Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 14

Apologies for radio silence last week. Back when the world went into lockdown I did commit to keeping up the blog (partly to have a record of these strange times and partly to have something to do!) but the more I had to sit in front of a screen in order to do my job, the harder it became to spend EXTRA time in front of that screen to write a blog post. With last week being the last week of term for us, I had a number of things I wanted to tie up so I could go into the holidays (such as they are) without any tasks hanging over me. That meant even less head space for anything else and so I decided to press pause and get caught up once I was “off” (by which I mean, no longer spending the majority of my day sitting at my computer working. In all other respects little has changed).

When I last wrote I was enjoying a lighter week of training, we had celebrated our Lockdown anniversary and I was noticing the lack of pace in my legs after my first official (not) parkrun experience. Let’s pick things up from there:

Monday – 3.5 miles + garden/living room workout + Hatha yoga via Zoom
Tuesday – 4 miles + garden workout + home yoga
Wednesday – 6 miles + garden workout + home yoga
Thursday – 5.5 miles
Friday – 4.5 miles + living room workout + home yoga
Saturday – 7 miles
Sunday – 10 miles

The pattern of my running continued, although there were some rainy days in this week. It was refreshing, but I definitely missed the sunshine! And I continued with workouts and yoga most days.

Monday was very much as usual, including my Hatha yoga class via Zoom in the evening but with the addition of a webinar in the afternoon (professional development) and the excitement of packing my “schoolbag” as I was due in school on the Tuesday. We were due back in for an induction prior to being able to work in the building (and welcome pupils back after the summer) and I had a number of things I had taken home e.g. jotters I had been marking which no longer needed to be in my house so I wanted to make sure I remembered everything I had to take back in.

This meant that for my Tuesday run I had to return to previous habits of being out early. It was definitely a bit of a shock to be up and out since I’m now in a VERY consistent sleep/wake time pattern (the same whether it’s a weekday or weekend) but the main thing I noticed was how light it was. The last time I ran early was March, before the clocks changed, and while it was fairly light by the time I finished, back then it was still reasonably dark when I set off whereas it had already been light for at least an hour before I headed out on this run!

It was so good to see my classroom again, but the school very much felt like some kind of time capsule – everyone pretty much left things and went home when the building closed. I had left things tidy, but there were a number of changes I needed to make ready for August e.g. clearing everything off the surfaces so it would be easy to clean and set up for socially distanced learning (although that may no longer be the case now).

Since we had to clear surfaces, I put a lot of things away in my cupboards, but there was no room for this pair, who are temporarily residing in my house – took back jotters and returned with cuddly toys 🤣

Actually, when I arrived home I set them on the spare bed until I could get a chance to find a more suitable home for them, and they quickly became part of “the gang” haha!

Not to be left out, Smokey got himself settled with my Steiff Donald (who was apparently in need of a lie down!).

Apart from seeing my classroom it was also good to see colleagues and be able to have some conversation (at an appropriate distance). I was also able to see one of the two probationers I have supported this year and she brought me a lovely gift. Entirely unnecessary but it’s always lovely to feel appreciated.

Not much happened on the Wednesday, but on the Thursday it was a really nice day and my mum got in touch to say she had something for me so after I had finished work for the day I walked up there and sat in the garden with my parents and sister (we’re still only allowed to meet other households outside) for a catch up. It meant I didn’t have an afternoon workout, but the chance to do something a little different and see my family held greater value. I was also able to schedule an appointment with my hairdresser since we now have a date for them to re-open again. I have to wait a bit longer, but it’s nice to know I can get my lockdown locks tidied up soon.

Nothing particularly exciting on the Friday, but I was amused by Sooty getting settled on the work stuff I set on the windowsill beside me. It looks precarious, but it’s really only her legs that are hanging over the edge so she was quite safe.

The Saturday began with my second (not)parkrun attempt. I wanted to cover the same route as the week before (with the same warm up/(not)parkrun/cooldown timing so I would have a clear 5k for comparison) with the hope of being able to cover it a little faster. My time of 26:39 the previous week was quite humbling when compared to parkrun times from the start of the year (especially given the lengthy downhill start to my route!) so I was pleased to take around 30 seconds off that for 26:08. I also noted that my pace was a lot more even this time, which is good.

Once home it was time for the weekly parkrun quiz (a respectable 10/15 this time) while enjoying a bacon roll and coffee, then Steve headed off to meet his brother for a socially distanced coffee. I used the time to finish up my book. Quite a nice one this, told though a series of letters.

And then I watched some Disney+, mainly the new behind the scenes documentary Into the Unknown about making Frozen 2. It’s really fascinating to learn more about the process of creating the movie so if you like Frozen/Frozen 2 I highly recommend watching it.

Sunday was pretty wet and windy, making for a slightly tougher run, but I added a teeny-tiny 0.1 of a mile to my distance as that meant clocking my highest weekly mileage ever (41.2 miles if you’re interested, compared to my previous record of 41 exactly!).

A highlight of the day was when we got back from doing our food shopping I found a package waiting for me. I’m in a group on Facebook that’s kind of a book group with a twist (we don’t all read the same book, but there is a yearly reading challenge for categories of books to read e.g. a book with a food in the title. We use the group to share our reading and find recommendations). At Christmas we did a kind of Secret Santa book exchange and we decided to do another one in Lockdown since people were tending to read more. The package was my new book and I’m really pleased with it since I enjoyed this tv series and have been keen to read the original text.

Then after a restful afternoon, I rounded off the week with a nice bubble bath and glass of wine.

Quite an exciting week overall, what with a trip to work, a visit to my parents and a new book. Funny what passes for exciting these days!

Have you been taking part in (not)parkrun?
Are you still working from home or have you been able to return to your workplace yet?

9 thoughts on “Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 14

  1. I have been loving the behind the scenes of Frozen 2- I just love to see how the music and animation and voices all come together.
    It must have been so strange for you going into work after so long- here during the lockdown I was on a rota so was in some weeks anyway, and it did make me feel less anxious once I had been in to see how it all worked. I can’t get my head around September though- just working through these final 2 weeks to enjoy a break from it!
    Nice work on the not parkrun- I have tried your idea of warm up and then 5k, so I can properly time it too and my times are way off my usual parkrun times, but I just don’t go as fast on my own!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Our children’s hubs were working more centrally and although I volunteered, wasn’t actually needed. That meant our school had been entirely shut until the start of the process to clean/risk assess, etc before anyone went back in. It’s odd because some people have been around people more and feel more “normal”, whereas I’m still keeping my distance and behaving the same way I was weeks ago. It will be strange to be back in with pupils in front of us again, but I’ve decided not to think about it much for now as things keep changing and I will just end up worrying about things unnecessarily.


      • I think that is definitely a good idea- we are trying to plan for September but as we had over 40 updates to the last lot of gov advice it seems like a good idea to wait until the final week of the holidays for a lot of it and see where we go from there. I think the INSET day in September will be a busy one!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Things are just changing so quickly – the content of our induction was already out of date when it was delivered to us and changed again following announcements that day. Just no point thinking too much about it until term is about to start.


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