Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 12

Can you believe we have been under Lockdown measures for 12 weeks? I know some of the restrictions in some areas have begun to ease, but little has changed in my day-to-day life in that time and it was all brought starkly into focus during the parkrun quiz this week when Vassos (the host) pointed out that it was the 13th Saturday without a parkrun, which is equal to 1/4 of a year. How crazy is that!! No wonder my Lockdown routine is so firmly established now and this was another fairly typical week:

Monday – 3.5 miles + garden workout + Hatha yoga via Zoom
Tuesday – 5 miles + garden workout + home yoga
Wednesday – 6 miles + living room workout + home yoga
Thursday – 5 miles + garden workout + home yoga
Friday – 4 miles + garden workout + home yoga
Saturday – 6.5 miles
Sunday – 10 miles

This week my running routine continued as normal (I passed day 80 of the run streak this week!) and my workouts were more focused on lower body mobility – especially ankles and hips. Spending most of the day sitting in front of a computer screen is making me feel some niggly things so I wanted to really focus on countering the effects of sitting. I’ve also been getting some discomfort in my wrist on and off (again, thanks to working with a computer more) and even though I switched to using a mouse rather than the trackpad on my laptop, it still bothers me sometimes so I wanted to give it a break this week as a lot of the exercises we have been doing have involved press ups or being in press up position. Check me out listening to my body!

Outside of fitness, things were mostly pretty non-descript this week. It’s actually getting quite hard to find new things to say or notice anything different since there is so little variation in the days. That said, Monday was actually quite nice as I had the chance to talk properly with both a good friend from work and my curriculum leader. At school we’re all so used to being around each other during the day to share ideas and discuss bits and pieces that it really is strange to be working in a more isolated way. It was great to get a chance to talk properly (as opposed to in a bigger video meeting). Oh, and Steve brought me an afternoon bowl of ice cream too, which was a real highlight as I worked a bit longer through this week to get caught up on some stuff.

Another Monday highlight was the arrival of my May/June virtual race medal:

And of course I had my Hatha yoga class via Zoom in the evening. We were able to request things we wanted to focus on and I asked for a focus on hip flexors to counter all the sitting.

Tuesday was an unexpectedly exciting day, all things considered. It all started on my run when I found myself on the scene of a bird nearly being squashed by a car. Another passer-by was able to steer the poor wee thing off the road and it was obvious it hadn’t moved out of the way because it had an injured wing, so a lady who had stopped her car when she saw it took it away to a vet. It struck me in that moment that I have no idea what the right thing to do is in this situation. Obviously we couldn’t leave the poor thing as it would be really vulnerable, but I’m not sure if you’re supposed to take a bird away from its “territory” so to speak. Anybody know?

More excitement after work as there were some household bits and pieces I needed so I headed out to Home Bargains to stock up. I love that shop but just don’t feel like I can enjoy a proper browse right now as there tend to be others around and I don’t want to stand about/get too close.

And in the afternoon workout we discovered that the targeted work we have been doing has allowed me to squat a lot lower than ever before. I’ll caveat this by saying that there’s a difference between how low I can squat with my shoes on compared to barefoot (presumably because the shoes have cushioning and a slight lift in the heel) but it’s still exciting for me to see this picture as ordinarily my heels would be lifted off the ground to drop down this low.

When I got my new phone earlier this year (or at least I think it was this year, time is doing funny things!) I also got a free year of Apple TV+ but hadn’t actually tried it yet. I had been told that The Morning Show was worth watching so we started it and I really love it so far.

Wednesday brought with it a lot of news, not all of which was welcome. First, the sad (although not unexpected) news that September’s Disneyland Paris Magic Run weekend is cancelled (well, technically postponed to next autumn, but basically cancelled since there was bound to be one planned for next year anyway). I was fairly certain this would be the case, but it’s just another thing on my list of cancelled 2020 plans. What a sucky year 😢

We also got confirmation of the school holiday arrangements for the area I work in. Because the Scottish Government standardised the start of the new school year to 11th August for all parts of Scotland, areas where term was due to start later had to make some changes to holiday dates to ensure nobody lost holiday entitlement. For us, we will have a week less holiday this summer, but the missing week will be added to the start of our holiday next summer, so we basically start the school year a week earlier and finish a week earlier. Not only should that put everything back in balance, but we will have a longer summer break to look forward to next year and (hopefully) more opportunity to enjoy it. I’ll be hoping to get at least one trip away out of that time, global pandemics allowing.

