Week In Review – Normal Service Resumes

The Christmas holidays always feel like the fastest, and least restful, break from school. Even though we had quite a quiet festive period, there were still a number of busy days and I tend to find I’m just getting settled into my non-work routine when it’s time to go back, Still, I’m grateful for the time I had and the chance to recharge a bit ahead of a super busy term (I know I always say the term is busy, but the is by far the busiest of them all). A return to work also meant a return to my normal routine when it came to training and it was good to get back to that structure again.

Monday – Hatha yoga
Tuesday – 4 miles, PT session with Steve + home yoga
Wednesday – home yoga
Thursday – form drills + Ashtanga yoga
Friday – PT session with Steve
Saturday – parkrun sandwich + home yoga
Sunday12 miles 7miles + yoga/relaxation session

Monday was actually an inservice day at work, so lots of meetings and collaboration but no pupils just yet. In a way that was a nice way to get my head back into all the things I need to do, but with the school being shut for two weeks the building was really cold, despite the mild weather outside, and I don’t think I ever really warmed up properly. But after the shock of being back at work it was really good to get back on my yoga mat at my Hatha yoga class. Since there were three Mondays without a class this one was very gentle, with lots of stretching and re-balancing to get back into it. I think quite a few people noticed the difference from not having the class, so I was glad I had picked up my home practice again over the week or so before so I didn’t feel quite so inflexible!

But of course the pupils were back on Tuesday. In some ways it was nice to have my classes in front of me, but it was a tough day for a lot of them as their body clocks had definitely switched to being a bit more nocturnal while they were off! It did make for a reasonably peaceful day though and I was in a good mood since I’d started my day with a run. I wasn’t thrilled to be back to running in the dark (is it just me or does it seem even darker now than before the shortest day?) but a run always makes me feel good.

After school I was at the studio for one of Steve’s circuits. For this one it was working with the weight, bear crawls with a press up and squat crumps.

And when I got home I laid out my yoga mat for another Yoga With Adriene session. Quite nice after working hard in my workout.

On Wednesday I had a couple of errands in town after work then met Steve for the not very exciting job of choosing a new washing machine. Ours broke down over the holidays and having confirmed that a repair was not cost effective compared to getting a new one, we really needed to get something sorted out as I’ve been having to take my washing up to my mum and dad’s (I’ve been doing it myself, just using their machine) which is fine when there’s no work, but not very convenient during term time! But when I got home I did the next YWA session while Steve put the dinner on.

Thursday was another early run and although it was colder, there was no frost or ice so I thought I would return to the form drills I had been building up before Christmas. Since there had been a break, I went back to 6x 500m and that felt about right for that particular morning. If the conditions are ok in the coming weeks, I will be able to build that up again.

In the evening I had my first Ashtanga class of the year. I missed a couple towards the end of last year then when I made it back it was the last one so I really feel like there has been a gap here. That said, thanks to my home practice and consistency in my strength workouts, I did feel strong throughout the class and I didn’t feel as if I had lost any flexibility. The only real time I noticed the gap was when it came to my nemesis: the headstand. I did try by myself but was having trouble finding my balance with my feet off the floor so my teacher supported me for this one. I would love to have a breakthrough with this one in 2020 and return to being able to move into headstand by myself once more, but I need to build up my confidence with it again – and I really do think it’s confidence rather than strength here.

On Friday I had a slightly more curtailed session at the studio – weight work, TRX and bear crawl press ups – as I had arranged to have my nails done around teatime. I loved my festive colour, but it had been on for three weeks and it was definitely time for a refresh!

I got home just in time for a quick change of clothes then out to get some food. That Friday night beer always tastes so good! I think I feel like I’ve earned it with all my hard work through the week.

Saturday morning was not the nicest. The weather was much milder at 11C, but it was blowing a gale and there was a lot of rain about. Still, not to be deterred I got myself ready and ran down to parkrun. It certainly wasn’t a day for a PB, so I was pretty happy with 24:11 (my fastest in 2020 so far) but there was still a tiny part of me a little bit gutted that I didn’t squeeze it under 24 minutes. There really wasn’t much chance in those conditions though so I suspect on a better day I might have managed it.

By the time I had run home again (getting in the door right before the rain REALLY thumped down) the wet and windy weather had rendered my hands useless. I wasn’t actually cold, but my hands had seized up as if they were and I had a hard job peeling off all my wet kit to get in the shower. I DEFINITELY enjoyed the reward of this bacon roll after my morning efforts!

After getting all the food shopping sorted, I headed up to my mum and dad’s again to do some laundry since we didn’t actually have our new washing machine yet (soon…!).

By the time I got home I was feeling pretty chilly so had a nice hot bath then stretched out with the next YWA session.

Sunday, however, was a bit of a disappointment. Having been so mild on Saturday, the temperature dropped and all that rainwater on the streets iced up. I had hoped that by waiting a while to go out that it would clear a bit, but there was still lots of black ice and the roads were too busy to run on safely so I just didn’t feel like I was getting to run properly. I didn’t have ages to spend picking my way around the streets (nor did I want to risk a fall) so cut the run short and headed home. At least I got some fresh air and sunshine, even if the run wasn’t quite what I wanted.

That afternoon I had a lovely chance to chill out as my friend who teaches the Monday night yoga class I got to was hosting a free event which comprised of around an hour of gentle Hatha yoga and about 20-30 minutes of relaxation (always the best bit!). I felt so good when I came out of there and I’m glad I took the chance to go along.

So overall not too bad a start to the new term, but I was a little disappointed not to get a longer run in Sunday as the weather was beautiful despite being cold, but better to be safe than risk falling on black ice!

Are you back into a normal routine post-Christmas?
How has the weather been with you?

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