Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 3

The third week of the UK lockdown was also the first week of my school holidays, which meant little more than having the need to do some work removed from my day. I recognised that it would be all too easy to let the days drift by in a haze of mindless scrolling and/or tv time, so made sure to impose a degree of structure to my day – nothing rigid, simply that I would continue with a morning run, make sure to fit in some home yoga in the early evening, bring in at least two strength workouts and stay away from the telly until the afternoon at the very earliest.

In the end, my training worked out like this:

Monday – 3.1 miles + home PT session + Hatha yoga via Zoom
Tuesday – 4 miles + home yoga
Wednesday – 3.8 miles + home yoga
Thursday – 4 miles + home PT session + home yoga
Friday – 3.8 miles + home yoga
Saturday – 6.3 miles
Sunday – 10 miles

As with the week before, my running routes were fairly fixed so as to stick to quiet, mainly residential areas where I am less likely to encounter others (or if I do, I have plenty of options to give them space) and that’s working well for me so far. I’ve seen a few people posting that they’ve felt others to be staring at them when they’re running, judging them or looking horrified to see someone else out in the fresh air, but I have to say I’ve had very positive interactions with others smiling/waving, saying good morning and thanking me for my efforts to move away to maintain social distance. Hopefully that will continue to be the case.

I should also say that it continues to be fascinating to note how I feel on this run streak. Right now I’m feeling good and am enjoying my daily runs – I want to go out rather than having to make myself go. Had this all happened a few years ago then this approach just wouldn’t have worked for me, but under the present circumstances it feels right.

My main running focus this week was to add the idea of Rainbow Running. This is an idea I stumbled across in a Facebook group and thought sounded fun – each day wear a top corresponding to a different colour of the rainbow (ROY G BIV) so Red on Monday, Orange on Tuesday, etc. Fortunately I spotted this before my Monday run so began my week with a very pleasant rummage around my running tops to create my rainbow. I even added a little extra layer of theming of my own – can  you spot it?

It was actually really nice to work my way through the little pile of running tops I set out at the start of the week and create my rainbow. I would definitely encourage you to try it as it’s easily adapted to whatever suits you best in terms of frequency, but the seven colours do fit nicely into the days of the week.

Although each day right now seems a bit “same-y”…

…there were some other at-home highlights to my week.

I actually devoted quite a lot of Monday to reading. I’m working my way through the Disney Twisted Tales books right now (Disney will get me through this!) and am really enjoying them. I also made another pot of French Onion Soup (this recipe) and batch of peanut butter fudge (this recipe but I prefer light brown sugar and smooth peanut butter) since they are both super easy and Steve loves them both.









Later in the afternoon I asked Steve to take me through an arm/upper body workout and we improvised with what was available to us since all Steve’s weights, etc are down at the studio. I also had my Hatha yoga class via Zoom again.

Tuesday was a fairly quiet day, but we did have this in the evening as a bit of a blast from the past. Who else remembers having this as a child?

When I arrived home from my run on Wednesday morning I discovered that my March virtual medal had arrived. The medal is made of wood and is so pretty!

Less of a highlight, and more of a project, was my Wednesday endeavour. It was time for the Big Spring Clean. You know, the kind of cleaning that only happens when you can devote a bit more time to it (and time is something I have plenty of right now!) – rearranging things, moving furniture and employing the vacuum cleaner tools. Very satisfying, but it was also pretty tiring! I did take a break to drop off a couple of things to my parents and have another socially distanced driveway chat. They also seem to be using their time for a bit of a clearout since they’re largely indoors.

Our dinner that night was from the batch cooking stocks we put in the freezer. Steve had made this chicken dish and when he asked me to give it a name so he could share it through his business social media channels, I came up with Corona Chicken. I mean, you get coronation chicken and this was made as a result of coronavirus, so I felt quite pleased with that one and Corona Chicken is what it is now known as haha!

After all that I needed a bit of a Disney fix on Thursday so watched some of the videos they’ve been putting out to cheer everyone up while we’re confined to home. I also took on another household project as there were some drawers and shelves I wanted to tidy up. I did get a bit carried away and ended up checking three things off my Lockdown List rather than just one – oops!

