7 Day Journaling Challenge – Day 3

I have decided to take part in a 7 day journaling challenge as a way of writing in a different format to normal. My aim is to write for about 10 minutes in response to the prompt, tidy up any typos then post my entry here. Feel free to join in…

As my eyelids bat open I can already feel that things are going to be perfect. It’s early, yet I wake naturally having rested well in this comfortable bed with its soft pillows and beautiful duvet. Flinging open the shutters, I’m greeted with a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower at the end of the boulevard – just like in the movies!

I pull on my favourite running shorts and a top, lace up my trainers and head out for an early morning run along the banks of the River Seine. The city is beginning to stir and the only people around are the municipal workers who hose the streets down every morning so everything is clean and fresh for the day ahead. I greet other runners with “bonjour” until I begin to feel like provincial Belle from Beauty and the Beast!

Post-run, a lovely hot shower with one of those rainfall heads, then I dress, gather the things I need and head for the station, picking up fresh, warm pain au chocolat and that lovely strong French coffee along the way. 

After mere minutes in a TGV carriage I arrive at Marne-la-Vallée, home of Disneyland Paris. The sun is out, there’s not a cloud in the sky and yet it’s still quiet. Plenty of people to give atmosphere, but not so crowded that I have to sharpen my elbows.

Passing effortlessly through the entrance turnstiles, I walk forward to be greeted by my favourite view – a princess castle, an array of characters to meet, balloon sellers and groups of happy, smiling people. There is music playing and the smells of food drifting from vendors along Main Street.

My first port of call is to buy a pair of Minnie Mouse ears – it’s my rule to buy a new pair for each visit and my collection is growing. After that, it’s time to explore, chatting easily with cast members as my French is flawless today – every verb conjugated to perfection and every tense correct.

Thanks to the lack of crowds, I can walk onto my favourite rides with next to no wait and I easily get fastpasses to take me straight on to those big ticket rides. Every ride photo shows my face full of joy as the adrenaline is pumped around my body and I’m so happy I could actually cry.

I snack on pastries and enjoy a Mickey Mouse-shaped ice cream. Dinner is a character dining experience where all my favourite characters come to my table and pose for photographs. The food is delicious and is accompanied by a nice glass of wine – it is France after all!

Souvenirs purchased, rides completed and appetite satisfied, I find the perfect spot close to the castle to watch the fireworks. From where I’m standing, nobody can get in front of me to spoil my view by hoisting their child onto their shoulders (it was the same earlier in the day when I found the ideal spot to watch the parade) and I gasp as the fireworks fill the sky, choreographed to music which blends both French and English lyrics, and accompanied by the most wonderful projections onto the castle. It’s like a movie screen and every inch is perfect.

When the last fizz, crack and pop of the fireworks has faded away, it’s time to turn my back on the castle and make my way towards the exit. But I don’t have too far to go as this night will be spent in a sumptuous room in the Disneyland Hotel, right by the entrance to the main park. The room will be decorated in exquisite taste, but with a Disney twist and as I settle into my comfortable bed, feet weary in a way that only a satisfying day in a theme park can create, I smile to myself, remembering the wonderful memories I have created and looking forward to the wake-up call I will receive from The Big Cheese the following morning before another magical day in the happiest place on earth.

What would your perfect day be?

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