Week In Review – The One Where I Set A Personal Mileage Record

Another busy week for me, which ended with some super low temperatures, but I still managed to end the week having reached a new (and unexpected) personal goal. Here’s how my training looked:

Monday – Hatha yoga
Tuesday – 4 miles + PT session with Steve
Wednesday – rest
Thursday – form drills + Ashtanga yoga
Friday – PT session with Steve
Saturday – parkrun sandwich
Sunday – 10 miles

My week started so much better than last week. No doubt still under the influence of Disney magic and frozen fractals, I was feeling positive and in control of things. I had a good day at work and enjoyed my yoga class at the end of the day as it gave my legs a good stretch from my run on Sunday before settling me into my evening.

The mild weather continued into Tuesday so although early in the morning, I was still able to wear my shorts – yippee! This is strictly speaking my recovery run, but I was feeling good and the conditions matched so I just ran to feel and arrived home feeling pretty refreshed.

There was a “bonus” session in my day as I had a rehearsal at the end of the day for a school event next week. The yearbook team is organising a talent show as a fundraiser and I was asked to be part of a staff act – the kind that is more about giving the audience a laugh rather than showcasing any actual talent! Some of the senior girls had put together a reasonably straightforward (for them!) dance routine for us and we were having our first run through it. Dance really isn’t my thing, much as I wish it was, but the whole point is that it’s kind of tongue-in-cheek and I suspect the audience will be rather disappointed if any of us can actually do it, so I guess we’ll be looking to ham it up a bit in the event next week.

When we were done I headed right to the studio for a workout. This time Steve gave me press up variations (which he is DEFINITELY making tougher!), the resistance band and the TRX – including pikes and pike press ups. He really is working me hard right now!

I kept Wednesday as a rest day as it gives me a bit of a breather in the week and allows me to catch up on myself a little. In reality, I always end up staying at work far longer than intended and don’t have time to catch up on much at all. Oh well, at least the theory is there!

It was still mild on Thursday morning so the shorts were back on for my run and I took advantage of the improved conditions to run a set of form drills. I missed out on these in the previous couple of weeks due to the underfoot conditions, so repeated my 10 sets of drills that I had completed prior to that. It was a really nice run and I just couldn’t believe that as the day went on the temperature was set to get much colder…which it did!

I had, of course, set off with my yoga things in the car “just in case” but had fully intended leaving work fairly sharp to nip home first. Unfortunately the reality was very different and even with my things in the car, I just couldn’t make it to class in time. I was a bit peeved to miss the class, but used the time sensibly to run a few errands that needed done and arrived home around when I would if I had been at the class. Sadly I’ll miss it next week due to a parents’ evening, so I will need to try and fit in some home yoga to make up for it.

Steve was able to see me for another session on Friday and he challenged me to a progressive TRX workout which built up to a manoeuvre involving press ups whilst in pike position as part of the exercise. Not only one for the arms but also the abs, which I definitely became aware of during the workout!

The cold weather that began during the course of Thursday continued into Saturday and I had to give careful thought to my parkrun attire. Our event was celebrating its 6th birthday, and since it was also St Andrew’s Day we were encouraged to wear tartan. I looked out my running kilt (yes, I have a kilt reserved just or running events – it’s had a surprising amount of use!) but shelved my plans from earlier in the week to wear it with shorts underneath and some knee length socks, opting instead for winter leggings, a very cosy top AND a gilet along with my hat, thick gloves and even some hand warmers to pop inside them. What a difference from Thursday! For the record, I did NOT overheat and yes, I did run to parkrun whilst wearing my kilt!

Because it was slippy I kept the pace down again and just enjoyed the run.

And the good news is I got my bacon roll this week. Phew!

But later in the day I was checking my monthly mileage and discovered that I had reached 991 miles for the year. That sealed the deal for a Sunday run of at least 9 miles, but I’ve been running 10 the last few weeks so ended up sticking with that distance as I quite like it.

It was another crisp, cold day so once more I had to bundle up in full winter kit and keep the pace down in places, but it was such a lovely run as I opted to head for the woodland park since I thought it would look so pretty with the frost and winter sun.

And once home, I confirmed my annual mileage: 1001 miles!

To put that in some perspective, my highest annual mileage previously was the 838 miles I ran in 2018, hence my target of 800 miles this year. I did think I might surpass 800 – or even 838 if I stayed healthy, but I truly never expected to hit 1000 miles. I guess 1000 now has to be my target for 2020 to get the new decade off to a positive start!

These leggies have carried me around 1000 miles this year!

The afternoon was spent with my parents as mum needed an audience with my cats before heading off to sunnier climes for the winter. I then got stuck into Operation: Christmas-ify the house. With the cats still young, I’m putting my tree up in stages to avoid disaster. So far I’ve assembled the tree and set it in position. Next I’ll add lights then gradually add some carefully selected (and shatterproof!) decorations to see how they get on. In the meantime, this is putting a smile on my face:









Excited? Moi? Whatever makes you think that?

Do you have any themed events coming up?
What goals are you in track to achieve this year?

2 thoughts on “Week In Review – The One Where I Set A Personal Mileage Record

  1. I love that you have Christmas bedding!
    Nice work on the 1000 miles!
    On Sunday my running club are having a run and brunch- we usually do secret santa but this year it’s donations to a local charity instead. It’s the first time to get out the festive running gear 🙂

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