Monday Motivation – Running Through the Winter Months

Perhaps you’ve resolved to start running in 2017; perhaps you want to run off some festive excess; or perhaps it’s time to start taking your spring marathon training seriously. Whatever your reason for running, there’s no getting away from the fact that we’re deep into winter now and battling through some of the bleakest days of the year. The good news is that getting out into the fresh air and exercising will help to lift your mood, but how do you motivate yourself to get out there in the first place, and how do you keep yourself safe? Since it’s the first Monday of the year, I though I’d bring you a bit of a Friday Finds-style roundup to offer some motivation to get the year off to a great start and begin/maintain your running habit whatever the rest of the winter brings.


As it happens, I’ve written a couple of previous posts with my own tips for running in the winter and you can catch up on them here and here, but many of my usual go-to sources have also put together their tips, and that’s what I want to bring you today.

First, some advice from Outside online, focusing mainly on running in the snow. We’ve not seen much of the white stuff around here this winter, but I know some of my readers in other parts of the world might have seen a bit more snow, and to be honest running in the deep snow of late 2010 is one of my favourite running memories (I mentioned it in this post recently) so these tips might be useful to someone:

It’s often said that “winter miles lead to summer smiles” and nobody knows this better than elite athletes who continue to train year-round. To reinforce this, Outside online also shared the thoughts of some elite athletes about what winter means to them. Yes, some of them do train indoors some of the time, but that’s usually based more on the type of workout required and judgements about safety rather than avoiding the cold! Personally I’d rather run outside than hit the treadmill, but I also won’t take any risks so if it’s too slippy for a quality run, I’ll change to an indoor workout instead. It may be dull, but definitely beats an injury!

Meanwhile, over at The Washington Post, Gabriella Boston is out to convince you that with a bit more planning, winter running is for everyone. I have to say, those Washington winters sound much tougher than what I’m used to!

If motivation to get out the door is your problem, then Runner’s World has you covered with their tips to help you embrace running when it’s dark and cold. My winter training is usually goal-focused, so that alone helps give me the motivation to get out there. Maybe one of the other tips will work for you.

A lovely complement to these tips comes from Trail Runner magazine. Sometimes when the weather is really bad, getting off-road is the ideal solution. Whatever you decide to do, these commandments should help see you through:

And finally, there’s a great chance you’ve seen this video before, but it definitely needed to be included here. To be honest, it seems like exactly the kind of thing crazy thing that Steve and I would get up to in heavy snow, but the ending provides a cautionary tale about watching your footing!

Now get out there and get running!
The Running Princess

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