Week In Review – Lurgy Ahoy!

It nearly always happens. Week three of the school year and all the germs we have been sheltered from all summer begin to take hold, striking everyone down with some kind of cold. I actually got away pretty lightly which is an encouraging sign that my immune system is good right now, but there was something going on in there so I took much of the week as rest to make sure I shifted it quickly rather than pressing on and making it linger. It was, as a result, a fairly quiet week training-wise.

Monday – Hatha yoga
Tuesday – rest
Wednesday – rest
Thursday – Ashtanga yoga
Friday – rest
Saturday – parkrun sandwich
Sunday – 10 miles + SUP yoga

It was on the Monday evening that I felt the first tell-tale signs of what was to come as there was a bit of a prickle in my throat. I made sure to have as early a night as possible after Hatha yoga, and maybe that helped, but I took the decision not to run on Tuesday morning and prioritise rest instead.

Throughout the week I jut took things as they came, hoping to maybe run on Thursday, but in the end I skipped that run too and just went to Ashtanga in the evening. I also opted not to go down to the studio on Friday after work and took the time to make sure I was well on the mend before running at the weekend.

By Saturday my nose was still a bit runny but there was no congestion or other symptoms so I went ahead with my usual parkrun sandwich and accepted that it might not be my best run. To be honest, I was just pleased to be getting out again! I was actually the 28 minute pacer which gave me a great opportunity to take it easy.

I came in about 20 seconds ahead of the time so a few runners did get a new PB as a result. I love it when that happens!

A relaxing afternoon ensued, and for those still wondering about the kitties after their little “issue”, I found them like this:

That evening we were out as we had been invited to see Frankenstein at the theatre. It’s one of my favourite books and it’s always a worry that a production might not live up to my expectations, but I really loved this one so a great night at the theatre.

I had originally planned 14 miles for the Sunday, but with the time out during the week and a SUP yoga session to be ready for, I opted for 10 instead. It was actually a really nice run and I didn’t have to get out too early in order to finish it before SUP.

SUP was great. The water was pretty calm and we tried a few new side balances on the board. It was fun to challenge myself with something new.

After the session we headed to the cafe. I had thought I might have French toast, but the special was a breakfast roll with things like lorne sausage, potato scone and fried egg in it. I added bacon as it felt incomplete otherwise! It was pretty hefty and filling but after a run and a session on the water it was just perfect.

Overall a fairly brief update from this particular week. It was frustrating to pick up a cold, but I’m pleased it was mild and short-lived. Fingers crossed I can stay away from the germs moving forward.

What are your strategies to avoid/fight a cold?
What would be in your ideal breakfast roll?

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