Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 18

Another week of running, scavenger hunting, tv and a little excursion. A real mixture of exactly the same as previous weeks and one or two little changes now some of the restrictions have eased a little. Here’s how my workout week looked:

Monday – 3.5 miles + garden workout + Hatha yoga via Zoom
Tuesday – 5 miles + garden workout + home yoga
Wednesday – 6 miles + home yoga
Thursday – 5.5 miles + garden workout + home yoga
Friday – 6 miles + home yoga
Saturday – 4 miles
Sunday – 10.5 miles

My runs this week were a combination of warm days and wet days, with little in between – I even mixed up my routes a little so I could find some of the trickier examples on the latest scavenger hunt.

It was also a memorable week for different reasons:


On the plus side, I completed the weekly scavenger hunt – even if a Daihatsu car did turn out to be a little tricky to track down!

The Monday was a fairly lazy day with a bit of reading, a little tv and my yoga class on Zoom as well as my daily run and workout in the garden.

Tuesday highlights also included a bit of reading in the garden (I was finishing the villains series) and another Disney drawing tutorial.

On the Wednesday it was my mum’s birthday so I went up to see her and spend some time INSIDE my own childhood home that I haven’t been able to go to since Lockdown began. It was so nice to catch up and I ended up coming away with some more of my old stuff since my sister was continuing her tidying up/clearing out of the roof space. Some real blasts from the past here!

Then on Thursday this happened:

To be honest, I was ok as I knew my runs were all stored safely on my watch and would upload once everything was fixed. I know some people did a manual upload but I didn’t bother and everything was fine for me after a few days.

Thursday was also an adventure for me as I ventured into town for the first time since all of this began. I had an appointment to go to and took the chance to nip into one shop for a couple of things I needed. It did feel a bit strange to be “out” and the High Street felt quite busy to me after so much time secluded at home. I guess a lot of people are just getting on with things now whereas I have been holding back.

While I was out I spotted these mugs in the window of a shop and it made me laugh since I have been watching Schitt’s Creek this summer:

I had a second adventure organised for the Saturday – getting my hair cut for the first time in 5 months! I wanted to see how much my hair had grown before it got cut so on the Thursday I straightened it (I hadn’t been bothering since we went into Lockdown as I was just at home all the time) and found a photo I took about 10 days after my last haircut in order to compare. Turns out it grew quite a lot!

The weather on the Friday was quite nice so after my run and a bit of faffing about, I enjoyed an al fresco lunch and finished up the book I was reading.

I really enjoyed this book. It was both entertaining and eye-opening and I recommend it if you haven’t read it yet.

And later in the day I did another drawing tutorial.

Since I had a hair appointment, I wanted to run quite sharp on the Saturday morning so I would have plenty of time. Sadly the weather had other ideas as there was an absolute monsoon happening outside and when even Steve, who goes out in anything, was delaying his run I knew I had to as well. Fortunately I was still able to complete a (not)parkrun but on a different route which was more hilly than my usual one. No PB for me!

It felt so good to get my hair done though. I was happy enough with the length and my decision to grow out my fringe, but I had it coloured before so the colour was all washing out at different rates and some parts were getting quite sun bleached so I was thrilled to get that sorted out as it made such a difference to how I felt. The salon experience felt really safe – temperature check at the door, masks for everyone, plenty of space between clients (who always returned to the same chair after getting their hair washed rather than moving around the salon), plenty of cleaning/sanitising and screens set up between sinks. I felt totally comfortable with the arrangements.

As for my hair, once cut and coloured my hairdresser decided to style it with her new Dyson Air Wrap. My mum had raved about this after she went in for her haircut so it was my turn to experience the wonder gadget. I really liked it, but won’t be shelling out for one any time soon – so expensive!

The rest of the day was fairly chilled, and included a visit from my sister who had made me some more face masks. That’s quite a Saturday for 2020!

The Sunday was very much business as usual, but since the weather was nice we sat in the garden for a bit in the afternoon and treated ourselves to an early glass of wine – it is summer after all!

So there you have it. More running, more garden workouts, more yoga and a couple of excursions to make life feel exciting. 2020 you are just the gift that keeps on giving!

Have you been able to do anything that was previously restricted such as go for a haircut?
Were you affected by the Garmin outage?

2 thoughts on “Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 18

  1. I used to love tiddlywinks!
    Your hair had grown so much! It’s good to know you felt safe going to the hairdressers. I know what you mean about going into town- I feel baffled when I see so many people out and about “as normal” and feel much more relaxed once I get home. But I also need to get used to being with more people as once work starts again I will be with lots of people all day.

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