Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 28

I have to say, coming off my weekend of virtual Disney running fun, I definitely started this week with a smile on my face. I also made it a week of reduced mileage after 2 weeks in a row of Sunday half marathons – time to give my body a chance to reset and recover, particularly since the end of term was getting nearer (although not yet near enough!).

Monday – 3.5 miles + Hatha yoga via Zoom
Tuesday – 4 miles + garden workout + home yoga
Wednesday – 4.5 miles + home yoga
Thursday – 4 miles + home yoga
Friday – 4 miles + home yoga
Saturday – 5k
Sunday – 10k

Look at the difference in light now between my weekday and weekend runs!

I stuck to a super easy pace for my Monday run after a couple of higher mileage weeks (actually, the previous week was a mileage PB by a little over half a mile). My legs felt just fine, but I knew that in week 8 of a tough 9 week term my body was getting pretty tired. It was the sort of day that had me wondering if there was a full moon, so it was good to have a short walk with Steve when I got home and then my usual Monday night yoga class. Steve’s latest experiment was homemade cookies (yum!) so we taste tested a couple of those in the evening and settled down for a new box set – Shetland (we’re really enjoying this one).

Tuesday morning was chilly again but the sky was quite pretty as the first hints of light began to show. I managed to organise my day to squeeze in a TRX workout in the garden when I got home, as well as a little yoga to refocus my mind. On the excitement front, my medal arrived from the GNR Solo event I had completed.

It was also clearly a tough day for Sooty 😹

The temperature was a bit milder on Wednesday morning and I had a nice run, but to be honest that was about all there was of note that day – just more teaching, marking, prep then home for yoga and tv. Fairly standard!

But in a week of changeable weather, Thursday was the soggy day so I needed my favourite running hat. I was pretty soaked when I got in, but that just made my post-run shower all the better. I had some errands on the way home, then arrived to find some exciting Disney-related post. First up, a book I had pre-ordered ages ago (which always makes it more exciting when it actually arrives!). It’s really pretty:

And I had also ordered a pair of Minnie ears which I had regretted not buying last summer (then further regretted that I hadn’t got my sister to pick them up for me when she was in WDW in those halcyon, pre-Covid days of February). I knew they had been released to mark the anniversary of The Little Mermaid and, given my mermaid-y tendencies, had to have them but was concerned that they might all disappear before I would have a chance to get some. Internet shopping to the rescue!









Co-incidentally, I had been wearing my Ariel mask that day, so the timing was perfect!

On Friday morning the sky was just beautiful and this time I had time to grab a couple of photos. When I faced one way it looked like this:

Then when I turned around, this:

I’ll miss seeing this sort of thing as the mornings get darker.

Another delivery for me that day – my new Hallowe’en leggings. I love the pumpkin/sugar skulls vibe. I’m not usually much of a Hallowe’en fan, but this year is so boring that anything that adds interest is welcome.

I actually slept a little longer than usual on Saturday morning (a sure that I was needing it to be the end of term!) then headed out for my (not)parkrun. It was POURING so I kept it to just 5k (usually I run around 10k on a Saturday, with my (not)parkrun sandwiched in there). Since I was consciously cutting back my mileage this week, that was no problem. A slight improvement in our parkrun quiz score with a return to our standard 9/15, and some new coffee to try as we did so. This is a new business a friend of ours has started during Lockdown and we had a bag of one of their three roasts to try. We both really liked it – smooth flavour and a nice weekend treat (if you’re a coffee lover, you can check them out here).

I was a little indulgent in my early evening bath, taking one of Steve’s peanut butter cookies with me for a snack (he was branching out in his flavours). Surely I’m not the only one who likes a bath snack?

The next movie in the Marvel MCU timeline should have been The Incredible Hulk, however that one isn’t on Disney+ so we skipped on to the next one (Thor) until I could investigate how we could get hold of the Hulk. As it turned out, we could use one of our Rakuten TV vouchers to get it, so that was the plan for the following weekend. Like with one or two other MCU movies we have watched lately, we had previously seen Thor but didn’t remember much about it, so we both enjoyed seeing it again.

I was still keeping my mileage short for my Sunday run. I had wondered about running 8 miles, but the weather wasn’t too great so I decided that 10k would be plenty for this week – first time in ages my weekly mileage was less than 30 miles! I knew I would feel good for the recovery week though. This was London marathon day and a friend of mine was doing the virtual race with her daughter (who was actually the youngest participant this year – fame!) and I crossed paths with them while I was out so made sure to give them a really loud cheer and clap to encourage them. I just can’t imagine a marathon with no crowd support at all and am so impressed by everyone who did it, especially first-timers like my friend.

The shorter run meant I had time for a few household chores while Steve was on his longer run, then after lunch it was food shopping time as usual. For our Sunday afternoon snack, we opted for these mince pies from Aldi. I really liked them.

Oh, and this happened. Can’t break my streak of failed ballot entries, can I? 😂

And that was it. Just one more week of the school term to go and I was hoping my lower mileage from this week would help me feel a bit fresher for all the things I wanted to get done before finishing.

Did you take part in the virtual London marathon? What about entering the ballot for next year?
Mince pies in October – yes or no?

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