Week in Review – A Welcome Break

Wow! The last week seems to have flown by really quickly and somehow it’s time for another weekly roundup already! As usual, linking up with Jessie @ The Right Fits and Jess @ Jess Runs ATL.

And this week saw “normal service” resumed with a change to when I completed all my workouts. I know this keeps happening, but there’s no consistent factor that interrupts the same planned workout, so I’m quite happy just to go with it. I know I’ll get it all done and there are some things I won’t move around as the timing is crucial so if I can’t complete that workout then it will simply be missed that week. That’s not really happened though. The original plan was:

Monday – swim
Tuesday – bike reps at the gym
Wednesday – hill reps
Thursday – PT session + Ashtanga yoga
Friday – rest day
Saturday – parkrun
Sunday – long run

The change occurred on Monday. I had a sports massage booked which I knew was long overdue and while it was possible to squeeze in my swim beforehand, timing was a little tight and I opted to work a little later as I had a looming deadline to meet. I did put my swimming stuff in the car just in case, but the massage definitely took priority to get my legs feeling in tip top shape again!

However on Tuesday I was able to fit my swim in after my session on the bike at the gym. After my revelation about the resistance last week, I wanted to use a completely different bike. I thought I was going to be thwarted when the gym was busy and I had to actually wait for a machine (this has never happened to me before!) but the first one to become free was not one of the ones I used last week so I was happy. It soon became apparent that the resistance felt much like the second bike I used last week, so I’ve come to the conclusion that the resistance was out of sync on the first one and I was trying to slug it out through something much harder than I wanted. At the time it was disheartening thinking I wasn’t making progress, but now I feel cheered that I was able to complete that tough workout a couple of weeks ago and must now be stronger.

After my workout I changed and headed down to the pool for 20 lengths. With my bike “warm up” I felt I settled into my rhythm much faster and completed my workout a little quicker than usual. That teaches me a bit about my preparations for getting in the pool and how I might change things moving forwards.

Tuesday was also Valentine’s Day. Steve and I had marked it the previous Sunday with a visit to the amazing light display along the walk by the river and a delicious meal, so although we bought each other cards, we didn’t make a big deal of the actual day since it was a weeknight and we both had a busy day. Who says romance is dead πŸ˜‰

Wednesday began with a bit of an adventure when I went out to my car and could hear some pitiful cries coming from somewhere nearby. An investigation soon revealed that one of the cats from down the road had managed to squeeze into a garage as the door wasn’t fully shut but she then couldn’t make her way back out. I released her and she was so pleased that she stared following me to my car and rubbing against me. I could easily have stayed chatting with her, but an inservice training day beckoned.

As part of the day we were all encouraged to take part in some fun challenges put on by different subject areas. I went to a quiz in technologies expecting some general knowledge questions. What I was greeted with was a multiple choice quiz interspersed with some more practical rounds: I had to make a paper aeroplane, hammer a nail into a plank as straight as I could with just one hit, guess how many screws were in a Β jar and, the moment I thought I might be out of my depth, saw a shaped segment away from a piece of wood. I was so proud of my finished result that I kept it!

We also had an amazing curry lunch made by the team leading the next World Challenge expedition. It was so tasty and I enjoyed the small piece of cake I took back to my desk to finish off writing some reports.

My workout on Wednesday was my hill reps and I wasn’t sure how this would go after missing that session last week (and having curry for lunch!). It was a bit warmer so I was able to wear 3/4 tights and a lighter top layer but I still felt pretty warm as I slogged up that hill. It was tough, but then it’s supposed to be tough. Once home I compared my splits to the same workout a fortnight ago and was pleased to see an improvement on each one by a second or two. Not bad after a gap!

Once that was done, I was officially on holiday for a couple of days as we had our mid-term break. This meant I was able to sleep a little later on Thursday morning (I got up at the time I usually leave for work) and take some time to catch up on my life a bit. First up was the mundane detail of dropping my car off at the garage for a service. I walked home enjoying a podcast, then Steve picked me up a little while later to go to the studio for a workout (it’s a bit too far to walk from home and he couldn’t fit me in at a time when I could get there by car or walk from the garage). We worked on knee drive, ankle stability and general core stability with the core momentum trainer again.

