Friday Finds Extra Edition – 4th November

Me again! I already posted my Friday Finds for this week, however with the New York marathon taking place on Sunday my news feeds have been packed with interesting marathon-related articles which I wanted to share. I posted a marathon special recently so didn’t want to have another so soon as I know that’s not what everyone is interested in, but equally didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share some great content. And so, this week I’m bringing you an extra edition – think of it like bonus content on an album or dvd – for those interested in reading a bit more marathon goodness…

The Great Slowing of the American Runner – an intriguing investigation into why the times of the best amateur marathoners are slowing.

The New Yorker
The New York City Marathon Quadruplets – the story of what is believed to be the first quadruplets to take part together in the marathon’s history.

The First Five-Borough New York City Marathon – the story of how the event as we know it today came about.

Are Smartphones Ruining Distance Running? – a look at how technology has changed the marathon experience over the years.

The New York Times
Diary of a New York City Marathon, Now With a Finishing Kick – a detailed breakdown of the course, in case you want to feel like you’re there!

NY Mag
Why the Fastest Runners are Astonishingly Chill – further evidence of how taking it easy can boost finishing times.

Runner’s World
Sole Sisters of ’72 – a piece from the RW Selects series featuring the 6 women who lined up for the 1972 event and how it was about so much more than running a race.

Two sources looked at the costs of running the marathon:
Here’s How Much it’s Costing Me to Run the NYC Marathon (Time)
Think Running is a Cheap Sport? Check Out What New York City Marathon Runner are Spending (MarketWatch)

And for those who are fed up of trying to explain why they HAVEN’T run a marathon, Sports Illustrated has you covered:
The Case for Not Running a Marathon

And with that, I promise I’m done with Friday Finds for this week! Good luck to everyone running New York (or any other race) this weekend.
The Running Princess


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