Week In Review – Back On Track?

Another week, another weekly roundup, and this week I at least have some actual running to report! By the beginning of the week the cough had pretty much gone and I was feeling good to run again, albeit tentatively at first. Here’s my week:

Monday – rest
Tuesday – 4 miles
Wednesday – rest
Thursday – form drills + Ashtanga yoga
Friday – PT session with Steve
Saturday – long run parkrun sandwich
Sunday – rest

As you can see, still not quite back to normal, but definitely progress from the week before. There was no yoga class on Monday and I had grand plans for some home practice but also needed to catch up on a few chores I hadn’t managed to get to at the weekend and by the time I had done that there was no time left for yoga. Still, at least I felt a little more organised.

Tuesday was when things began to feel a little more on track. I got up for my usual pre-work run and took it nice and easy. I felt good and really enjoyed being back out again. With no ill effects afterwards, I had the confidence to carry on with my return to training.

I did manage some home yoga on Tuesday evening and had hoped to repeat that on Wednesday before my orchestra rehearsal but there was just no time. This part of the school year is so busy with mock exams, coursework and pupils needing a little extra help after school that sometimes these other things have to be set aside for a bit. Wednesday was also Love Your Pet Day, so here’s a bonus picture of my cats past and present.

I was up early again on Thursday to head out for a run and this time it was a set of form drills. I decided to pick up with the session I missed last week and see how it went – and it went well. I felt like I was flowing well through the intervals although perhaps running out of steam a bit towards the end (mind you, it’s probably supposed to feel a little like that in order to improve fitness).

That evening I made it back to my Ashtanga yoga class and really enjoyed it. My Wheel was strong and after previously overthinking Headstand, I held it comfortably for a good number of breaths (with a reasonably graceful “discount”) so was pleased with that. I just wish I could sort myself out to fit more home yoga into my week as I think I felt stronger when I was managing to do that.

On Friday I had to stay at work a bit later but fortunately Steve was still able to see me for a training session. We worked on some mobility around my upper back and shoulders, then followed that with some strength work for arms and abs. A decent workout and targeting some areas I felt needed attention.

I arrived home from the session to find a postcard waiting for me. I love getting postcards from far-flung places so this was really exciting to know that someone had thought of me whilst on their travels and taken the time to send a note. So much more personal than a text or email.

When we went for our dinner that evening there was a mixed grill on as a special so we opted to have that. Quite a lot of meat but tasty and it made for decent fuel to see me through my miles the following morning.

Due to Sunday plans, it was more convenient to have a longer run on Saturday morning, so I laid out my kit the night before like I do for my early runs during the week to allow me to set off to run to parkrun via a longer route. I knew this would be just over 6 miles to the parkrun start but, with enough time when I arrived, I carried on to complete a lap of the park meaning I had 7.75 miles in the bank before parkrun. There was just enough time to nip to the loo then try to discreetly take a gel to give me a bit of a boost for my remaining miles (I didn’t want to be one of those people who take a gel before a 5k haha!) before the run briefing.

I had fairly low expectations for my parkrun performance since I had already  covered so many miles and had stopped for about 10 minutes but was able to get my legs moving a little faster. I was particularly pleased to find that I felt better as the run went on and was able to up the pace for the last mile. My time was a little under 26 minutes which although not fast for me, was a decent average pace as part of a longer run.

Barcode scanned and quick picture taken, I set off to run back home again – this time taking a more direct route which I knew to be 2.25 miles. I had been doing sums all morning and had worked out that this would mean I had covered half marathon distance for the morning. SInce that distance matched my longest training run of this cycle so far, I was happy with that.

After a quick shower and change, Steve and I headed into town for our bacon croissant. I DEFINITELY felt I had earned this one!

We even managed to complete all our Saturday errands before heading home to chill out (I had a nap!) for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, as the day progressed I also began to feel the telltale signs that the cough was trying to make a reappearance and head for my chest. This is not something I want to happen so I had a nice hot bath then made sure to smother my chest in decongestant and take some precautionary cough medicine before bed.

My original plan had been a short, easy run on Sunday morning but I soon binned that idea when I realised that a) my legs felt like I had raced a half marathon (the perils of a week off affecting my conditioning) and b) I definitely had some chest congestion and running would therefore be A Bad Idea. Instead I had a restful morning before gettting ready for a jaunt to Edinburgh with my poorly MacBook. Unfortunately it’s still not up and running, but I am now a step closer to knowing if I need an inexpensive repair or a new computer! However since we were in Edinburgh a trip to Hotel Chocolat was in order to enjoy their Easter offering: Hot Cross Bun Hot Chocolate. Yum!

So there you have it. I’m a little upset that I don’t seem to be fully over whatever bug led to the pesky cough and unsure if this means more time off or not. Keep your fingers crossed I can finally shift this once and for all and properly return to my usual training soon.

When was the last time you got a postcard?
What’s the longest run you’ve done that included parkrun?

7 thoughts on “Week In Review – Back On Track?

  1. I hope that the cough doesn’t make a reappearance and that you are feeling OK this week.
    I’ve run to and from Ellenbrook before which is 5 miles away, so the run there, parkrun and then run home is a half marathon, but the main problem is that by the time I’ve run home again it’s getting late in the morning.
    That hot chocolate looks so good- I do love their cafes.
    Getting a postcard is so lovely- I think the last one was when we moved house my parents were in Namibia and sent us one to our new address as their version of a new house card- I’ve still got it.

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  2. Nice work on the long run parkrun sandwich! And the bacon croissant looks like an ideal refuel 🙂
    I’ve done 20 miles with a parkrun once. I ran to Eastleigh parkrun but got a bit lost – I’d only intended on doing 18 and it was really rather stressful!! I was 10 minutes late to the parkrun and consequently my time was like 35 minutes but ehh I got the miles!

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