7 For 2017 – Nearly There!

Well hello there October! Where did you sneak up from? It hardly seems like any time since I was setting my goals for 2017 and here we are three quarters of the way through the year. Time to check in and see how I’m doing (you can read my previous updates here and here).


1. Set some new race PBs
This one has been at a bit of a standstill since my success at the Inverness half marathon back in March, and with no race plans for the remainder of 2017, I suspect I’ve done all I can here. My main aim was to set a new marathon PB and beat that 4:05:07 that’s been hanging over me since Paris 2014. Unfortunately it was not to be, although I did make some positive progress. Back in April I was thwarted by the Paris heat, however did manage to run what was then my second fastest marathon time of 4:32:07 (yup, my PB is somewhat of an outlier!). I followed this up at the end of September with another try at the Loch Ness marathon, and while I still didn’t crack that elusive 4 hour mark, I did lower my 2017 performance to 4:18:10 (now my second-fastest). I’m not giving up though, and have already entered a spring marathon to have another try.
I had thought I might have a go at a new 10k PB (sub-50) but have not actually raced a 10k this year. I did, however, come tantalisingly close to my 5k parkrun PB of 23:14 when I ran a 23:19 a couple of weeks before Loch Ness. This was really pleasing as this was also a real outlier in my performance history so it was good to prove to myself that it had not been a fluke, even if the time is two years old! Now onwards into 2018!
Progress: 1/3 achieved; Improving picture

2. Run my 100th parkrun
This goal relies on consistency. I’ve missed very few parkruns this year, mainly planned misses due to post-marathon recovery, and still have enough of a cushion to achieve my 100th run before the end of the year. At present I’ve completed my 93rd, so just 7 more to go. Definitely achievable, perhaps by the start of December.
And my bonus parkrun goal is to achieve my 25 volunteer T-shirt. Thanks to my pacing duties this year I only have one more to go before I have that one all wrapped up.
Progress: On track

3. Maintain my step goal streak
Back in July I achieved the first part of this goal – one full year of taking 10,000 steps per day. Now, I’m working on completing the second part of the goal – a calendar year of 10,000 steps per day. I’ve not yet broken my streak (currently at 472 days) so continuing the habit for now should be achievable.
Progress: On track


4. Read at least 30 books
This is now the goal that needs the most attention. I’m tracking my reading on Goodreads this year and, with 19 out of 30 books read, am 4 behind schedule to complete this one. This is an advance on the 25 books I read in 2016 and I did set this goal knowing it would push me. I had hoped the summer might bring me up to speed, but I now need to try and set aside a bit more time for reading. Watch this space!
Progress: Needs Attention

5. Make more time to relax and prioritise rest during the work week
The summer break allowed me to reset a bit on this one, and as soon as term began I made sure to prioritise rest right from the start. This meant trying not to allow my natural night-owl tendencies to take over and stay up too late on week nights, as well as scheduling an afternoon nap into my Saturday routine to help counter the busy week. It’s not always easy to fit in everything I want to do, but I am getting better at this one.
Progress: Much improved

6. Commit to more yoga outside of my weekly classes
I’m really pleased with this one. Thanks to the Tough Girl 100 challenge I was able to make regular yoga much more of a habit for me, and enjoyed doing so. Things have faltered a bit of late thanks to the time pressures of being away on a trip, but now that I’m getting organised again I’m looking forward to adding some more yoga to my days. My favourite is some bedtime yoga to help me unwind and rest well, helping me with that goal too!
Progress: On track

7. Blog more consistently
Another one that’s going well. I wanted to improve on my 2016 pattern by publishing at least one post per week IN ADDITION to Friday Finds. So far, so good. I think I’ve only had one late Friday Finds, but it has gone out every week. I’ve also published a Week in Review post every Monday, as well as many additional posts when I can. I’m trying to use school holidays to work through the ideas in my drafts and have posts scheduled in advance, but it definitely feels much more consistent than last year. Very pleasing.
Progress: On track


A bit of a mixed bag right now, but then goals are there to be a challenge rather than a guarantee. I’ve definitely made positive progress towards each of these, and will do my best to achieve those I still can. Hard to believe that the next time I write about my goals will be a review at the end of the year! I wonder what I will achieve…?

How are you getting on with your goals for 2017?
What would you still like to achieve this year?

10 thoughts on “7 For 2017 – Nearly There!

  1. Good job on your goals.

    What about taking a book on a run with you and listening to it? I did that before when I was trying to get my reading done for a class. You can get a run and reading in. 🙂

    As for your marathon times, are you running your LSD run 30-40 seconds slower than your race pace? And are you do some tempo runs or what we call ‘me times’ in your long runs? These are two things I do now and have learned from my leading my marathon run group. Both have been beneficial to me and others. Maybe they could help you?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Kyla. I’ve played around a lot with my long run strategy, but in my last cycle it was 2 miles slow (probably around 30 secs slower than goal pace) with a faster pick-up in the 3rd mile. This worked well and I think my issues in that race were more about poor fuelling the day before thanks to a very poorly cat and a lot of stress. Some things you just can’t prepare for, but it’s one of my reasons for picking a race closer to home next time so I can relax and get properly fuelled the day before.

      I’ve considered listening to audio books as I do enjoy a podcast (as you know), however my self-imposed “rule” for this goal is that I must read the print text – no audio books or 15 minute summaries. It is something I might do in future though…

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      • You are right, there are some things we can’t prepare for. And with a marathon, even if all did go right beforehand you don’t know what you body will do race day. Good luck with your race closer to home. I will look forward to reading about it.

        As for audio books, I didn’t know about the rule but it is a good one 🙂 Happy reading.

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  2. What a great list of goals!! I think I’ll set some similar ones next year to try and keep myself motivated 😊 I suppose with the reading, you can get some of that done in the Christmas holidays? That’s when I’m hoping to catch up on my fiction – my work involves a lot of reading and writing and analysing literature during the day so I normally don’t want to read for pleasure even when I have the time. But christmas will be a good break for that!

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    • Yes! Holidays are going to be spent with a lot of reading. I’m on a break from school right now, but with being away on a packed trip last week I didn’t read much. Catching up a bit now though.
      Definitely set some goals next year. They don’t have to be big, but it’s worth it to keep you motivated and accountable.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh yes of course, it’s half term! Hope you’re enjoying the free time 😊 do you have any books you recommend? Yes I used to set goals each year but didn’t this year because I was going through a completely busy year where everything was up in the air and I didn’t know where I would end up. But my most productive times have come from setting myself goals (like the first time I challenged myself to a half-marathon!!)

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  3. You’ve done so well with your goals so far.
    I wanted to get on the parkrun most events table this year (so had to do 20 different UK events)- and also do all of the parkruns in Hertfordshire- that was a harder one and despite me having one left and going to about 3 new ones this year I still have one left as more keep coming!

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