Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 21

I know, I know.  A whole school term has gone by and I haven’t updated my weekly running and (somewhat limited) life goings on. The demands of Covid-safe school life, getting back into the swing of things and preparing for an even more unknown future than normal took up so much time, and something had to give. But I still want to share what I’ve been up to, so my half term mission is to catch up on my blog posts, starting in mid-August right before school began when I was still in my happy place.

Monday – 5k
Tuesday – 5k
Wednesday – 3.5 miles
Thursday – 4 miles + garden workout
Friday – 4 miles + garden workout + home yoga
Saturday – 5 miles + SUP yoga
Sunday – 8 miles

As the week began, I was still in France enjoying my break at Disneyland Paris, something that seems so inconceivable now given the rapidly rising case numbers everywhere and restrictions on travel/need to quarantine. If you missed it, I did write a stand-alone post on my time in DLP, so I won’t get into too much of the detail here.

Monday began with a run. Having run just a mile on the Sunday morning, I was keen to go a little further to explore in the same direction and see where the road went, so headed off around the Val d’Europe shopping centre and out beside a road which would eventually lead the traffic to Disney. It was good to get my bearings and gain a better understanding of what was out there, but I think I had exhausted that part of the area now.

I then got organised and joined my sister back in the main park where we ticked off loads of attractions we hadn’t managed on Saturday and got loads of Photopass pictures.

Our flight home was early afternoon on the Tuesday so we were due to leave the hotel mid-morning for the RER/TGV trip back to the airport. Since she has Extra Magic Time on her annual pass, my sister headed into the Studios for an hour or so to go on one or two rides and do a little last minute shopping. It wasn’t worth me buying a ticket for that day, so I set off to explore in the opposite direction as I was convinced I could run to one of the Disney entrances and back for about 5k total. I was right.

All the permits for work at Disney are displayed at the side of the road. I found this really interesting.

Tower of Terror from the road

The “Earful Tower” from the road

My route went past the road entrance to the Newport Bay hotel and brought me in at the back of the Disney Village

It was a really nice run and one I would be happy to do again in future. It was also good to know that it would be an easy walk to/from Disney if necessary. It would save about €2 but would probably take about the same amount of time as waiting the full 15 minutes for a train then making the journey. With all the walking involved in a Disney day the train is probably a bit more appealing!

Once home (the cats were pretty pleased to see me!) I took some time to catch up on work emails ahead of my return to the building the following day.

After a magical long weekend, Wednesday was a bit of a shock as I was back at work. I had been allowed to miss the inset days since our holidays were changed when the Scottish Government standardised the start of term across the country and my trip had been booked as far back as January (on dates that were, at that time IN the holidays) so a number of staff were affected. Fortunately, it wasn’t a full-on teaching day as we were using the three pupil days in this week as induction days, with just 2 year groups in on each day. That did make things a little easier and it was great to see pupils again, but there was a lot to get my head around behind the scenes. I was feeling a bit “off” since I had woken to really stormy weather (proper thunderstorms and heavy downpours which had been going on all night) so had opted to delay my run until after work. After running every single morning since 24th March, it felt really strange not to have been out, but it was definitely the right decision when the main road out of where we stay was closed due to the water which had gouged a huge chunk out of the grass banking beside the pub!

When I did get out after work, it was good to clear my head a bit after my first “proper” work day in ages.

With the weather improved, Thursday had me back on early running. This was definitely a bit strange as the last time I ran so early was March and back then there was only just daylight at the end of the run. In August, it was fully light. I missed one of my favourite times of year for early runs – around May/June – when it’s light but still cool, with the promise of a nice day ahead, so it was nice to be out before the world was really awake.

Work was an induction day for junior pupils, including our new first years, then when I got home we needed to go and get some food shopping in since my trip away meant we hadn’t done it at the weekend as usual. After that, I fancied a boxing workout in the garden. I hadn’t done any boxing in ages, but had come across Steve’s pads so suggested doing a little.

I was out early again on Friday morning to set me up for the final induction day of the week. It was drizzly and grey, but I knew I would feel better for starting my day with a run. I have to say, I had kind of forgotten just how exhausting a school day is and was worn out by the time I got home. Fortunately Smokey was on hand to make sure I sat down for a bit  before my workout. I suspect he was pleased to have me back after a weekend away then returning to work. He rather got used to me being around through all the Lockdown weeks!

I shortened my Saturday run a little (still with a (not)parkrun) since I had a SUP yoga session in the morning. It was lovely to be out on the water again and I felt quite happy out on the board and with the additional Covid-related safety measures in place. It did, however, mean a slight delay to our usual Saturday morning of the parkrun quiz (we did the one from the previous week which we had missed with me being away) and a bacon roll, but it wasn’t much of a delay. I then spent the rest of the day trying to relax a bit as I knew that a weekend away and a return to work would catch up with me pretty quickly!

Sunday had a more leisurely start to the day as before my run I lay in bed and finished up the book I had been reading. If you’re a Disney fan, this is another one I recommend. I always got the impression that Bob Iger was a “good guy” and it was fascinating to learn more about him and his time with Disney. This book made me like him even more.

Post-run, it was all the usual Sunday stuff with food shopping, an afternoon treat alongside a little tv, and an evening bath. I also discovered a blogging milestone (don’t worry, I did work on a post that day):

And that brought the week to a close. Starting in Disney and ending back in school definitely made it a weird one after weeks and weeks of everything being the same, but it was good to feel a sense of “normality” again.

Have you managed to take any trips this year?
What “normal” things have you been able to bring back into your life, even if briefly?

3 thoughts on “Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 21

  1. Congratulations on the blogging milestone!
    When we went to DLP at Christmas we stayed near the big station and ended up walking because there was so much disruption with the trains, and it wasn’t too bad- maybe 20/25 mins- when we eventually go back (fingers crossed…) and particularly for a race, we will probably stay there again and factor in the walk as it was quite nice really- no worrying about getting tickets or waiting for a train etc (especially with the race at the early morning start times).
    I really just want parkrun back, and that’s all. I just feel a bit of frustration now that cinemas are OK to be open, even though they are inside, but parkrun is not even though the risks are so much lower. My runs with my dad have been good, but it isn’t the same and I just miss seeing people from my running club, or just the feeling of all doing something together. I don’t think it looks hopefully for this year now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Walking is definitely a good option if there is train disruption, and there are hotels that ar even closer than where we were.
      It’s a shame that you had parkrun dangled in front of you and then whipped away again. Sadly it’s never yet been an option here so I guess I was already resigned to no more park runs this year. I think we’re all just fed up of things at the moment.


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