On Thursday I had a quick doorstep visit from my sister. She began her furlough from work this week and has ramped up her face mask production line (bringing mum in too) to pass the time. I had given her some fabric to make me a Little Mermaid one and she had some others for me to look at to see if I wanted any. I think she has also delivered them to some friends.

And just because there haven’t been any cat photos for a couple of weeks, here’s Smokey looking really pleased with himself for making sure my hoody didn’t make a bid for freedom 😹. He thinks he’s so cool haha!

My Friday morning run was fun because I came across another “community caterpillar”. I think I had seen someone I know post on Facebook about taking their kids to add their stones to this, but hadn’t been by (at least not on that side of the road) before to see it. I do really love seeing things like this when I’m out.









On Friday evening we used another Rakuten TV free rental code to rent Knives Out. I’ve been really keen to see this and thought it was brilliant. Such a clever film. Have you seen it?

Saturday looked pretty miserable outside. I had a leisurely start to the day by reading my book in bed for a bit (Where the Forest Meets the Stars) then headed out on my run. It didn’t actually rain while I was out, but there was a kind of light drizzle a lot of the time so the air felt wet and I was quite damp when I got home. Once dried off, we settled down with our bacon rolls for the weekly parkrun quiz (we don’t play live but still like to have a go later on) and despite the host’s declarations that he thought it was quite easy this week, we only got 7/15. At least we did well on the “parkrun names” round as we only dropped one answer there, but the “true or false” got me this week. Oh well!

Our Saturday evening entertainment was another movie rental courtesy of our Rakuten tv codes, and we picked The Girl on the Train. I had read the book a few years back but hadn’t got round to watching the film. I didn’t think it was a fast-paced as the book, but it was perfectly passable for an at-home film night.

After the film we poured a gin and tonic (because Saturday was World Gin Day and it would have been rude not to mark the occasion!) and watched the first couple of episodes of Staged from the BBC. If you haven’t come across it yet, it’s 6x 20 minute episodes featuring David Tennant and Martin Sheen (with a few guest stars along the way). It’s a lockdown comedy, with the actors all either filming themselves from home or using video conferencing. Definitely worth a watch as we found it hilarious!









I didn’t sleep well on Saturday night, perhaps because I felt quite warm and just couldn’t doze off. I ended up reading a fair bit of my book and chose to begin Sunday by finishing it off. Another one I recommend if you’re looking for something to read – not quite as good as Where the Crawdads Sing, but I’m glad I picked this one up.

After which, I headed out for my run and found it surprisingly humid given it was fairly dull. But despite freeing warm, I felt like I ran quite well and enjoyed a quick, socially-distanced chat with a friend along the way. One thing I did notice was that these signs have been put up at crossings around town. One reason I wore gloves through the first few weeks of my Lockdown runs was as a reminder not to touch anything while I was out, and the button at a crossing was the main thing I had in mind that I might touch. Since there was so little traffic I could cross the road quite easily anyway, but now people are moving around more I am finding I have to wait a bit longer for a gap in the traffic, but still have no intention of touching that button! It’s good to see that steps have been taken to make sure we can cross safely without the additional risk of touching a surface which couldn’t possibly get frequent cleaning.

For our afternoon “recovery” from going out for the food shopping, we decided to watch the rest of Staged before a relaxing evening of dinner and my bath.

I actually feel like it’s been quite a good week, even if it is getting tough to differentiate one day from the next!

Have you noticed any changes where you live as a result of Covid-related restrictions?
Have you found any fun displays when you have been out running/walking?

4 thoughts on “Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 12

  1. I really enjoyed The Morning Show! Also, Little Fires Everywhere is another good watch (on Amazon tho).
    And I know what you mean about Home Bargains. It’s the same for me with B&M. So much to browse but you feel guilty to be in there too long. I feel a lot of pressure as well when popping into CoOp!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I miss B&M. ours burned down and I think all the work to rebuild the section of the retail park that’s as affected is all on hold now.
      We actually already watched Little Fires, but it was great so that’s a good recommendation.


  2. Staged is on the list after you mentioned it the other week. Also The Morning Show- I think we can get a free 7 day trial so need to work out when we can fit the whole series in!
    I love those caterpillars, so cute! I’ve seen lots of rainbow stones for people to add to.
    I liked Knives Out too, and would like to rewatch it now I know what happens to see if I can pick up on more clues.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I definitely recommend The Morning Show if you can set aside some time. I really enjoyed it. My next recommendation is The Salisbury Poisonings. It’s three parts and we just watched it this weekend.
      That’s a good idea about Knives Out. I wonder how different it would be to rewatch with the knowledge of how it ends…


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