Week In Review – Summer Holidays Week 5

This was week two of my 4-week plan to improve my strength and fitness before returning to work. I followed a similar pattern to the week before and fitted anything else I needed to do around that:

Monday – PT session with Steve + Hatha yoga
Tuesday – 4 miles
Wednesday – PT session with Steve
Thursday – 5 miles + Ashtanga yoga
Friday – PT session with Steve
Saturday – parkrun open sandwich
Sunday – 10 miles

As with the previous week, I have only included yoga classes but did do some home yoga on all the other days.

My Monday session this week was mainly body weight exercises e.g. the TRX as opposed to using free weights. Although my focus hasn’t changed, Steve does vary the exercises so my body can’t get too used to what we are doing. That probably explains why each session feels like it’s pushing me as I don’t know what to expect each time. That has to be a good thing.

That evening I had Hatha yoga. The room we use is part of a theatre arts group and we arrived to find they had installed mirrors on the wall so it was like a fitness studio. It’s been a while since I did yoga in a room with mirrors and it was interesting to observe my body in different postures as it meant I could self-adjust a little more. Sometimes you don’t feel that something isn’t quite right but it’s obvious as soon as you see it! Our balance posture was Eagle and for once I felt quite well balanced (usually my balance is better on my right leg than my left. I’m working on it).

On Tuesday I headed out for my usual 4 mile run and for the first time in ages I really felt like I had my own legs under me again. I honestly don’t know whose legs I had been running with, but they were rubbish! Finally the sluggishness and weariness had gone. A good thing too since I wanted to gradually lengthen my runs again and running on heavy, weary legs is miserable.

Back to the studio again on Wednesday morning for my arm session. How am I supposed to take a photo when Steve is chucking stuff at me? (It’s ok, it’s a really light, foamy kind of ball).

And later that day I caught the kitties being all cute ❤️

Thursday was another run and this time I opted for 5 miles so as to vary things a bit (I’ve been running 4 miles on Thursdays for most of the year). I kept the pace easy and really enjoyed being out in the sunshine.

This particular Thursday was the 1st of August, therefore I turned the page on my calendar. What a shock I got to see a cat very similar in appearance to Morven. Not quite the same, but enough to give me a start as I turned the page over!









My Ashtanga class that evening gave me an interesting update on my progress so far with my strength training. I found that I felt really strong in Wheel (remember when I used to really struggle with that one?) and had the sense that I could hold it for longer than the usual 5 breaths. I also managed a brief headstand, holding the posture for a couple of breaths before losing the form, so I’ll keep working on building that one up again.

Friday was another strength session with Steve. And another “interesting” photo! I think he tickled me right as I took it 🙄

Since it was International Beer Day, we made sure to mark the occasion over dinner that evening. It would have been rude not to!

For this parkrunday I was down to pace 28 minutes and Steve was RD so that meant it was better for me to run an “open sandwich” (i.e. run there and have a bacon roll in the cafe afterwards while he processed the results then head off in his car to get the food shopping). I think I slightly mis-calculated my pace since we are still on an alternative course due to council works on our usual course and it is a little longer. I based my pace on what I would run on the usual course to come in slightly quicker than my time, but on this course I was about 3 seconds too slow. Oops! Still, I’ll know for next time as it looks like we’ll still be on this course for a while.

I was a mermaid for this parkrunday, just because!











My Sunday run was 10 miles and while my pace is still not quite where it was, I felt comfortable over the distance despite running fasted and forgetting to take a gel out with me. Apparently I’ve forgotten how to organise myself for longer runs these days! Still, what a difference from a couple of weeks before when the last mile or two of my 10k run felt like I was wading through treacle on tired, heavy legs. I’m pretty happy when I can just head out the door and churn out 10 miles reasonably comfortably and I’m more or less there now so happy Allison! I did get kinda wet though, hence the face.

It’s great to be feeling so good again thanks to rest, sun, workouts and running. I do hope it lasts!

How are you getting on with your current goals?
Do you like to eat before a run or do you prefer to just head out?

8 thoughts on “Week In Review – Summer Holidays Week 5

  1. Nice work in the yoga- it sounds like great progress. I really miss my classes over the summer, as they are term time only, but this year I have found a few on you tube and been doing a few.
    I always prefer to run before eating, but in the week I’ll run in the evening before dinner so maybe after a snack.

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