Friday Finds – 9th August

Friday Finds is a regular feature in which I collate and share interesting articles and posts on running/health/fitness which I’ve read recently. Some might be inspiring, some might be scientific, some might provoke debate. All are things I’ve found in some way thought-provoking.

It’s still pretty quiet in my news feeds right now, although I suspect some autumn (fall) marathon news is beginning to filter in, but in the meantime it’s going to be another mixture of stuff I’ve spotted recently and some bits and pieces I’ve had saved. Enjoy!

As I write this, the weather seems to be pretty broken. It’s been pouring all day so I got drenched out on some quick errands and there’s more to come, along with more thunderstorms, tomorrow. Yet only the other day I was out for another warm summer run and last month was running in the Florida heat. We runners are never happy – it’s either too hot or too cold – but what’s the ideal temperature for running? Here’s Canadian Running with an answer:

Since I have been needing the time to reset and recharge, I was interested by this Brad Stulberg piece for Outside about wellness. It sometimes feels like every other day we’re being given some new top tip or life hack to improve our wellbeing, but here Stulberg sets out the real basics of how to help ourselves to feel good. It makes sense to me. What are your thoughts?

The time off work has allowed me more time to work out as well as more time to scroll through social media and I have definitely noticed a lot of films of workouts in places like Instagram. I’ll admit, I’m guilty of a post-workout picture (if there’s not picture, did it even happen? 😂) but these are in my garden after a run or in the privacy of Steve’s studio. A busy gym is quite another matter and this article discusses some of the reasons for it happening as well as some of the reactions. Is this something you see much of? How do you feel about it?

Speaking of gyms, I came across this great clip from the upcoming film “Brittany Runs a Marathon” in which the main character finds out how much it costs to join a gym. Kind of reminds me a little of myself ha!

And finally, ever since deciding to grow my hair longer again, I’ve been pretty obsessed with finding the best way to style it for running/workouts (currently going through a braids phase) so I was amused to see Runner’s World publish this list of great running haircuts through the years. Before my hair was long enough to braid I was going for bunches, so I think Grete Waitz is my favourite (although I suspect my pigtails weren’t “slicing back and forth like metronomic windshield wipers” when I ran!) What’s your favourite?

Happy reading,
The Running Princess

5 thoughts on “Friday Finds – 9th August

  1. I heard them talk about that haircut article on the running is BS podcast- I think a ponytail is hard to beat. If I need to wear a hat I have to do two side plaits but as my hair is so thick it bounces up and down and bangs on my shoulders which is very annoying!
    I like that wellbeing article- it reminded me of the Michael Pollan book, Eat Food, Not Too Much, Mostly Plants- keep things simple.

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