2016 Goals: A Mid-Year Report

Goodness! It’s the end of June, school is breaking up for the summer and we’re mid-way through 2016! The first half of the year seems to have been one stress after another for me, so I’m looking forward to my summer break to re-group, relax and re-energise ready for the new school year.

This also seems like a great time to check in once more with my 2016 goals and see how I’m progressing.

1.Overcome injury and return to running
In my March update I was really pleased with my progress here. I was gradually getting some consistency back and making a gradual increase in mileage but my pace was still quite slow. Since then, of course, things have moved on even more. In April I ran the Paris Marathon, I made sure to take proper time off to recover afterwards and I have overhauled my training routine in order to move on and try to avoid any new injuries. As a result, my pace has been improving again and I set myself a mini-goal of running a sub-24 minute parkrun before my holiday in July. I chose this time as this was what I was running at my absolute best pre-injury, so felt that this would be a good way to know when my 5k running was back to where I wanted to be (my “comeback” parkrun in February was a personal worst at 27:16 so things have already improved significantly). I have been edging closer and closer (tantalisingly close with a 24:05 a couple of weeks ago) but this past weekend was the last parkrun I would run before my holiday due to other commitments the following Saturday. I decided I was going to have to go for it, run hard and see what happened. If I crawled over the line then at least I would know I tried rather than wondering “what if”.

And what happened? I did it, that’s what happened. My official time was 23:55, comfortably under the 24 minute mark, and I was thrilled! My new mini-goal for July is now to clock faster 5k times on holiday than I did last year. My pre-holiday parkrun times are faster, so anything is possible…  Progress – Excellent

2. Work on learning the front crawl
At the beginning of the year I was swimming twice a week as I was unable to run. Now that I’m running again, my swimming has been scaled back to one session per week. My stroke is feeling ok, although my “water fitness” could still do with improving so I might have to consider booking another lesson over the summer just to see if anything else could be tweaked. Still, I am keeping it up and am feeling much more comforable in the water than I used to. I’m finding the swim a great recovery session and look forward to getting in the pool on a Monday evening. Progress – Satisfactory

3.Get out on my bike more
This is the goal I’m really failing on so far. There’s actually nowhere to keep my bike at our new house (we’re in the process of sorting out a shed) so I’ve not yet moved it here from the flat. Not only is my bike not to hand, but it will also need a service before I’ll be happy to ride. I’m tentatively hoping that once I’m back from my summer holiday I’ll be able to get this sorted out and that the weather will be good enough to get out for a few rides after last summer’s disappointing washout. Progress – must try harder!

4.Be more organised
In my last update, I said that my organisation had been affected by the genreal craziness of moving house and one of the busiest points in my working year, which seemed to collude to prevent me establishing an effective routine. I do feel that I’m in more of a routine now, particularly as far as training is concerned, but it’s perhaps not always as effective as it could be. At this point in the year I tend to feel a bit like I’m playing catch-up in my own life, so I’m looking forward to really getting a handle on things over the summer and working out how I can best use my time. Progress – improving

5.Read more books
One of the main ways I feel I’m suffering by not having the most effective routine is in finding time for reading. This goal started brilliantly and at the end of March I was ahead of the game with 50% of my target of 15 books read. Since then, my reading has slowed a bit but I am on my 12th book of the year now so I know I can easily overtake this particular target, especially with some quality reading time by the pool in July! There are loads of books I’d love to read over the summer, some of which I’ll review on here if I do manage to read them. I’ll also have to do a bit of work on my sub-goal of the reading challenge I undertook. So while I’m not doing quite as well with this one right now, overall this goal has been successful so far. Progress – Very Good


Some definite progress, but still some areas where I could work a bit harder. I have high hopes that the summer will really help me make significant progress, so my next update will hopefully reflect that. Meanwhile, I really just need my holiday!

Are you making progress with your 2016 goals?
Got any thoughts on how I might make more progress with mine?

4 thoughts on “2016 Goals: A Mid-Year Report

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