possibility of further rotten weather) I had already decided to knock the distance right back to 10k so that I would feel fresh going into the new week. In the end the weather was windy but otherwise quite nice and I finally felt like myself again, enjoying my run and feeling a bit of life in my legs again. I could certainly have run further, but stuck to my plan of 10k as I know I’ll feel the benefit of it on my early runs.

Sundays are full of domestic tasks as we plan our meals for the week ahead and get the food shopping, then we settled down to watch Bake Off Extra Slice (with some hot cross buns as we found ourselves between home baking batches 😂 ) then I really wanted to watch the first episode of the new series of The Mandalorian. I think Baby Yoda might be even cuter tis time around – how is that even possible?!

The day finished in a fairly leisurely fashion – getting ready for the week ahead, watching the Strictly results and having a lovely bubble bath. Now to see what the second week of term has in store!

Did you do anything for Hallowe’en this year?
Are you good at backing off and having some recovery time?

2 thoughts on “Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 32

  1. Those ears are such a lovely colour- all the Disney goodies will have to suffice until the parks open again.
    Good idea with the hot cross buns too- if we find some in the freezer I am always very excited 🙂
    And that is so lovely to hear from a former pupil- when everything is crazy it is so nice to have a reminder of what the job is actually all about.

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