Week In Review – A Busy Week!

There’s something about this time of year. Even before the festivities truly kick in, it’s really busy at work as there are parents’ evenings to attend, assessments to mark and the beginnings of other events to opt into. This past week was a fine example of one where I might have been better just sleeping under my desk For a couple of nights, but at least I knew it was going to be like that so just buckled up and went along for the ride. I even managed some training along the way!

Monday – Hatha yoga
Tuesday – 4 miles + PT session with Steve
Wednesday – rest
Thursday – form drills
Friday – PT session with Steve
Saturday – parkrun sandwich
Sunday – 10 miles. Again!

After a couple of fairly rocky weeks recently, Monday this week was really good. It was one of those days when everything just ticked along nicely and I felt calm and in control – more of those please! It meant that I was in a great mood when I left that evening. I even managed to leave fairly sharp (in the knowledge that I would have plenty of time to spend at work later in the week!) and did a little more festive decorating. I wrapped new lights around my wreath which I bought at a school event a few years ago and added lights to our still upright, but largely empty, Christmas tree.

I also added an LED candle that projects Christmas pictures onto the ceiling (Smokey was captivated by this one!)

And after all that I headed to yoga in a great mood. It still felt nice to take that time for myself, especially given that the remainder of the week was set to be pretty busy.

I was up early on Tuesday for my run. It was my standard 4 mile recovery run and a mild day so I was still in my shorts! I’m quite enjoying being able to wear my shorts in December!

I managed to leave work sharp again as I had evening plans (more on that in a moment) and Steve was able to fit me in quite early for a session. We used the TRX for a variety of press-up based exercises, including the pike. Ooft!

After that it was a quick dinner and change of clothes before my parents picked me up to head into town to join my sister in seeing the pantomime. It was quite early in its run, but that’s when my sister gets her comp tickets, and with my parents heading off to sunnier climes imminently, it was an evening that suited us all. This year’s offering is Sinbad the Sailor, and while that’s not normally one of the first stories we think of for a pantomime, I enjoyed it and felt it was a good example of traditional pantomime in Scotland (and I worked in that theatre for a number of years so have seen a fair few!).

Thankfully it finished at a reasonable time so not a late night. And a good thing too since Wednesday and Thursday were going to be the busiest days of the week. Wednesday may be my rest day from training, but after leaving for work before 8am, it was over 12 hours before I arrived home again so a pretty long shift!

The reason for the late night was that I had (stupidly?) agreed to be part of a staff act in the now annual school talent show. That’s right, I succumbed to the pleas of the nice group of senior girls who were organising the event as a fundraiser for their yearbook. Of course the staff act is not there to compete, more to find new ways to embarrass ourselves publicly and hopefully help the seniors to raise some money. This year we were to be embarrassing ourselves through the medium of dance and some other girls had put together a “straightforward” dance routine for us to perform to “We’re all in this together” from High School Musical. I put “straightforward” in inverted commas since there was little to no dance experience between us and our one and only rehearsal just over a week prior was unlikely to see us through! We did manage to run it a couple of times right before going on stage and thankfully a couple of the girls stood in the wings to call the moves out to us so we could get through it without incident. Our aim was to look like we weren’t taking ourselves seriously whilst still avoiding looking like total idiots. I think we managed to pull that off, and the fact that the stage lights meant we couldn’t actually see the audience made it all much easier. Mind you, there is inevitably a recording of it doing the rounds but so far the feedback has been positive. Phew!

Unsurprisingly I was pretty tired when I got home so simply had some food and headed for my bed fairly sharp. I think I fell asleep before I had even read a page of my book!

I still managed to get up on Thursday morning for my run and decided it was high time to change up my intervals so this week increased the distance of my form drills to 600m and cut the number back to 6. It was definitely an invigorating way to start the day (and yes, still in shorts).

But that was it for Thursday as a parents’ evening meant another late stay at school. Actually, I was away earlier than the previous evening as we began at 5pm and I managed to stick pretty well to my 5 minute slots, thus getting away before 7pm. I was still tired but thought I would have slightly longer to myself that evening before bed.

