The Worldwide WordPress 5k

Things have been a bit difficult for me lately, at least as far as running is concerned. I’ve been seeing a physio about a problem with my hip (nothing too serious but it has limited my running) so what little running I have been doing has been at a fairly easy pace and I’ve been keeping it short. Fortunately, however, my phyios’s suggestion of an easy-paced Friday 5k coincided with the Worldwide WordPress 5k (#wwwp5k) which I had wanted to be part of. I was drawn to the opportunity to see bloggers around the world united in running – what better for a running blog!

My run came at the end of a hard week. I was exhausted, had halted the arrival of a cold so generously shared by one of my pupils, and had a night away in Inverness to get ready for. I wasn’t feeling at my best and needed to run!

Thanks to the niggly hip (my physio thinks I’ve irritated it and need to do a bit of strength work as well as lots of stretching to help it settle, but has not advised that I stop running completely) I decided to keep to a fairly flat route – or as flat as I can get around Perth! In the end I settled for a mile heading slightly downhill away from the house to let my hip warm up (it’s a little uncomfortable for the first mile but then settles down and this is what my physio needed me to test in order to see how well it was settling) followed by a flat mile leading me to the nice path that brings me back to the area I live in. I love running and walking on this path and can’t believe it’s so close to me. I just wish it was a bit longer!


I finished with a short “up and down” loop near the house to complete the distance, managing to finish bang on 5k just beyond my front door. Now that’s good route planning!


In all honesty, it wasn’t my greatest run ever. My hip did settle down, but I never fully forgot about it and I felt I wasn’t running as smoothly as usual. That said, it was still a valuable run as it helped me to make some decisions about how I should proceed. I know that running with this issue isn’t causing any damage, yet at the same time running when something isn’t quite right is just not enjoyable. I want to enjoy my runs, even when they’re tough, not spend the whole time distracted by something feeling uncomfortable or “off”; I want to make positive progress, not plod around wishing it was over; and above all I want to run healthily, not worry about the potential to prolong a problem.

And so, for the time being, I think I need to stick to other activities. Running is always going to be there for me, but at the moment it doesn’t feel like the right thing to do. I’ve had too many injuries where I’ve tried to carry on and ended up on the injury bench for ages. This time I’m going to nip it in the bud and get straight on to resolving the problem before it causes me further grief.

Every run teaches us something. This one taught me the importance of listening to my body, and for that I’m grateful.


What lessons have your learned from running?
What are you grateful for just now?


5 thoughts on “The Worldwide WordPress 5k

  1. just a random thought – but have you considered trying off-road trail running? It would be interesting to test running on a proper off-road environment (not the inch!) where your body movement is constantly changing in every stride etc – you might find that running off-road doesn’t aggravate your hip. The ground is also a lot softer so may be better. Just a thought, but if that worked then it could be an interim running option, and also running off-road will strengthen other muscles/joints which may also help with recovery….might be worth a try.

    In answer to your question though. At the moment I’ve hardly been doing any running, however have been doing metafit 3x per week for 4months now. I went on my first 10k in a year!!! (Shocking!). I was a bit apprehensive before it, was thinking to myself just go slow, feel how your body wants to go etc. And it turned out to be the most comfortable/effortless 10k I’ve ran! I had endless amounts of energy and couldn’t seem to get out of breathe. I chose a tough hill route with a 600ft climb on the first 5k but it felt easy, and can only put that down to metafit increasing my endurance – so I can definitely say that makes a massive difference to your running!

    Good luck with your recovery

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    • Off-road is a good idea but at the moment I think my hip needs rest. It feels a bit unstable so the unstable surface of a trail might actually be tougher. Once I get a bit of strengthening done it might be a good step to then increase fitness.
      Glad to hear you’re running again. Metafit DEFINITELY helps!


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  3. I had the same issue with my knee for a while, it wasn’t always painful just niggling and really annoying, i tried different running shoes, terrain adjusting my stride but honestly the only thing that helped was rest.
    Well Done on completing through the pain though!

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