Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 23

At this point I was starting to settle a little bit into the school routine, but probably not as swiftly as I normally would since a number of things were a bit different to the norm – why wouldn’t they be in 2020? Fitness-wise I was able to continue the streak and begin to establish a pattern to my midweek runs and I was also able to fit in a little more yoga and workouts. Pre-lockdown my habit was 2 workouts per week, so being able to return to this, for the most part, would be an acceptable routine to follow. Here’s how it looked:

Monday – 5k + home yoga
Tuesday – 4.5 miles + living room workout
Wednesday – 5 miles  + home yoga
Thursday – 4.5 miles
Friday – 4 miles + garden workout + home yoga
Saturday – 6.6. miles
Sunday – 12 miles

Monday began, of course, with a run. I have still been taking part in the weekly scavenger hunts and the list is up ahead of my Monday morning run so I use that one, when it’s basically a recovery run, to start looking out for items and have a think about where I might find some of the others. It’s a nice way to add a focus to my runs and I enjoy noticing new things along familiar routes.

There was no yoga class that evening, so I did a video instead then had a relaxing evening with the last of the birthday cake and fizz.

Tuesday began ok but the weather was HIDEOUS on the way home so it had to be a living room workout with the resistance band. I’d much rather have a workout in the garden, but at least there is an indoor option.

Thankfully it had improved for my run on Wednesday morning, but that day in general had nothing noteworthy about it other than the arrival of my official Disney face masks which I ordered earlier in the summer. I was so jealous when these were available in the US so it was exciting when they released them here.

Thursday is my busiest teaching day and I try not to work too late afterwards (since I feel pretty mentally exhausted afterwards) but I had an extra reason to be home in good time on this particular evening – we were expecting a guest! 2020 hasn’t offered much by way of social occasions, however Steve’s nephew, who had been in Glasgow with his girlfriend throughout lockdown, was about to return to his studies in London and so we wanted to catch up with him before he left – who knows when we might manage again! At this point, indoor visitors were allowed (with appropriate hygiene and distancing in place) so I had agreed that he could come for something to eat then he and Steve were going to go for a drink in the pub down the road (I wasn’t keen on going anywhere public). I dashed home quickly to make sure everything was tidy and I had things like hand sanitiser and clean towels available, but Steve had actually taken care of most of it while I was at work. It was great to see Liam since he’s always good company (he and Steve are actually very alike) and I also enjoyed the quiet evening once the two of them went out. A nice bit of downtime after a busy day. Smokey enjoyed the time just with his mummy as well!









On Friday I ran a few errands on the way home then the weather was good enough to get a workout in the garden with the TRX (my favourite). By this point I was really starting to notice the difference from being at home all the time during Lockdown and was really looking forward to having more quiet time at home over the weekend. As ever, some entertainment was provided by the cats who have taken to scattering their toys EVERYWHERE. I had bought a new cabin bag ahead of my DLP trip and kept the box for them to play in (because cats and boxes!) and they surpassed themselves by taking a toy in there to play with. Sometimes I do wonder what goes on in their little heads…









The weekend is a great opportunity to indulge in my favourite way to start the morning – having a cup of tea in bed and reading my book. The chance to relax a bit means I head out for my (not)parkrun feeling refreshed and on this occasion I actually ran super close to my (not)parkrun PB – I only missed it by a couple of seconds! Then it was time for the post-(not)parkrun bacon roll and quiz (another 9/15) before Steve headed out to meet his brother for their weekly coffee and chat. I enjoyed the chance to chill out then had a bath later on with my fun new bath foam. Since I often feel mermaid-y, I HAD to have this one!

I wanted to move my long run distance up a little from the 10 miles I had been “stuck” at all this time, so decided to go to 12 miles for this run. After lying in bed to finish up my book, I headed downstairs to find the kitties had also wanted to do some reading. Quite why they wanted to read running magazines remains a mystery, but at least they kept them in order 😹

Running a bit longer meant that I could follow a different route to what I had been doing and I decided to head out to the woodland park for the first time in months. I had been avoiding going as far from home as that and was conscious that the paths could be quite narrow, but at this point it felt ok to head that way. I’m glad I did as I ended up coming across something I hadn’t seen before – a community library created from an old red phone box. Pretty cool!









And it was really nice to be back in nature at the woodland park again. There was some work being done on some of the wooden bridges there and the detour took me right into the trees. So peaceful.

Then on the way back home again I thought the view from the bridge looked really nice as well. I think my run had put me in a really good mood!

I was really pleased with my weekend running – a fast 5k on Saturday and a longer run than of late on Sunday. I enjoyed having a restful Sunday afternoon/evening (after getting the food shopping done) to set me up for the week ahead.

Do you have a favourite place to run?
What interesting things have you noticed while you have been running?

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