Week In Review – Summer Holidays Week 6

Rapidly running out of summer! This was week 3 of my 4 week plan to kickstart my training again, focus on strength work and yoga, and rebuild my miles. Here’s how it ended up:

Monday – PT session with Steve + Hatha yoga
Tuesday – 4 miles
Wednesday – PT session with Steve
Thursday – 4.5 miles + Ashtanga yoga
Friday – PT session with Steve
Saturday – parkrun sandwich + Great Perthshire Tattie Run
Sunday – 12 miles

I’ve been on a bit of a streak with yoga, however I’ll admit to not doing any on Saturday and breaking that streak. The reasons why will become clear as you read through this update!

The week began, as had become my habit, with a workout down at Steve’s studio. Still a mixture of exercises focusing on my arms. Still jumping in my post-workout selfie!

It’s been so good to have my Monday night yoga class on during part of the holidays and this was the last session of the holiday block – one week off before the new block begins with the new term

My run on Tuesday turned out to be a bit of a soggy one. I ran one of my staple routes and it certainly wasn’t cold, but I definitely looked a little “damp” by the time I finished!

I was back in the studio on Wednesday for my workout. Nothing particularly interesting to say, so to liven things up I used a filter for my selfie. I’m so down with the kids 😂

And that evening my sister stopped by to bring me a little something I had tacked on to her online order. I now declare myself ready! I’m not sure if I’m ready for Strictly Come Dancing (can’t wait for the new series to start!) or Disney, or both, but either way a Mickey-shaped discoball drinks cup is perfect for me!

Slightly better weather for my Thursday run, although by this point I was rather missing the sun as I wasn’t getting out to sit in the garden anymore. Still, at least it stayed dry. I had originally intended to run a 5 mile loop, however due to some roadworks and footpath closures on part of it, I made an alteration to my route which ended up being a little shorter. No big deal.

At Ashtanga that evening I felt really strong but I think I need to do some work on my headstand in between classes. I’m really beginning to think that the issue with holding it is all in my head as I know I have the core strength but seem to keep overthinking it and thus not achieving what I want. A little project for me!

The Friday was pretty wet. I headed to the studio for my session, then was out on some errands later in the day so needed my umbrella. It turns out nobody told the cats it’s bad luck to be under an umbrella inside 😹

After a fairly routine week with nothing particularly unusual going on, Saturday was a far more interesting day.  It began with the standard parkrun sandwich and I was pleased to inch my time down a little further, confirming that I have made progress since getting back home again.

But post-parkrun, that’s when the excitement began.

This was “Super Saturday” in Perth, with a number of events taking place. One of these event was Perthshire Pride and I hadn’t really being paying much attention to what was happening, figuring I would see a lot of it when I was about town. But on the evening before, the organisers announced a pretty big coup  – securing a big name to lead the parade and speak from the stage. Can you guess who? Only Sir Ian McKellen!! He was in the area with his show and had agreed to come along.

I was really keen to see him and after our usual breakfast and coffee with Steve’s brother, I headed around to the plaza to hopefully catch a glimpse of him. In the end, I mis-timed it a little as I had to make an emergency sunglasses purchase, so just caught the end of his speech, but I quickly realised that he hadn’t been whisked right off stage but was in fact down amongst the crowd, happily chatting and posing for photos.

I sharpened my elbows and dived in, determined to get a selfie. At one point I was within touching distance and with a little manoeuvring I got myself into a prime position to request a photo.

I had heard from others that Sir Ian is lovely and I would second that. He was chatting with people, talking to their kids, cooing over babies/toddlers and had no objection to photos. There was a security guard, but people weren’t really being kept back, I guess it was more in case of lots of pushing and shoving. Once I had my photo, I moved out of the crowd so others could have a turn.

And the fun wasn’t over yet. Another part of Super Saturday was the Great Perthshire Tattie Run, an event which debuted in Perth last year. It was over by the old city hall and getting there involved a short walk away from the rainbows and bright colours of Pride, past the armour and jousting knights (yes, really) of the Medieval Fayre, to the starting area of the Tattie Run where a gantry was being set up and someone had gamely dressed as their spud mascot.

I’ll not write a separate post since it was very much the same as my previous experience and you can read about that here. In brief, it’s just under a mile (4 laps of the city hall) carrying a sack of spuds: 10kg for women, 20kg for men. Those spuds seem to get heavier and heavier as the laps go on, and they are pretty awkward to carry, but the race itself is good fun.

It’s actually a free event (although you have to register to get a race number) and there are prizes for the top three (how those women whizzed around so quickly with those spuds I’ll never know, although I suspect they hadn’t already covered 7.5ish miles that morning!). All entrants get a medal and you get to keep the potatoes. That’s right, we went home with 30kg of potatoes so spuds with everything for the foreseeable future (and if you visit my house there’s every chance you will be presented with a “party bag” of about a dozen tatties when you leave 😂).
















After all that I needed a kind of restful evening. I fancied a bath but was also hungry, so Steve made a batch of homemade chips which I indulgently consumed in the bath. Who says being an adult isn’t fun haha!

I had 12 miles on the schedule the next morning and while that was perfectly do-able, I did feel like I still had a sack of spuds on my shoulders for the first few miles. Still, I got the miles done and completing a longer run whilst tired is good training for endurance events when I have that expectation of my body.

And that’s it. A fairly mundane week culminating in a pretty exciting weekend. I mean, it’s not every day you get a selfie with Gandalf, is it!

What celebrities have you met?
What’s the most novel race souvenir you’ve taken home?

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