Week In Review – Settling Into The Work Routine

The second week of term meant a full teaching week (although I did get out on a trip on the Monday to cushion things a bit!) and a chance for me to consolidate the strong training from the week before. Here’s how it looked:

Monday – Hatha yoga
Tuesday – 4 miles + PT session with Steve
Wednesday – rest
Thursday – form drills + Ashtanga yoga
Friday – PT session with Steve
Saturday – parkrun sandwich + SUP yoga
Sunday – 12 miles

After a day shepherding pupils about the Edinburgh International Book Festival (bonus: it was a beautiful day and I got to eat my lunch outside enjoying the sunshine) it was great to get to Hatha yoga and it was a really relaxing class so I left feeling great.

Then back to the usual routine on Tuesday with an early run of 4 miles, keeping the pace nice and easy as this is really my recovery run from my weekend miles. I actually noticed that my heart rate was a bit lower than usual so perhaps I’m seeing some fitness gains.

My PT session with Steve that evening was all about press up variations. I definitely knew I’d worked my arms hard after that one!

Rest day again on Wednesday, but with a little home yoga in the early evening to help me transition from the work day to a relaxing evening.

Following the success of my form drills last Thursday, I was keen to progress this so added a couple more reps. This meant a 1 mile warm up then 8x 500m with a minute recovery between each. Although I work hard in the intervals, I do enjoy these workouts and know they help to improve my running.

We had a substitute teacher that evening for Ashtanga so the class was a little different. We‘ve had this teacher before and she seems perfectly nice, however I don’t think she regularly teaches Ashtanga so isn’t as confident in moving through the postures, plus she doesn’t know us so probably “teaches” it a bit more than our usual teacher would do when it’s a class of regulars who really only need a prompt and maybe a little adjustment. It could have been frustrating but that would defeat the purpose of going to the class so I just went with it and worked through the postures at my own pace as we were told we could go ahead if we were confident in what we were doing.

And back to the studio on Friday for another workout with Steve. He had me on press up variations again so another tough workout but I am noticing the new definition and strength in my arms so I can’t really complain!

Saturday was another parkrun sandwich and although I was feeling good I was very slightly slower than last week as the conditions weren’t so good. It was really windy and that meant I just wasn’t getting the pace to match my effort level. Still, it’s good to have those bonus “resistance” runs to build strength. Plus, I had a great new pair of shorts to wear. Any guesses what the inspiration was? 😂

Post-parkun I had a SUP yoga session and the high winds certainly made this one interesting. It was a hard paddle out the the line we clip on to and we had to keep fairly low to the boards throughout the session, but the real excitement came when it was time to head back in as there were several boards tied up at the pontoon so very little space to paddle in. Unfortunately the wind kept catching us as we got near and thanks to the combination of wind and space, I found myself drifting too far in the wrong direction then had to paddle back against the wind to find a space to get off my board. I actually needed a little help from the others to create some room among the boards and hold mine steady so I could get off, but I was pleased at how calm I stayed as I knew I could get off as soon as there was a little room at the pontoon. It really added an extra dimension to the session though, and I earned my lunch afterwards!

My long run this week was 12 miles since I have no reason to build much higher mileage than that at this point. I felt really good and it almost felt easy to cover the distance. In fact I felt like I could have kept on going quite comfortably so that is definitely a good sign that I’m pretty much half marathon fit right now and that’s a good position to be in.

So another week done and feeling strong. After a tough first half of the year, this makes me happy.

What are your favourite training sessions each week?
What do you do outside of running to build strength?

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