Week in Review – Broken Sleep

What a week! It’s been a busy one for me (mostly with expected events) which inevitably had an impact on my training, but I’ve still plenty to share in my weekly roundup. Linking up again with Jessie at The Right Fits and Jess at Jess Runs ATL for this post.

This week I had to move a few things around and unfortunately had to miss out on a couple of things, but otherwise the structure of my week was as usual:

Monday – no workout due to seeing a show
Tuesday – bike intervals at the gym + swim
Wednesday – hill reps
Thursday – no workout due to parents’ evening
Friday – rest day
Saturday – parkrun
Sunday – long run

The week began with a long day, but a fun one. I had tickets to see Brendan Cole, one of the pro dancers from Strictly Come Dancing (my favourite TV programme!) in his tour. Not only that, but my sister had booked us tickets right in the centre of the front row so we were practically IN the show! We were a group of four: my sister, two friends from work and me. The evening began with a nice pre-show dinner then a fantastic evening of sequins and sparkle. A bit of a late night for a Monday (and no chance of fitting in my usual swim) but it was a  great evening.







Unfortunately I didn’t get the best night’s sleep on Monday night as my (very elderly) cat, no doubt put out by my absence for the evening, decided to wake me in the middle of the night to get some attention. Luckily my long weekend meant I was quite well rested so was able to continue without much problem. That evening I headed to the gym for my bike reps and this week it was time to try out a new workout. I took the resistance down a level and lengthened the timing of the work/rest intervals in order to progress my training. I think this was the right decision as I found that I was able to sustain the intensity for the required amount of time, but the last 15 seconds or so of each rep needed me to really dig in. After my session on the bike I headed down to the pool for the swim I had missed the day before. I was starting to feel tired but was a bit more revived after my 20 lengths.

The anti-social alarm call from the cat started a pattern that lasted for the first few nights of the week so once more my sleep was broken, but I still managed to see a further improvement in a number of my evening hill reps. It’s still a tough workout but even a second off a rep tells me that I’m getting stronger so I’m pleased with that. I know I will be adding another rep to the workout soon and that intimidates me, but I was also intimidated by the workout I’m doing now and I’m managing it, so I just have to keep reminding myself of that.

Thursday was a pretty long day. Yet another early wake-up call from the cat (not only is she old, but she has a chronic health condition and is becoming more and more demanding as a result of both – basically she’s the boss!). Not only had my sleep been disturbed all week, but I had a tricky journey to work thanks to the heavy snow that came down in the hour or so before I left – thanks storm Doris! The weather actually made me a bit late which meant my day began in a bit of a whirlwind as there’s no time to catch up on yourself when you have classes to teach. On top of that, I was working late as it was my final parents’ evening of this school year. It was almost 9pm before I got in so I really only had time for a quick snack then it was straight to bed. I didn’t mind missing my usual PT session, but was disappointed not to be able to go to my Ashtanga yoga class as I really felt in need of the me-time!

Another night of broken sleep (this time I felt a little unwell in the night, the cat was very well behaved and came to cuddle in beside me!) meant Friday was a bit of a battle. Several nights of less than ideal sleep, a long and tiring Thursday and pupils who were more than ready for their weekend = a rest day being a welcome relief! My day was cheered by the presence of some home made cake at lunchtime to celebrate a couple of birthdays in our department. Yum!

Finally, on Friday night I got a decent sleep. The cat waited until a little past her usual breakfast time to alert us to the need to fill her food bowl and it being the weekend meant I could sleep for a little longer before getting up and getting ready for parkrun. It was tough to decide what to wear as the temperature was reasonable, but it was raining and there was a high wind – not a day to expect a fast time! By the time we started running it was much drier but we were still treated to that particularly Scottish phenomenon – the headwind that you run into for the entirety of a out-and-back run. How is that even possible? I felt like I was working quite hard but not actually clocking up much speed and at first wondered if it was down to me being tired, but I soon realised that I was still running beside all the same people I am usually beside and, thanks to a slightly more conservative start than last week, was able to work much harder at the end. 25 minutes is not exactly blistering for a 5k, but with strong winds and a lot of mud to deal with on the grass section, I’m perfectly content with that. This isn’t really a time of year when we can expect fast parkrun times, but all that working hard through the mud will be making me stronger.

Sadly I missed my Hatha yoga class as well since I had another appointment, but I’m hoping to make up for that by squeezing in an extra class next week. Instead, much of the rest of Saturday was spent relaxing: I read, blogged, watched a little TV and took a nap with the cat. She was pretty content with that – if she had her way she’d spend her entire life napping on my lap! – and I felt much better for the rest (although there was almost an “incident” involving a tenacious cat and some cured meat as I chose to eat dinner on the sofa. Lesson learned!)

Sunday was, of course, long run day. The cat most graciously allowed me a full night of unbroken rest and I awoke on Sunday feeling refreshed, but able to hear the wind once more whipping around the house. Since this was a cutback week I was dropping back down to 12 miles, so opted for the same route I tackled a few weeks ago. Despite the wind I felt comfortable throughout and was really pleased to finish my run over 3 minutes quicker than the last time, which I’m taking as an indication of the progress I’ve made in the last few weeks. Now I feel ready to head into March and tackle The Monster Month!

Overall, not too bad a week. I did have to miss some sessions, but they were all for planned reasons rather than unexpected snags, so nothing to worry about. I also know that I worked hard in the sessions I did do and made the most of my training, even if my sleep patterns were a bit below par. Fingers crossed for a more restful week next week!

How has your training gone this week?
Does your cat/dog/goldfish wake you up at a less than ideal time?

8 thoughts on “Week in Review – Broken Sleep

  1. This was actually my first full week of run training! I started a 10k training program a few weeks ago, but was immediately brought down by sickness and some other problems. This last week I jumped back in, doing 2.5 m on Tuesday, 2 m. on Thursdays, and 4 m. on Saturday. 4 miles was the furthest I’ve ever run & I had a great day for it in a local park.

    Your blog has been a great encouragement as I get started on this journey. 🙂


  2. Our dog will never let us sleep past 6:30-7, she gets very pushy! We had two cats that passed away last year and they both loved to make lots of noise through the night…and were also very vocal when it was time to eat 🙂 Oh well, part of having pets that we love like family.

    Strong week of training- snow can definitely make things challenging!

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