Friday Finds – 20th January

Friday Finds is a regular feature in which I collate and share interesting articles and posts on running/health/fitness which I’ve read recently. Some might be inspiring, some might be scientific, some might provoke debate. All are things I’ve found in some way thought-provoking.

Nike’s ambitious project to have an athlete break two hours in the marathon has never been far from my news feeds since its announcement towards the end of last year. The idea is regularly touted as holding a similar significance to Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute mile, so it wasn’t a huge surprise to find an article comparing the two events. Written by Michael Crawley, who also wrote about the motivations behind another project with the same aim, it gives an interesting insight into how some of the same principles can be applied. I still find the whole idea intriguing and am curious as to how the project will unfold.

One thing breaking two hours will require is commitment, and that’s something that high school runner Quinn Schneider has in spades shovels. If you missed the story, 18 year old Schneider awoke to find 8 inches of snow had led to his school being closed. I have to say, my pupils would love a snow day, but for Schneider it offered a new challenge. Channelling the mind of an Olympian, Schneider set about shovelling the snow from one of the lanes at his high school running track so he could run laps! Now that’s a workout!

The next find caught my attention because of the interesting premise it suggests: that with Strava running is no longer a solitary activity. For the writer, this seems to be a bad thing. He longs for the uncomplicated days of heading out for a run with nothing more to accompany him than the sounds of nature and the thoughts in his head. Strava, he suggests, has turned every run into a group effort as we share our routes and our times, compete over segments and give kudos. I can see his point, however as a runner who does tend to run alone, it can be nice to know that I’m still part of a wider community out there, that people care about my workouts and encourage me when I need it. A bit of healthy competition over a segment can be fun, while at other times it’s just not worth it. In the end, the writer concedes that he can’t stay away from Strava and notes that with it, running is changing. I’d love to know what you think.

In a similar vein, the writer of this article in Runner’s World enthuses about the almost poetic beauty of a solitary run. I like this because I have become used to doing my own thing, running when I want to run and, unlike the writer, enjoying the opportunity to listen to a podcast. If you generally run with others, then I would recommend a solo run from time to time just to enjoy the time with your own thoughts.

And finally, as I type this enjoying a Friday evening gin, I can’t help but be captivated by the news that there’s going to be a series of “gin runs” in London. A run which, among other things, features a free G&T? If only London was a bit handier for me! I bet I know some other people who would run for gin too…!

Happy reading,
The Running Princess

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