I had originally intended to have another upper body workout on Wednesday but didn’t manage to fit it in around my spring cleaning project, so made sure to have a Thursday afternoon workout – we even took the same kind of picture we usually take down at the studio, in case you’re missing them!

Later in the afternoon I settled down to watch the first couple of episodes of Malory Towers on the BBC iPlayer. I used to LOVE these books as a child and re-read them so many times – I actually still have my copies. This new adaptation is done really well and I’m really enjoying it. If you were also a fan of the books then I recommend it.

Dinner was from my contribution to the batch cooking stock – my mum’s mince recipe. Mum usually serves this with rice but since we had rice the night before we decided to live on the edge and have linguine instead. The madness must surely be setting in 😂

It actually turned out that my parents were also having this meal on Thursday, but with the traditional rice accompaniment.

And of course we headed out the front door to clap for the NHS again. I thought it seemed a little quieter this week, but I didn’t spot so much about it online this time so maybe people didn’t realise it was happening again.

Inspired by my reading, on Friday afternoon I got myself set up to watch Aladdin (the original) on Disney+. I hadn’t seen it in so long!

Then for our Friday night food we opted to make fajitas (including some homemade guacamole which was delicious) before continuing our my mission to watch all the Star Wars movies. Having finished the original trilogy, we’re onto the prequels now so it was The Phantom Menace.

I can even sneak a bit of Disney into my dinner!

Once again, Smokey seemed quite taken with the film:

Sooty less so 😹

My Saturday notparkrun run was followed by a bacon roll and cup of tea (has to be done on a Saturday now – parkrun has conditioned me to it!) whilst doing the latest parkrun quiz. We did ok with 10/15. Not a PB but one up from the previous week and a respectable enough score in a quiz where the answers are pretty much all guesses!

The notparkun cafe is generous with the bacon!

Then after a restful afternoon of finishing my book and having a bath, we settled down to watch Attack of the Clones. A few people (big SW fans) have told me this is the worst of the Star Wars movies and I can see their point. It was good, but didn’t have quite the same impact as the others. Still fun to watch though.

We had Steve’s homemade pizza while we were watching and he put the leftover fajita filling on top of one of them. It was amazing! We may have to make sure to have leftovers to add to the pizza again in future.

Sunday is probably the day that feels the most “normal” right now: long run, food shopping, easy afternoon and an evening bath. Pretty much standard. Some highlights included:

Spotting this on my run (outside the house with the knitted rainbow I admired before):

Free books for anyone passing to take

And, after what is now becoming a bit of an expedition to get the food shopping (it actually doesn’t make me anxious anymore, I just want to get it done as quickly as possible so I can get home again, but social distancing means it can be a bit slower to work around a shop), I enjoyed watching the latest episode of The Imagineering Story. Have you watched it yet? I love it!

Then just like that, a week of the school holidays was done. It’s so strange to think that even when the holidays are over I still won’t be going back to my classroom any time soon. The prospect of continuing to teach from home is not filling me with joy as I’d definitely rather have my classes in front of me.

But to finish on a happy note, I’ll leave you with a picture of Sooty. This made me laugh as it looks like she’s got her paw over Teddy’s mouth to make him be quiet. Damn those teddy bears with too much to say for themselves when the cat wants to nap 😹

Have you created a structure for your days at home?
What was a highlight of your week?

4 thoughts on “Week In Review – The Corona Chronicles Part 3

  1. Good choice with Aladdin! A classic.
    We actually googled on Thursday night to see if the clapping was still going ahead because we hadn’t seen anything about it, so we went out when I found a few articles. Along our street we have a few very enthusiastic people with wooden spoons and saucepans (and nearby people setting off fireworks) and that was all still going on so it did feel like lots of people were still out- hard to tell if it was quieter than previous weeks.
    One highlight for me was taking some shopping over to my parents because I put it on the doorstep and then rang them, and they came out so we could chat at a safe distance- it was so nice to see them in the flesh.
    I am working my way through some jobs too- we got a hippo bag delivered the other week and spent yesterday clearing the old shed and loads of junk into the bag- it is always very therapeutic to have a proper clear out. The decorating has been going on too (started last August)…

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