Week In Review – Summer Holidays Week 1

Howdy! It’s been a while since I last posted a training/life update, not because I had nothing to write, but because all sorts of things got in my way for a bit there. It’s now my goal to get caught up on these posts before the new school year starts later this month. Hopefully I can remember all the important things!

If you cast your mind back, you may remember that as the school year ended I wasn’t feeling too well. In the last week of term I was finishing work and heading straight home to my bed to try and sleep off whatever bug was working on my system, and I really did think I had it beaten as my sore throat disappeared and the shivers vanished. That was my first mistake! The only way I can describe it is that as soon as my throat stopped being sore, the pain “shifted” a little to the side and the back of my mouth became sore instead. Nothing too bad, but there all the same. Little did I know, there was a bit more of this journey to buckle up for and the impact on the first week of the holidays was ZERO running. That’s right, zero!

Monday – PT session with Steve
Tuesday – rest
Wednesday – flight to Florida
Thursday – rest
Friday – rest
Saturday – rest
Sunday – Disney day

As the week began, I headed down to the studio, still intent on my mission to work on my arms. I told Steve that my mouth was still bothering me, but I couldn’t decide if this was a “doctor” issue, a “dentist” issue or just something I had to ride out. As it happened, I had an appointment with my doctor that evening on an unrelated matter so mentioned it to him while I was there. He checked my throat and said it was all fine, said my symptoms from the previous week “sounded like something viral” (pretty much my own diagnosis) but there were still some glands up on the left side of my neck so to keep taking paracetamol/ibuprofen until it cleared. Fair enough, however that evening I struggled to sleep as the pain was radiating along my jaw and genuinely felt the same as when I had an infected wisdom tooth a few years ago. I called NHS 24 for advice and they thought it sounded like that too so told me to phone my dentist the next day. That would be THE DAY BEOFRE GOING AWAY ON HOLIDAY! Convenient!

I also encountered a packing difficulty 😹









The following morning I was actually a bit stressed. I had a window of time to deliver the kitties to the cattery and a window of time to call the dentist, both of which overlapped and I didn’t know how to make it work. What if the dentist said to go in right away? In the end, I called the dentist first, was given an appointment for the afternoon, then got on with everything else in the meantime. My mouth still really hurt, but painkillers were helping. So imagine my surprise when my dentist could find NOTHING wrong with my teeth. He checked really carefully, conscious of the partially-erupted wisdom tooth that caused problems before, even going as far as X-rays to check for anything below the surface. Nothing. Based on my previous symptoms, he explained that sometimes these viral things kind of get into the nerves at the back of the mouth and the brain has no idea how to read it, so tells you there is pain. Nothing to do beyond painkillers, but the good news was that it was a self-limiting issue so should resolve in a few days. I was pleased it wasn’t the wisdom tooth, but a bit fed up that I would have to put up with this for a little longer.

That said, I had a holiday to go on and I had a funny feeling these symptoms were my body’s way of telling me that I seriously needed to take a break. I’m generally of the belief that there’s not much a couple of weeks in Florida can’t fix and this was going to be the ultimate test. To be honest, I was a little worried about the flights as my ear was also a little sore (yes, I know, it’s connected up with my throat) and I was concerned the cabin pressure might make that worse, but actually it was fine. The biggest issue was eating and drinking. Although my jaw hurt, chewing was absolutely fine, it was swallowing that caused pain and nothing really seemed to ease it, not even ice cream! By the time I finally arrived “home” I was pretty fed up from a long day of travelling, constant painkillers and not being able to eat and drink properly. I actually went for a nap before dinner then did my best to eat the lovely meal mum had prepared.

Chicken cacciatore? My memories of this point in my life are pretty hazy!

The next two days, however, I pretty much wrote off. I think the flights somehow “re-ignited” whatever it was for one last hurrah and I felt rotten. Usually on the first morning I go for a run then head out for a mega breakfast. Instead, I said I couldn’t face it so had some watermelon at home then dozed in the sun. The next day I was supposed to go for a pedicure then meet my sister for some shopping. I stayed at home to rest while everyone else was out. By the time they got back I was feeling awful and pretty tearful as I just didn’t feel like I was getting any better and didn’t want to miss out on all my holiday plans that had been keeping me going through the end of the school year. But mum, sensible as ever, pointed out that if I wasn’t really eating or drinking much of note, of course I was going to feel rotten. She made me some chicken soup and at that point I think I began to turn a corner. She also gave me a painkiller with a little codeine in it and I learned that codeine knocks me out (as in, I have to sleep NOW knocked out) for a good 4 hours so some better sleep helped too.

By Saturday I was feeling A LOT better. The pain in my mouth was receding and I was able to actually swallow food and drink, but I decided to give my parkrun plans a miss to ensure I was fighting fit for the following day. I spent the day reading and snoozing in the sun, and by that evening I felt like a new person. Given how I had felt just 24 hours earlier, it felt like a miracle. Clearly the dentist was right about it resolving itself, but it amazes me how quickly things changed. I expected maybe a gradual improvement but this really turned around quite dramatically, probably because I got some food and drink inside me and had a proper rest.

Stuffed peppers

And so, the Sunday plans were on. For this trip we decided to be a bit busier as there were some opportunities available that I just can’t see us having again any time soon. This was the first of 3 days we planned to spend in the Disney parks and for each of them I basically off-loaded all the thinking to my sister, the annual passholder and resident expert thanks to her years working for The Mouse. I mean, she even told us when we were allowed bathroom breaks! I make fun a bit, but it was so liberating to be in the parks and not have to think about anything, just soak up the magic and feel myself de-stress. I actually found it really relaxing.

A bit early, but dad decided that we all have our birthdays in July now because it’s more convenient ha!

The plan for the first day was to arrive at Animal Kingdom for rope drop, walk briskly (running is forbidden!) across the park to ride Flight of Passage (the Avatar ride in Pandora that everyone raves about), check off the rest of the rides we wanted to do at AK then head over to Hollywood Studios to see what we could get on there and stay until park closing.

And we did it. Everything we wanted at AK by mid-morning, including breakfast and a bathroom stop. In fact, we walked OFF Flight of Passage at 8:54 and the park didn’t officially open until 9am. That’s a -6 minute queue right there! (Those in the line when we came out were in for a 3 hour wait. You snooze, you lose!). For the record, Flight of Passage is AMAZING and knowledge of the fairly mediocre Avatar movie isn’t required. If you haven’t done it before, I highly recommend it. We then did almost everything we wanted to at DHS, including Slinky Dog Dash (almost impossible to get on without a lengthy wait when it opened last summer), before watching my all-time favourite evening show, Fantasmic. By the end of the day I felt like I had been out for weeks, but I had done so much.

Met Kevin from ‘Up’

Met Olaf finding out what Frozen things do in summer

Saw my favourite show

Did a little Disney-bounding

Ate a Mickey pretzel 🙂

Went on Slinky Dog.

So a week that began in misery ended with the endless cheer of Disney. Things were looking up!

Have you ever had toothache?
What’s your favourite theme park ride?

2 thoughts on “Week In Review – Summer Holidays Week 1

  1. Oh poor you with that throat and tooth ache- it sounds horrible. Glad you turned a corner.
    I liked that new ride- I was a bit worried as I hate rollercoasters but it wasn’t too jerky (and in the really swoopy buts I shut my eyes and felt better). Soarin’ is my fave, although I don’t like the reboot as much- get me back to California without those weird CGI animals please!

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