Week In Review – Storms And Snow

Last week was a stormy week, but thankfully more due to weather than anything else. I think in terms of weather March was pretty broken last week – hard to believe people were having barbecues in February when now we’re being practically blown away and there has been snow! Despite it all, training continued:

Monday – Hatha yoga
Tuesday – 4 miles
Wednesday – rest
ThursdayAshtanga yoga rest
Friday – PT session with Steve
Saturday – parkrun sandwich
Sunday – 12 miles with every third mile faster

As ever, the week began with my Monday evening Hatha yoga class. I’d been bothered by a tight upper back/neck over the weekend which had been giving me a headache, so Steve had helped me to ease it off and relaxing in a yoga class really made a difference. Just what I needed.

The forecast for Tuesday was awful with the full force of Storm Gareth (weather with a “person name”, sigh!) due to hit us. But by some miracle it was actually not raining when I headed out for my run, which was a real bonus. Yes, it was pretty windy, but since this is really a recovery run it didn’t make much difference and I enjoyed being out.

Usually I do some yoga at home on a Tuesday, but this week  there wasn’t enough time as I had to have something to eat then pick my sister up to head into town. She was literally a few hours home from her holiday but she had got us tickets to see Brendan Cole (formerly one of the pro dancers in Strictly Come Dancing) in his new touring show. I think that’s 5 times I’ve seen him live now and this new show was probably the best so far. It opened with a number from The Greatest Showman and the first half finished with a number from Moulin Rouge. I loved it! It did mean a slightly later night than normal, but totally worth it.

After being up a bit later I took Wednesday as a rest day but did make sure to do a short yoga practice first. It was good to have a reasonably restful evening at home.

On Thursday I was up and out for another set of form drills. My plan had me lengthen the work interval and so the number of reps had dropped back down again. I actually quite enjoyed the workout, but part way through the run I began to feel a bit of tightness in my left leg, close to the ankle. It was still bothering me later in the day but Steve was able to spot the issue and correct the movement pattern that was leading to it. Phew!

Less fortunate was my inability to leave work in time to make it to Ashtanga yoga. I really must make sure to prioritise things for myself over work a bit more as I’m conscious that I’m leaving late quite often right now, which in turn leaves me feeling rather wiped out. Hopefully things will be a bit calmer soon! In the meantime, I opted for some home yoga again since I missed my class, then settled in for another quiet evening at home.

I did manage to leave work in good time on Friday which meant that I could make it to the studio for a training session. Steve wanted to do some work with a medicine ball to increase the range of movement around my left ankle/foot joint as he believed that had contributed to some of the tightness I had experienced recently. We also did some hip mobility work on the floor as well as some core work with the TRX.

Steve was Run Director at parkrun on Saturday morning so we did a little bit of re-jigging of our weekend. From his previous experiences of being RD, we knew it was pretty tight for him to complete his duties and make it over to meet his brother for breakfast, so this time we arranged to meet his brother on Sunday afternoon instead. This meant Steve had plenty of time to linger in the cafe processing the results. There are actually 2 cafes next to where our parkrun is and I had actually never been to the one Steve was going to use, so we decided that I should join him for some breakfast while the results were going through. To make this work, he set off for his early client with a warm top and jacket for me in his car, I ran down then did a cool down jog afterwards while I was waiting for him.

Of course the weather wasn’t playing ball and I ran down to parkrun in snow, but the paths in the park were pretty clear. It was our “winter course” of 2 laps of the park again since the weather wasn’t conducive to using our main route, and given the conditions I was pretty pleased to stop my watch on 24:24.

This marked my 150th run in Perth, and while 150 isn’t an official parkrun milestone, we often do have shouts outs for things like that. The week we went to Kirkcaldy I completed my 150th parkrun and learned afterwards that the RD in Perth that day had announced it so it was nice to get a shout for my 150th Perth run, even if it is arbitrary!

The cafe afterwards was really nice. It was cosy, full of parkrunners and they had really good bacon rolls on the menu. While Steve processed the results, I gazed around and noticed someone wearing a top from the With Me Now podcast (an independent podcast about parkrun – check it out if parkrun is your thing). I actually ended up talking to the woman wearing it and it was really nice to have a chat with someone different thanks to a shared interest, although I don’t think Steve had a clue what we were on about since it was all in-jokes and names unfamiliar to him. The whole thing felt to me like what I imagine when I read/listen to discussions of post-parkrun cafes, so I think it’s safe to say I really enjoyed my first “official” parkrun cafe experience!

But the weather did mean that my bathroom ended up looking like this all afternoon as we dried off all the kit:

Meanwhile outside:

Sunday was my long run and it was 12 miles. I had been concerned that thanks to the various interruptions I’ve had in February and early March  I was falling behind in my training and wasn’t where I hoped to be. But as I looked through my training logs to choose a route, I realised that my long run mileage is at EXACTLY the same place it was last year. Clearly I need to let go of the idea that I’m “behind”, embrace the process and keep on going. I’m probably in a stronger position than I think.

Thanks to Saturday’s snow, I had no idea what to expect on my run. I was supposed to run every third mile faster, but when I got to the third mile I was on a path that still had quite a lot of snowy patches and there was a powerful headwind, so I simply ran as well as I could then was able to pick up the pace on mile 4. After that, I decided just to run to feel and see what happened. What happened was I enjoyed the run and felt like I could have kept on going – a positive sign.

After lunch it was nice to catch up with family over tea and tiffin, then head home for a nap. Oh the rock and roll lifestyle of a marathon runner 😂

What podcasts are you listening to just now?
How has the weather been where you are?

8 thoughts on “Week In Review – Storms And Snow

  1. More storms with names! And I think we had Hannah this week too? Although there weren’t really any gaps in the wind so I’m not sure when one ended and the next one started!
    Breakfast in the cafe sounds so lovely- I’ve only done that properly post-parkrun a handful of times because our local ones have coffee vans, and if I’m touring usually it means we’re having a weekend somewhere and Andy is either meeting me for breakfast near the hotel, or I need to get back to shower before we head out.
    It’s amazing that you have managed 150 runs in one parkrun- good dedication!

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