The Daily Post – Favourite Place

For this month, I’ve chosen the prompt Favourite Place. I did give this some thought as I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make a simple choice and pick my favourite chair, or if I wanted to choose foreign climes (with Paris definitely under consideration). In the end, I decided on Florida. I nearly picked my comfy sun lounger by the pool, but I think this busy time of year has me craving a little Disney magic!

So here it is. My favourite place…


Where is your favourite place?

5 thoughts on “The Daily Post – Favourite Place

  1. How can you choose just one place? 🙂
    One of my favourite places is Brighton – easy to get to for the weekend and you can walk for miles along the seafront, plus loads of lovely cafes. But then if it is a holiday destination then Florida has to be up there, as does the Canadian Rockies and also Hawaii- I feel like there is something in the air in Hawaii which just makes you slow down and relax.

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  2. Oh wow I have so many! I think it helps to have lovely people to spend time with as well. I love Brighton (like Maria) and Bristol because of friends. I also love Orlando as a holiday to do all the theme parks. And Wales, I love Wales. And hopefully so many more places to come!

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