Week In Review – Running Out of Oomph!

This week definitely felt a little easier than the previous couple of weeks, but it being the second last week of the school year here in Scotland meant that it felt a little bit like being at mile 18 of a marathon: the bulk of it is done and the real exhaustion is setting in, but the finish line is just that little bit too far away! Still, I made it through the week and now there’s just 4.5 days left before I can properly recharge my batteries, soak up some sunshine and get caught up on my life again! Training-wise there was a little shifting around, so here’s how things ended up:

Monday – Hatha yoga
Tuesday – 4 miles
Wednesday – 4.5 miles
Thursday – Ashtanga yoga
Friday – PT session with Steve
Saturday – parkrun
Sunday – 10 miles

It was a quiet yoga class on Monday evening. I guess we’re at that point in the year when lots of people, especially those with kids, have lots of other commitments that take up their time, or they are away on holiday. Many of us in the class have been feeling pretty tired so we had a class designed not just to build strength and flexibility, but also to help re-energise a little. Only one more class left in this current term-time block, but my teacher hopes to have a few classes over the summer so fingers crossed I can still get my Monday night yoga fix!

On Tuesday morning I was up and out the door for my usual 4 mile run and it soon became apparent that every ounce of weariness in my body had located itself in my legs! There was no soreness or heaviness, it was just one of those days where I felt like I was wading through treacle and even a slow pace felt like hard work. At this point in the year (and with everything that’s been going on) I’m happy to recognise that this will have an impact, so rather than worry about performance I’ll simply focus on consistency, on getting outside for some fresh air and headspace while I keep my legs turning over. There’s plenty of time over the summer to sharpen up my pace once I’m feeling more rested.

That said, I actually noticed a big difference in my performance when I ran on Wednesday evening. Wednesday was our wedding anniversary and since it was a school night we opted to celebrate at home with fajitas and fizz. However I was a little concerned that this particular combination may not sit well in my digestive system when it came to an early run, so opted to run on Wednesday evening rather than Thursday morning to avoid a potentially uncomfortable (and unplanned!) “sprint finish”. I had actually spent a good part of the afternoon out on our playing fields watching sports day and miraculously it was really nice weather, so the chance to run in minimal clothing on a nice summer evening was pretty appealing. There hasn’t been much in the way of good summer weather so far this year so it was good to take advantage of the opportunity. Almost immediately, I noticed that I felt so much better  – springier and like running was a bit less effort – and my overall pace was much more pleasing too. I do like running in the evening, but the morning runs definitely suit my routine and energy levels better these days so I’ll be sticking with those for the time being.

Post-run I made the fajitas, which featured the debut of my new “tortilla warmer” which I picked up in the wondrous middle aisle of Aldi last week – surely not just me that loves a wander along there to pick up random goodies?

And Steve had made one of his signature sherry trifles for dessert. Yum!

The change to my running schedule meant that I didn’t have to get up quite so early on Thursday, but it did feel weird not to be going out for a run. The weather was still good so it would have been nice to be out early and feeling that coolness that still hints at a warmer day to come. That said, a little extra sleep was good and I still had some energy when I arrived at my Ashtanga class that evening. Sadly the regular teacher was ill so we had a “substitute teacher”. She seemed nice enough, but taught the class very differently and I don’t think I always respond well to that as my practice has adapted to suit the teacher we usually have. I was hoping to have another go at the headstand, but we didn’t do it in this class so it will have to wait another week.

I had plans on Friday evening, but since we’re close to the end of term I was able to leave work quite swiftly at the end of the day and make it back to Steve’s studio for a PT session. He managed to set up another different arm circuit for me and although I am definitely beginning to feel more strength, by the end of the session my arms were ready to give up!

After this I headed home to get showered and changed for an evening out with my mum and my sister. We were heading to the concert hall for a show by three of the male pros from Strictly Come Dancing and I’ve been looking forward to this for a while, not just because I was getting to see the dancers, but also because I knew that it would mean my summer holidays were just around the corner. My dad was the chauffeur for the evening and he picked me up in time for us to get to the concert hall for our dinner (I had chicken strips followed by a gourmet burger).









We had great seats and the show was fantastic – really high energy and lots of fun banter between the guys (who were obviously playing up to a predominantly female crowd!). This show was actually quite early in the tour but you wouldn’t have known it. A fantastic evening.

Saturday was also destined to be a busy day so I “only” had time for parkrun, and had to skip running there and back. I know my body is tired so had no real aim for this run, but I ended up running a little faster than last week. Somehow my pace is still improving, no doubt because I have been very consistent lately, which I’m happy about.

We seemed to be home so quickly since we had the car, but we wanted time to get properly cleaned up since we were going to an event to celebrate the life of someone the world lost recently. It was fairly low-key, but not an occasion to be parkrun fresh!

The first part of the event took place at the top of the hill overlooking Perth so we had a slow walk up there and listened to a few people saying some words in tribute. The weather was perfect and afterwards I took a few minutes to look at the views. It’s been a while since I was up there.

Right in the middle of this photo, just below the river, is the pond where I do SUP yoga.

Then, there was a small gathering for some food and drinks. Although we were there for a sad reason, it was nice to reconnect with some people we’ve not seen in a while.

After all that exertion we both had a short nap before a relaxing evening at home.

For my Sunday run I decided on 10 miles, but was in absolutely no hurry to get out so took my time getting organised and out the door. Steve wasn’t feeling great so he got some extra sleep while I was out – totally unlike him but he was much better when I got back. It was a bit of a strange run as the temperature didn’t sound all that high and it was pretty dull, but it felt really muggy so even in shorts and a T-shirt I was absolutely dripping by the time I finished. I may have also inadvertently infiltrated an event taking place on the Inch. It was a fundraiser for the local football team where participants were encouraged to walk or run up to 3 laps (personal choice – no, I don’t understand either!) whilst wearing blue (the team colours). I had planned on running a lap as part of my route and when I got down there I noticed some marshals but nobody who seemed to be taking part in an event, so it was onto when I met someone I knew in one of the marshal roles that I found out. But as I completed my lap I found myself behind a small group walking around and since I was wearing my Edinburgh finishers’ T-shirt, which is the same blue as the football team colours, I think some people thought I was taking part as I was aware of some shouts and claps as I ran past. Oops! How do these things always happen to me? 😂

Once home it was time for the glamorous job of some housework. I’d have left it a couple of days longer, but my parents were visiting in the afternoon so I had to have everything nice and tidy. At least having visitors meant we could have tea and a slice of cake!

Now just this one, endless last week before school finishes for the summer. I keep telling myself I can make it!

Are you going on holiday this summer?
Ever had anyone think you were part of a race/event when you were simply out for a run?

6 thoughts on “Week In Review – Running Out of Oomph!

  1. I try to avoid the middle aisle because I get so tempted by things- this is why internet shopping is better as then I just order what we need!
    You are so close to the summer- you can get through those last few days! I’ve got a month to go here and you are right in how it feels- so much to fit in and just a bit too far away to feel that it’s close enough!
    That thing with the race has happened to me before- I was running along and saw a few marshals and a water station, and then realised I was on a 10k route. I needed to turn off before the end, and as I ran towards the finish I got cheered in and had to sort of point out I had no number on (as I would have been the first finisher and no way especially on my long runs do I look like a front runner!) and then turn off the route to all the marshals surprise!

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