Thursday was also Steve’s birthday so when I got home his brother was there dropping off a gift and we chatted for a bit before he headed off. And then, disaster! Just as I thought I would sit down with some food to watch The Apprentice, one of our circuits tripped and we couldn’t get it to reset. There are actually a couple of electricians who live in our street but both were out so we couldn’t get any advice. The circuit was the one controlling pretty much everything downstairs plus the lights, heating and WiFi. So no cup of tea and no WiFi – Maslow’s hierarchy of needs was NOT being met! We ended up sitting upstairs where we had lamps plugged in, eating our dinner off trays (at least we got that organised before we lost power) and having a bit of birthday cake and glass of wine before deciding just to head to bed.

Despite my doom-laden expectations of no shower or breakfast in the morning (I had already made plans to head to the nearby Costa to grab something on my way to work) we awoke to find that giving the circuit switch “a little rest” had resolved the issue and we were able to reset the it. It’s actually been fine since and we still don’t know what caused the problem, probably an overload of some kind that caused the circuit to trip. Either way, a drama I could have done without!

Still, Friday ended up being another good day to end the week and this time I was away pretty sharp-ish after spending more than enough time there over the previous couple of days. My first port of call was the studio, where Steve gave me a press-up based workout again, but this time with the added peril of being balanced on a gym ball, a piece of kit around which I have even less grace than normal so I will be forever amazed that I managed to do the pike on it without killing myself 😂

As usual, we went out for some food at the pub down the road and since it had been Steve’s birthday I suggested that we have steak as a special treat. I’m actually quite fussy about where I will order steak from, but I really like this one so it was a great meal.









Once home, we FINALLY managed to watch The Apprentice whilst enjoying a slice of unicorn cake (yes, I did buy Steve the cake I like for his birthday. I promise he does actually like it too haha!).

It was still mild on Saturday but I kept the shorts in the drawer as I wanted to break out the Christmas leggings. I suspect it won’t surprise you to learn that I have more than one pair, so this week opted for my Mr Men ones.

It was pacer week but I hadn’t been able to get a time that would feel comfortable for me, so instead took advantage of the mild weather to run a bit harder. The grass was pretty squelchy and there was a bit of a headwind in places, but I’m happy with 24:36 as that’s a fairly average time for me and winter conditions do tend to slow things down.

Once freshened up we headed back down to meet Steve’s brother for breakfast. We’ve been going to one of the “parkrun cafes” which happens to be at a venue associated with the Black Watch, but this sign (and a chap in kilted WW1 attire!) still bamboozled me:

Post-breakfast I chilled out for a while getting my hair done before zipping round the weekly food shop as I wanted to spend my evening doing this:

Oh yes, high time we watched a Christmas movie and we ALWAYS start with this beauty as I think it’s our favourite -we have a tendency to quote the lines throughout the year!

The weather on Sunday, however, was pretty miserable. Steve headed out fairly sharp, whereas I had noted a likely break in the weather around 10am so opted instead for a lazy start to the day, drinking a cup of tea in bed and reading my book. I got up around 9, got dressed, tidied up and headed out at the back of 10. The weather was actually much better at this point but I knew there would be more rain and strong winds to come. This led to some debate around the distance I would run. I’ve been fairly stagnant at 10 miles recently, partly because there has been no real need to go further and partly because conditions have limited my desire to do so. With it so miserable outside I did wonder about cutting that back to 8, but figured I would decide while I was out. In the end, although I was pretty soaked, I didn’t actually feel wet or cold so just went for the 10 miles. I was definitely glad to hit the shower when I got home!

Once dry and warm we had some lunch, went out for our Sunday afternoon then rounded off the afternoon with another Christmas movie and the last of Steve’s birthday cake.

And the festive songs inspired me to finish off the tree decorating. Keeping it low-key and simple to avoid cat-astrophe!

Have you put your Christmas tree up yet?
What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

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