7 Day Journaling Challenge – Day 2

I have decided to take part in a 7 day journaling challenge as a way of writing in a different format to normal. My aim is to write for about 10 minutes in response to the prompt, tidy up any typos then post my entry here. Feel free to join in…

Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes. Yes, there are the big ticket items that make me happy – visiting my beloved Paris, going to Florida, spending time in Disney theme parks. But there are also plenty of everyday things which will bring joy into my day:

I love a nice lie-in, reading my book in bed with a cup of tea.

I love getting cuddles from my kittens, feeling their wee warm bodies cosying in beside me at night.

I love the sunshine, especially when it’s a warm summer day with that glorious, endless feeling about it.

I love to head to my yoga mat and stretch out my body.

I love to head out on the water on a standup paddleboard, to feel the water below me and the sun on my face.

I love a run. Oh boy, do I love a run. The kind where you get into your groove and feel like you could go on for ever and ever.

I love hot buttered toast made by somebody else.

I love a hot bath and a nice glass of red wine.

I love going back through old photos and reliving experiences that make me so happy I could actually cry.

These days, with so much negativity in the world, finding happiness in the day to day is so important. I do like to have something bigger planned to look forward to, such as a holiday or short trip somewhere, but the older I get, the more I come to recognise that I need to find happiness in every day. Something to make me smile. Even the smallest things can turn my day around, like a pupil telling me something funny or showing me the progress they have made. Like playing with my kittens (who are practically a year old and can’t really be called kittens for much longer) and observing the way they throw themselves into play. Right at this moment, I’m happy because the sun is out, I’ve just eaten a simple but delicious lunch of spaghetti and tomato sauce, I have a cup of tea by my side in my favourite mug and I have a yoga class to look forward to later. 

Sometimes, the simple things can bring the most happiness to our days.

What things make you happy?

You can read Day 1 here.

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