Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 11

As Lockdown weeks go, this one wasn’t too bad – most likely because it started with a couple of days away from remote teaching! The Monday was a holiday in the authority I work in (for Victoria Day. Some council areas in Scotland take it, but not all e.g. the one I work in does, but the one I live in doesn’t) and the Tuesday was an inservice/inset day and we had been told that the focus was switched to staff health and wellbeing. As such, our instruction was to stay away from the remote teaching platforms and use the day in whatever way we saw fit to boost our physical and mental health. As it turned out, that was just what I needed! But of course, I’m doing plenty to maintain physical health (and hopefully keep mental health in balance) already. Here’s the weekly breakdown:

Monday – 3.6 miles + Hatha yoga via Zoom
Tuesday – 5 miles + home yoga
Wednesday – 6 miles + garden workout + home yoga
Thursday – 5 miles + living room workout + home yoga
Friday – 5 miles + home yoga
Saturday – 6.6 miles
Sunday – 10 miles

By some miracle, we were still enjoying glorious sunshine on the holiday Monday, so after a fairly leisurely morning (no rush to get out the door for my run!) I pretty much spent the day in the garden reading a book and soaking up some sunshine. I knew that the weather was going to take a turn so wanted to make sure I made the most of the good weather while it lasted. This meant lunch al fresco (food just tastes so much better outside in the sun!):

And an afternoon ice cream cone (my phone was TOO HOT so I couldn’t take a picture and had to pinch Steve’s instead).

I really only headed inside as I wanted to shower before my Zoom yoga class (to wash off the sunscreen and feel a bit fresher). A really lovely day.

I actually didn’t sleep all that well as I was a bit too warm, so the easier day on the Tuesday was welcome. The weather was still quite nice when I went out for my run, but that soon began to change later on. After running (boosting physical AND mental wellbeing ✅) I spent much of the morning reading (mental wellbeing ✅) and then over lunch watched an episode of Sanditon (recorded last autumn). This led to me watching the whole series! We’ll chalk that one up to mental welbeing as well since I LOVE Jane Austen, but I was a little disappointed with the ending. Austen only completed a fragment of this novel before her death and writers have created their own versions for years. While much of this adaptation was clearly drawing on Austen’s works, I just cannot believe she would have ended it this way. An excellent series, with some more modern ideas, but not the ending I would want in an Austen adaptation, even if it was pretty effective.

It was back to the usual (for lockdown) routine on the Wednesday, but it was Global Running Day which added a different dimension to my run as I thought about all the other runners around the world heading out to get their miles in. Perhaps the ideal day to find such a cheery looking painted stone:

After I was done with my remote teaching for the day, I had my first garden workout of the week (we were both too busy sunbathing on the Monday and I wanted an easy day on the Tuesday since not sleeping well had left me feeling a bit “off”). Look at us with our “interesting” lockdown hairdos 😂.

In the evening we started watching Little Fires Everywhere, a series adapted from a book I really enjoyed reading a couple of summers ago. If you’ve read the book and haven’t caught the series yet, I can recommend it (it’s on Amazon Prime).

On the Thursday I realised just how dry it has been during Lockdown, when I was really surprised to find that it was raining! I don’t think I’ve had a rainy run since the earliest days of Lockdown (although there have been some days when it rained a bit later on). This meant that my afternoon workout had to be an indoor one instead of out in the garden. On the plus side, Steve had to go out on an errand and he surprised me with some hot cross buns. The perfect antidote to a Teams meeting. I don’t know about you, but I find meetings on Zoom/Teams so much more tiring than in-person meetings. I wonder why that is?

The Friday got off to a really nice start as shortly after getting back from my run, I had a phone call from a lovely colleague who I have not spoken directly to since the schools shut. It was so nice to have a good catch up and exchange what passes for news these days and sent me back to my computer screen feeling a lot more chipper than normal. But because it was a day of very changeable weather, we ended up ditching any notion of a workout as we really needed to be outside for what we had planned to do and I didn’t want to repeat the same indoor workout as the day before, so I did a longer yoga video instead. We did, however, finish watching Little Fires Everywhere and although the ending is slightly different from the book (perhaps to leave it open for a future series?) I really enjoyed it.

The weather on Saturday was much nicer – it was actually quite warm in the sun – so my morning run (taking in Big Six, my notparkrun course namesake) was very pleasant. We even had a slight improvement in our parkrun quiz score, with a respectable 10/15.

I had expected to be indoors for the rest of the day, but the weather continued to be quite nice – not as nice as the weekend before, but still very pleasant – so I took my book out into the garden for the afternoon and Steve brought out the ice creams again. Perfect!

That evening we used one of our Fitness Rewards codes for a free Rakuten TV rental for the first time and watched a film called Official Secrets. It was based on real events and was very good, but I have no idea why I don’t remember the events it depicted at all.

And to round off the day we were presented with the most beautiful skies. I took this around 10pm (at this time of year there isn’t much darkness in Scotland – it’s light pretty late and then there’s daylight from around 4am, maybe even earlier!).

It was still nice on Sunday morning for my longer run, then it was time to get on with the usual Sunday stuff – food shopping. I’m not as stressed by this as I was at the start of Lockdown, but I still want to be in and out of the shops as quickly as possible.

Although the afternoon was warm, it wasn’t really sunny so we stayed indoors to watch another episode of The Mandalorian, but with an ice cream. We had looked for Flakes to make a 99 but couldn’t find any so improvised with a Twirl instead 🤣. It looks a bit weird but tasted great!

And since I only had a little bit of my book left, I decided I wanted to finish it off as I was enjoying it so much. Everyone I’ve mentioned this one too has either loved it or heard good things and is planning to read it, so if you haven’t yet then this is another recommendation from me.

Overall, a pretty good week. Much less time in front of screens thanks to the holiday and inservice at the start of the week, some nice weather to lift my spirits and a great book to read. I definitely felt mentally better and while there’s still a lot to do before the school holidays, I’m just going to try and take it one thing at a time. I can only do my best.

What have you been doing to boost your physical and mental wellbeing?
Any recommendations for a tv show Steve and I could watch? Finding something we BOTH want to see is not always easy!

2 thoughts on “Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 11

  1. Having a mental health and wellbeing day is such a lovely idea- and so important as I think teachers have been finding the whole online school thing way harder to deal with- plus staring at a screen all day is so tiring (I do not think we should be back and open, but it is nice to be in a classroom or outside and not looking at my laptop all day- look on the bright side!).
    Your hair is so long- it looks lovely like that I think 🙂
    I have heard good things about that Little Fires show- it might be one we start soon. The Bosch series on Amazon Prime are really good (based on books too)- there are quite a few series of that- police/crime but nothing to intense (not like The Wire, which I liked but was more hardcore, and not as fluffy as Elementary, which I also like but it far more things getting solved in one episode). Cardinal is good (police drama based in Canada- think on i-player there are a few series of it). Or The Last Dance- all about basketball which I had no idea about, but was really interesting.
    Or one of my fave reality shows, Top Chef, has come to Netflix – I got into it on a flight to California and watched the whole series in one go! Or Queer Eye for just a lovely optimistic and feel-good show (Andy likes all of those so might suit you both too?)/

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