Tunes on Tuesday – Road Runner

Many studies have shown that working out to music can have a number of positive effects and help us to push ourselves further. Music is also strongly linked to personal memories and hearing certain tracks can transport us to a particular moment in time. In this occasional series of posts, I’d like to introduce some of my favourite tracks from my workout playlist and share some of the memories they have given me.

Road Runner – Imelda May

When I started this blog series I had no intention of it being a weekly post. In fact I had something much “looser” in mind, planning to publish monthly-ish. However in my last Tunes on Tueday post I wrote about an Imelda May track and mentioned that it was one of two in my playlist, so I thought it only fitting that I write about the second track soon after since they feel kind of like a “pair”.

From the title alone it’s probably pretty obvious why I like this one – a road runner is exactly what I am! With its upbeat rhythms, “panting” effects and catchy chorus, I like nothing better than a Sunday morning run (ideally in the spring when the weather is improving so I can shed some layers and hit some of my favourite country routes that I don’t run on so much during the winter) with this track acting as a soundtrack to my run. Coasting along on a runner’s high, it makes me smile; digging deep in the tough moments it reminds me that I’m supposed to be having fun!

“Never stop
‘Cause I’m having a blast”

On those days when running feels great, the weather is just right and I feel like I could go on forever, the chorus in particular just seems to sum up how I’m feeling as I glide (in my head anyway!) up and down the rolling hills with nothing but cows, sheep and the odd cyclist for company (by which I mean meeting a cyclist from time to time, not that they are in any way strange!).

“I’m a road runner,
I’m road running, yeah”

And when I’m trying to visualise a forthcoming race and picture myself crossing the finish line, arms held aloft victoriously, this song reminds me of what I need to do in order to get there:

“Gotta run gotta run
Gotta take what you can”

Basically, it just sums up my life. I’m at my happiest when I’m out on the road and I hit that moment when running feels effortless, like I could go on forever. It’s just a shame that sometimes I have to do other things like go to work!

Hearing this performed live when I saw Imelda May at the Southern Fried festival in July was a real highlight and I’m so glad I got that chance.

Photo Credit: Linsey McArthur

Now if you’ll excuse me, “gotta run…!”

Please note that under UK Athletics rules, racing with headphones whilst on open roads is banned. If you choose to train with headphones, please be careful and make sure you are aware of your surroundings at all times.

Feel free to share your favourite workout tracks in the comments below…

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