Week In Review – Back To School Already!

Yup, I’m now so behind with my posts that it’s the last week of term before our October break and I’m only just writing about the first week. Sigh! It’s now my goal to be up to date before next term begins and I’m writing it here to help keep me accountable. But for now, let’s take a look at how my return to work after a lovely long summer impacted on my training.

Monday – 3.8 miles + Hatha yoga
Tuesday – 10k + PT session with Steve
Wednesday – rest
Thursday – form drills + Ashtanga yoga
Friday – PT session with Steve
Saturday – parkrun sandwich
Sunday – 10 miles

In an unusual step, I began the week with a run. I don’t usually run on a Monday as I have my long run on Sundays, but having missed my running over the weekend thanks to a poorly puss, I was keen to fit in an extra as I knew my body would handle it. I also thought the movement and fresh air early in the day would set me up for the inset day ahead, stuck in a room doing a lot of listening and not too much moving around. So I headed out on a loop I enjoy which is a little under 4 miles. And yes, it did make me feel better for the day ahead.

My reward for making it through the day was a Hatha yoga session in the evening. I was definitely ready for it and would have happily spent an hour in savasana given the chance!

To make up for the missing runs at the weekend, I lengthened my Tuesday morning run to 10k but kept the pace pretty easy. It was a second inset day so once again I was pleased to get some fresh air and movement early on to help me deal with all the sitting.

After school it was time for my new routine of having a session with Steve on a Tuesday. I really enjoyed going three times per week over the summer, but I can’t sustain that through the school term so am trying twice a week on the days when we finish a little earlier. I’m still focusing on arms and upper body in these sessions and noticed that I was feeling really strong in this session. Fantastic!

Now that the term is underway, Wednesday is my rest day but I did do a little yoga session at home to help me unwind after the first teaching day of the new school year. Having pupils in front of me again is always a bit of a shock and it’s mentally draining trying to get to grips with all the names and various needs of the individuals in front of me.

I decided it was high time I re-introduced some form drills so on Thursday I ran a 1 miles warm up then 6x 500m drills with a minute recovery in between. It felt good to mix things up a bit again so hopefully I can build these drills back in fairly regularly again.

And since it was my birthday, I decided to use a crazy filter for my post-run photo!

As well as channelling my favourite cartoon mouse for my work outfit that day 😂

My lovely colleagues gave me some beautiful flowers and I got a homemade cake to celebrate at lunchtime. Yum!

Then at Ashtanga that evening I had a chance to get some headspace as I worked through the postures. My left wrist had been a little sore so I took it fairly easy. I suspect it’s just a reaction to using my computer a little too much so some appropriate stretches will soon resolve it.

The day ended with some more birthday cake as Steve had picked me up a llama cake.

Friday was my second PT session of the week with Steve and since I had performed so well on Tuesday, he began to change up some of the exercises to make them a little more challenging. I know that’s a good thing, but I definitely noticed that it was harder to complete the sets compared to the ones I had been doing (and which my body was clearly getting used to!). And yes, I did use a filter on my photo again, just because.

Saturday was a return to the standard parkrun sandwich. I was really pleased with my parkrun time as it was the first time I’ve run below 25 minutes since I had that awful virus at the end of June into early July. It’s so good to see a steady improvement and hopefully this pattern will continue.

On Sunday I headed out for a longer run of 10 miles. I chose the same route as my most recent 10 miler about 3 weeks earlier and was really pleased to run it quicker, especially since it was a much warmer day. Clearly the consistent training since returning from my summer holiday is paying off.

Overall a decent start to the school year. I got a solid week of training in and am seeing the benefits of all the work I’ve been doing. I hope it lasts! And for those who have been asking, by the middle of this week the cats were fully back to grooming each other, cuddling up together and generally being the best of friends again. Phew!

Do you include drills or speed work in your training?
How is your running going right now?

5 thoughts on “Week In Review – Back To School Already!

  1. I know what you mean about getting behind- I thought I was doing so well and nearly there a few weeks ago but now I’m back to being way behind!
    I was all ready to do a speed session (lamp post to lamp post with run, walk, jog) the other week when I went out in the morning, but the no streetlights (and my torch wasn’t charged) meant that wasn’t a sensible option!

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