Week In Review – Summer Holidays Week 7

This year we had a ‘bonus” week of summer holiday. It happens every few years to reset the calendar, otherwise we just finish earlier and earlier, which wouldn’t really work! I had this pegged to be a fairly chilled week but did have a few bits and pieces I wanted to sort out. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite work out that way thanks to a poorly pussy cat (she’s perfectly fine now so no need for concern, but there was some stress and disruption at the time). This also affected my workout plans:

Monday – PT session with Steve
Tuesday – 4 miles
Wednesday – Pt session with Steve
Thursday – 4.5 miles + Ashtanga yoga
Friday – rest
Saturday – rest
Sunday – SUP yoga

Over the weekend I had noticed that Sooty had a swollen-looking patch on her bottom lip so called the vet to make an appointment to have it checked out. Since it was going to be Tuesday before we went in, Monday was business as usual with an arm workout down at the studio. This week TRX, weights and some pushups.

I had time for an easy 4 miles on Tuesday morning before taking Sooty to the vet. The run felt good, especially when I had run 12 miles on the Sunday (plus lugged those tatties around on the Saturday!).

The vet we saw was lovely but explained it was hard to know what was causing the swollen lip since there were several possible causes such as a bite/sting, allergic reaction of some kind or a stress reaction. She gave her something to help settle it and we were told to go back if it didn’t improve within the next week or two. Seemed straightforward enough at the time!

On the Wednesday I had to squeeze my workout in pretty early as mum had asked me if I could go up to the house for a bit to take delivery of a parcel since my sister had to work. Since I didn’t have much else planned, I said that would be ok. Obviously I availed myself of the facilities and made myself a cup of tea while I waited!

Then I was back out for another easy run on the Thursday morning. This was a cutback week in my mileage so I was happy to keep the pace down.

I was happy that Sooty’s lip was looking better, however I also thought she was a bit “off” and although a little lethargy can be a side effect of medication, I thought it best to take her back into the vet. It turned out she was running a temperature so was clearly fighting some kind of infection. She was given an antibiotic and I was told to bring her back the next day to have her temperature checked again. Poor wee toot 😿

I had Ashtanga yoga that evening and was really pleased to hold Wheel for 10 slow breaths. I also held a headstand for a couple of breaths, but given I did a beautiful, lengthy headstand at home earlier in the week I’m still pretty convinced it’s my brain that’s messing this one up in class rather than my physical ability. If anyone has any suggestions for getting past this, I’d love to hear them.

By Friday morning Sooty was much the same so we were back at the vet where they found her temperature had only gone down the tiniest amount. Added to this, despite my best efforts she wasn’t eating or drinking much which can cause complications so the vet recommended keeping her in for the day to get her on some fluids and take some bloods to get her on the right medication to treat the infection. I was supposed to be going for a workout with Steve, but cancelled as I didn’t want Smokey at home by himself – this day was the first time they had EVER been separated and I wasn’t sure how he would cope. Cue me lavishing him with attention and playing with him most of the day. He was definitely missing his sidekick and keeping close to me, but he did ok.

In the end Sooty ended up staying at the vet overnight to make sure she really was on the road to recovery before coming home. This resulted in me MISSING A PARKRUN to go and pick her up. I won’t sacrifice parkrun for much, but my kitties always come first. I was so excited to get her home and was anticipating a grand reunion scene between her and Smokey, but once again I was mistaken and found myself on a steep learning curve about something called feline non-recognition aggression. In brief, Sooty smelled so strongly of the vet, a place Smokey associates with some stress, and wasn’t acting herself, so Smokey didn’t “recognise” her. It seems cats rely on scent for recognition far more than I had realised so as far as he was concerned I had brought a stranger into the house and my usually placid, easy-going boy was snarling and hissing at his sister. A huge shock given how close they usually are.

For the remainder of the day we had to keep them separated and I did a lot of work transferring scents and letting them sniff each other around doors, but it was clear they would have to remain separated overnight to give Sooty time to groom away some of the scent and begin to smell more like herself. There was a lot of back and forth, changing of cat locations and switching around of where we were going to sleep, eventually resulting in poor Steve sleeping on the floor in the living room (I think Sooty totally played him on this one!).

Thankfully by Sunday morning we reached a (slightly uneasy) truce so although I skipped my run to supervise the cats and make sure there were no fights, I was able to get to my SUP yoga session. It was REALLY windy so I definitely made up for missing Friday’s arm workout as I fought to paddle my board out to the line we attach to for yoga. It was so windy that several of the participants lay flat on their boards to “swim” out there!









In my absence, relations continued to improve between the kitties and they were now happy to eat side by side, something which had been a point of contention when we had tried first thing in the morning. I was pretty relieved as I had been worried about there still being issues as I returned to work the next day – this would have been far easier to deal with the week before! I had also been sad that maybe their close relationship was over – it’s just so darn cute when they cuddle up together/groom each other and I didn’t want that to be over after just the first year of their life. With things improving, I became hopeful that we might return to this again soon…

What have your pets done to derail your plans?
Any suggestions to get over my mental block on the headstand?

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