2019 By The Numbers…

As a follow-up to my Year in Running post, and to celebrate my highest mileage year ever, I thought I would dig a bit deeper into my stats for 2019. Although I try not to be a slave to the numbers on my watch, I do always wear my Garmin when I run and the data it records goes to both Garmin Connect and Strava, which I have used to help me compile this post. Let’s take a look…

  • This year I have run a total of 1104 miles, which is the most I have ever done. My previous record was 838 in 2018, hence my goal of 800 miles for this year (to take into account the possibility of injury/illnes which would require some time out of running as I didn’t want my mileage goal to be a pressure). I was rather surprised to reach this goal with over a month of 2019 to go!
  • I have spent 171 hours of 2019 running, across 237 separate activities on 173 different days. That sounds like quite a lot of time!
  • In those hours I have climbed a total of 10,663 metres. That’s more than the height of Everest!
  • I have taken part in 5 races: The Stirling Marathon, Edinburgh Half Marathon, Chariots of Fire Beach Race, Disneyland Paris 10k and Disneyland Paris half marathon. My race calendar has been pretty empty and I’m happy with that.
  • I completed 44 parkruns (1 less than in 2018, but there were some unexpected gaps in my attendance).
  • I achieved Groundhog Day (the same finish time at the same parkrun location on two consecutive weeks) TWICE!
  • For 6 months of the year I recorded over 100 miles of running. Not bad given I lacked consistency in the first half of the year.
  • July was my lowest mileage month with 54 miles (I was ill then ran very little whilst on holiday).
  • April was my highest mileage month with 119 miles (thanks to a marathon and my longer training runs in preparation). Interestingly, December came second with 113 miles, yet I have nothing to train for right now!
  • My average pace was 9:27 per mile. Probably slightly skewed by the super-slow miles at Disneyland Paris, but still a decent long-run pace.

2019 overall was a funny year for me. It started badly with repeated bouts of a chesty cough, continued with an illness around Easter and a throat infection in the early summer. As a result, I just didn’t pay much attention to my stats other than a glance at my total mileage from time to time. With much better consistency in the second half of the year, I  can really see the numbers telling the story now. Let’s hope for a healthy and consistent year in 2020!

Anything of note in your running stats for the past year? 
How much attention do you pay to the running data you record?

6 thoughts on “2019 By The Numbers…

  1. Congratulations on a great year of running! Also, I appreciate all the data points as in late 2019 I completed a year of running a 5k a day and compiling the data was the best part. I found it interesting the time of day I would run and what days I normally preferred to run mornings. Also, I broke it down by a bunch of other data points too.

    Long story short, thanks for sharing your 2019 data.

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    • Yes! I found that really interesting too given that the first half of the year felt rather inconsistent and I wasn’t at my best. I’ve never really paid that much attention to the end of year stats in this way before, but found it quite revealing. But as with any data, each number has a story behind it and it’s important to know that too.


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