I was reunited with my car in time to head to my Ashtanga yoga class in the evening. Our regular teacher had to travel this week so we had someone else filling in. It was a little odd having someone who operates in a slightly different way, but I still enjoyed the class and it was so nice when I knew I’d had a relaxing day and could enjoy more me-time the following day.

Friday was my rest day, but I decided to begin the day by tackling some cleaning and tidying that was long overdue. I treated myself afterwards by heading to the gym to sit in the hot tub and have a sauna to relax. The rest of the day was pretty chilled as I enjoyed the break from work. This gave me time to catch up with my Believe Training Journal while Morven kept a close eye on how well I was resting!

On Saturday morning I headed to parkrun not entirely sure how I was going to run. I use parkrun to work on pushing hard – it’s basically my tempo effort each week – but right now the mud bath that is the grass section slows me significantly. After the briefing I set out quite hard, but probably ran my first mile too fast and paid for it later on. The second mile (which includes the grass) was a little quicker than last week and that combined with the fast first mile meant I had nothing left for the third mile and I slowed dramatically. Overall I was only about 4 seconds slower than last week, but I was a little annoyed with myself for getting the pacing wrong. Still a valuable lesson in not going out too fast, something I’ve not done in a while. I must have got carried away in my excitement at having a couple of days off!









There was no Hatha yoga this week as the teacher was away on a yoga course, so I made use of the time to go and pick some new glasses (I wear them for reading – occupational hazard…or old age!). I had my eyes tested a month ago and was told I needed to update my prescription but I just haven’t been able to find the time to devote to trying on loads of pairs and deciding what I wanted. It’s a big decision for something that will be so visible on my face for a huge chunk of the day! I was successful so now I just have to wait for them to be ready.

My Sunday long run this week was 16 miles – my peak mileage for February. I’d be lying if I said I was feeling confident about this. In the past, 16 miles has been the point at which problems have crept in. In the autumn, it was the run where I battled with my left hip feeling sore; in 2015 it was the run where my quad strain started, and there are other, similar examples. So history was not on my side here! Thanks to my Believe journal, I had identified this as a belief that may be holding me back so reframed my thoughts to believe that I had been unlucky with my hip in the autumn but that other wise training had gone well and there had been no issues so far in this training cycle. I had to believe that I was getting my training right in order to go out with confidence that I could complete the run without issue.

And that’s exactly what I did. I plotted out a route involving a couple of big hills, slowed my pace down and even battled into a particularly ferocious headwind during the final miles. Run done without any problems and I even got to dig out my shorts and shades…in Scotland…in February! I wanted to take a great selfie to show this, but Steve decided to keep jumping in the shot and I couldn’t take the photo for laughing!









Post-run I went through my usual recovery routine then sat down for some food. I had a bowl of soup like but had to set aside you bacon rolls as I realised I didn’t feel hydrated enough and eating them was going to be a struggle (eating after a long run is something I find tough, hence my recovery shakes). An electrolyte drink and a 20 minute power nap made me feel so much better and I INHALED those rolls shortly after! Then it was time for our usual Sunday trip out for coffee and a bit of blogging.

So overall, another solid week of training. Yes, some of the sessions feel challenging but that’s sort of the point. I’m getting stronger, building endurance and inching my way ever closer to that start line. Next week will be a cut back in my long run mileage so it will be interesting to see how I feel the following week on slightly fresher legs.

How has your training been this week?
What beliefs hold you back in achieving your goals?

6 thoughts on “Week in Review – A Welcome Break

  1. Only managed one 5 mile run last week. We had a busy week , my birthday was on the Wednesday and we were holding a joint party for my friend and I on the Saturday . We also had my daughters boyfriend coming to stay from Birmingham . So lots of tiding and organising! Also a lot of drinking and eating. But it was all good fun. Back out tonight for a 5 mile and hopefully get out Wednesday or Thursday for another 5 miles . Then a 9 or maybe 11 mile run Sat or Sun!


  2. Great week Allison! 16 miles- woo- hoo! That’s always kind of a big “hump” in the training. Soon you’ll be doing the 20’s for Paris!

    Your Valentine’s ‘early’ celebration looked wonderful πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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