Week In Review – I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!

After the most endless January of all time, February now seems to be zipping by quite quickly. Maybe it’s the impending inspection at school and the bucketloads of work heading my way with mock exams and coursework deadlines right after, but for me time seems to be moving pretty quickly right now. And with so many challenging days ahead, I’m making sure to find time to focus on more enjoyable things to come and this week pulled together some of my plans for the year – more on this in a separate post I hope to write later this week. In the meantime, here’s how training went for me this past week:

Monday – Hatha yoga
Tuesday – 4 miles, PT session with Steve + home yoga
Wednesday – rest
Thursday – form drills + Ashtanga yoga
Friday – home yoga
Saturday – parkrun sandwich + home yoga
Sunday – 10 miles

Monday’s yoga class was the last in the present block and this week we had no balance postures but took the opportunity to build strength through working in postures based around lunges. I love how Hatha offers a variety of ways to work – gentle and close to the mat, building strength and improving balance. It’s the way these are combined that mean every session can be different and I think that’s what I enjoy about this class.

Tuesday was a bit chilly but still decent running weather so I enjoyed my early morning, easy paced 4 miles to set me up for the day. Nothing in any way remarkable about this run, to be honest.

Then after work I went to Steve’s studio where I’m convinced he is now inventing exercises for me! This time I did lots of press up variations, using a pair of kettlebells as grips to change the stability of what I’m doing as well as opening up a greater range of movement.

Then a little home yoga when I got home to round off my day.

Wednesday ended up being a total rest day as I had arranged to get my nails done. My gel polish was definitely overdue for a change, having been on for almost 4 weeks!

But I was back on it on Thursday morning with some form drills. I’m pleased that the weather has allowed a bit of consistency in building these up a bit, and I was able to add a further 2 reps on to my set. Looking at the forecast for the week ahead, I’m not sure whether or not I’ll manage more drills on Thursday or not, but at least I’ve had a few consistent weeks for now.

In the evening I had Ashtanga yoga and I was so pleased to be back after missing it for parents’ evening last week. A big focus for me in Ashtanga right now is to work on my headstand, and I was curious to see where I was with working unsupported since I know I can do it with my teacher helping me to move properly into the posture. On my first attempt I got both feet off the floor but didn’t quite manage to straighten my legs out so reset and had another try. This time I was able to hold the posture for a couple of breaths, but wasn’t able to sustain it any longer so clearly something was still a little “off” in the way I had moved into it. Still, a bit of progress. My teacher came over to offer support, but I opted to stop at that point as I had got what I wanted from this week – to get a measure of my progress with an independent headstand. Still some work to do, but I think I’m heading in the right direction again.

On Friday we had book group at lunchtime which meant a bit of cake – always a great way to bring cheer to a Friday!

Steve wasn’t able to see me for a session as he was out of town in the afternoon, so instead I headed straight home (a bit of a surprise to the cats who were both fast asleep and clearly not expecting me!) and did a home yoga session instead. Without the session and the necessary drive there and back, it felt like I had loads of time, even though I stayed a little longer at work at the end of the day!

Saturday’s parkrun sandwich brought with it some interesting weather. It was pretty windy and since we’re still on a lap course, I knew that it would once more be a case of trying to keep the intensity about the same, but accept that my pace would vary depending on which direction the wind was coming from at any given moment. I hoped to be able to run sub-24, but wasn’t expecting it to be by much. In the end, I ran it in 23:30, only 7 seconds slower than my recent “surprise” good (for me) result on a much better morning. Awesome!

Photo credit: Roy Mitchell for Perth parkrun Facebook page

As you can see from my leggings and neck warner. I was feeling pretty “mermaid-y”. I asked Steve to take a couple of photos for me and thought that standing by our sign might be nice for a change, but the side that says “Perth” wouldn’t work because the sun would cast me in shadow, so we moved around to the other side. Steve’s laughter as he set up the shot rather gave the game away as to what he was doing 😂

I continued to be in a mermaid mood, opting for these leggings for the rest of the day:

This blanket to chill out in the afternoon:

And even my choice of pyjamas that night!

Basically still in the mermaid phase I’ve been in for the past few months 🧜‍♀️

I knew the weather for Sunday was pretty questionable thanks to the arrival in the UK of Storm Ciara. Steve headed out quite early for his run, and this picture he took is a great visual metaphor for the prevailing conditions:

His comment was that it would take more than a dish sponge to soak up all that rain 😂

I opted to go a bit later and dressed for potential rain (it wasn’t cold, hence the shorts – still mermaids!) and choosing my “less good” hat in case my nice Disney one blew away, but it actually stayed mostly dry for the duration of my 10 miles. Sadly the same can’t be said of the wind, which seemed to get stronger and stronger (I did have to chase after my hat after it blew off my head and the plait I put in my ponytail blew out, the hair tie no doubt 20 miles up the road before I even realised haha!). It wasn’t a day for any more than time on my feet and another 10 miles in the bank. Obviously my average pace was down, especially in the last couple of miles home as I seemed to be running straight into a wind tunnel, but I feel like I worked pretty hard for those 10 miles and had quite an appetite the rest of the day!

Continuing the mermaid theme, we popped to Starbucks to claim our free coffees, before finishing up our weekend errands. I’ve been needing something better than a foam roller to prop open one of my bedroom doors and after the general theme of the weekend, this little beauty made me happy:

Once home my parents wanted to FaceTime, which took up some time while we caught up. This meant no time for any home yoga before it was time to eat, but that’s ok as I’m definitely getting a more regular home practice right now but can’t expect to have time every single day. Perhaps I’ll manage a but more in the week ahead…

How did Storm Ciara affect your training this weekend?
Mermaids or unicorns?

2 thoughts on “Week In Review – I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!

  1. I am loving the mermaid theme! And very suited to the weather right now! I would choose the little mermaid over a unicorn any day.
    I did my long run on Saturday instead because of the weather warnings, and I knew the wind would slow me down and well over 2 hours in that weather didn’t sound appealing!
    Well done on the headstand too- maybe you just need a bit more confidence that you can do it by yourself.

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