The Daily Post – Bridge

After my visit to South Queensferry this past weekend, I’m inspired to make this month’s prompt a photo response.

Somehow, I’ve never before visited South Queensferry, and I’m so glad I’ve been now. It has fantastic views of the famous Forth bridges – the new Queensferry Crossing, the Road Bridge it replaced and, of course, the iconic Rail Bridge (technically known simply as just The Forth Bridge).

It’s become a recognisable symbol of Scotland and UNESCO World Heritage Site. On a sunny day like this past Saturday, it looks amazing. Imagine having this view from your back garden! Just stunning.

9 thoughts on “The Daily Post – Bridge

  1. It was built as the same time as La Tour Eiffel Just stunning Thank you for sharing your photos.
    At the time, it was noted that you could place two Eiffel Towers end-to-end into each of the three Forth Bridge double cantilever towers. This means that you can fit six Eiffel Towers into the Forth Bridge, and that still leaves the approach viaducts at each end.

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