Friday Finds – 30th December

Friday Finds is a regular feature in which I collate and share interesting articles and posts on running/health/fitness which I’ve read recently. Some might be inspiring, some might be scientific, some might provoke debate. All are things I’ve found in some way thought-provoking.

Right now, I seem to be existing in that strange hinterland of the festive season where nobody is quite sure what to do. To be honest, the only reason I know what day it is would be that I’m trying to stick to my usual training schedule, but if you’re unsure then hopefully this post will confirm for you that it is indeed Friday! Not only that, but the last Friday of 2016 and therefore most of my finds this week revolve around reflecting on the year just gone and planning ahead for 2017.

So first, the obligatory retrospective posts…

To start us off, The Guardian has put together a fairly comprehensive roundup of sport in 2016. Reading this through reminds me of how diverse it has been in terms of the amazing highs and terrible lows. At times, some of the controversy near enough overshadowed some of the greatest achievements, and it doesn’t look like issues such as doping are going to go away any time soon. Still, if you’re a sports fan and would like to look back over the biggest stories of the year, then this is the piece for you:

This was followed up today with something for the more adventurous-minded, as Kari Herbert collates some of the most inspiring adventures of the year. I love finding out about such feats and the first sentence of this piece drew me in straight away: “To my mind, a great journey is one that inspires others.”  Perhaps you’ll find some inspiration in here…

Another of my favourite publications putting together a roundup of the year was Outside online. Here, they recap some of the biggest trends in fitness in 2016 and what we’ve learned from them:

And also pulling together some great stories from 2016 was Runner’s World. They’ve opted to remind us of some of the most popular stories of the year, and I’m sure there will be one or two in there that strike a chord. Personally, I remember just about all of them and I know at least a couple have featured in Friday Finds at some point.

I also enjoyed this roundup from The New York Times, with its stark reminders of the costs (financial and otherwise) of being inactive, as well as bringing together some of the year’s research into exercise. Again, some of these might have made their way into Friday Finds over the last few months, while others were definitely under consideration:

But if you could really do with seeing the back of 2016 and are turning your attention instead to your goals for 2017, here are some articles that might help you out…

First, some advice from writer Gretchen Rubin about how to go about successfully making changes in our lives. While I don’t really hold with resolutions, I do think goal-setting is important and sometimes achieving a goal requires some changes to our habits. To address those, we need to understand a bit more about ourselves and why we act in certain ways. I recently listened to a podcast interview with Gretchen Rubin and already have some thoughts on which of her “personality types” I fall into, so perhaps if you’re struggling with something this might help to clarify how to make an effective change.

To tie in with this, some thoughts from BBC Capital about why our resolutions fail and how we can be more realistic in our goals for the year ahead:

And finally, if you’re likely to begin 2017 feeling a little less than your best, here are some thoughts on running with a hangover. Should you sweat it out or stay on the sofa eating crisps and binging on boxsets? Let’s see what the experts think…

Happy reading and Happy New Year!
The Running Princess

1 thought on “Friday Finds – 30th December

  1. Oh, I definitely read the article about running with a hangover…Not because of New Year’s (we’re laying low tonight) but from when a college friend was visiting and I may have imbibed a bit too much…the run definitely helped, but it wasn’t the best 🙂


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