Week In Review – Time Out!

The sensible hat was well and truly on my head this past week as I decided not to run so that I could shift the cough that was troubling me. I have to say, I did miss my morning runs and by the end of the week could feel that I was needing to get out there again, but I also know it was the best decision as it meant the cough cleared pretty quickly. It doesn’t give me so much to write about here though!

Monday – Hatha yoga
Tuesday – rest
Wednesday – rest
Thursday – Ashtanga yoga
Friday – rest
Saturday – parkrun
Sunday – 10k

Despite the time away from running, I still wanted to make sure I continued with yoga so on Monday night I popped a cough lozenge in my mouth and headed off to class. Apart from anything else, it was the last one before stopping for the holidays. All was good until we lay down in savasana at the end, at which point I began to cough and had to sit up through the relaxation. Thank goodness everyone there is a friend and was very nice about it. I hate being a disruption to the relaxation.

On Tuesday I opted for a home practice using a Yoga with Adriene video for when you’re feeling unwell. It was actually quite nice and did make me feel a little bit restored.

Wednesday was the last orchestra rehearsal of the term and I was keen to get there after missing the previous two. I wasn’t sure if I would stay for the whole thing or not, but there was a decision to finish earlier so I managed to last (and was enjoying it once I got there).

By Thursday I was feeling much better and the cough had been improving day by day to the point where I wasn’t really coughing much any more. I made to to Ashtanga yoga (if I had still been coughing badly I was going to give it a miss and stay at home) where I felt quite strong and actually drifted off in relaxation – quite a contrast to Monday!

I made Friday another rest day as my friend who does my nails was starting again after having her baby and I really wanted my nails done for Christmas. Of course I couldn’t resist a sparkly glitter called Winter Wonderland!

As the weekend began I was desperate to get running again and knew I would be ok. The forecast for Saturday was for some snow, but not until later in the day so parkrun was not affected. It was, however, very cold as there was an icy wind and it felt much colder than the actual temperature. This did mean we could use our normal route as the grass was nice and firm. I bundled myself up in warm gear and reluctantly removed my cosy jacket right before we started. I had no idea how I would get on – either the rest would have me feeling great or I’d go out too fast and pay for it. As I began I genuinely thought I was going too fast and was going to pay, but I was able to sustain the effort for a Royal Flush Negative Split (yes!) and a 24:22 finish. Much speedier than I expected, but possibly all in aid of staying warm.

That evening Steve was out at a festive gathering but for me it was all about one thing – the Strictly Come Dancing final. I had my disco diva leggings, a glass of prosecco and some snacks to see me through and I loved it. Only problem is, once it’s over I feel sad that I will have such a long wait until the next series 🙁

But while I was watching the snow did fall and lay on the roads. It was quite a surprise to see this when I looked out of the window!

It was still there on Sunday morning, but the low overnight temperature meant it was actually quite slippery so I decided on a 10k route where I could run on main roads and hopefully avoid the worst of it. I also popped my trusty Yaktrax back on my shoes to give me plenty of grip.

It was quite a pleasant run, but I have to say it felt a bit too easy so I’m looking forward to getting some more running done during the coming week to make up for it.

After that, a few errands then time for another Christmas movie. You can’t go wrong with The Muppets and this one always makes me feel Christmas-y. A lovely way to finish the week.

Have you had snow so far this winter?
What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

4 thoughts on “Week In Review – Time Out!

  1. I LOVE the Muppets Christmas carol! Also Home Alone is a classic, and In Bruges for an escape from all the sentimentalism!
    No snow here, but we are a long way south so it usually takes a while before reaching here!

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  2. Apart from the snow back in March we haven’t had any snow here on the South Coast. There are so many good Christmas movies! I have too many favourites to name them all.
    I just did Adriene’s cosy yoga. Her videos are good.

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